Fame turned to fat.

Chapter 1 - hello, mia.

Mia woke up in an unfamiliar room, she was tied to a bed with a cast on her leg and her arm attached to a drip bag.

“Oh, you’re awake!” A girl said excitedly.

“Wh-where...what?” Mia was confused she looked down and she was wearing a patient gown.

“What happened to my cloths...?” She said.

“Oh you where n in a terrible crash so I helped.” She said stirring something in a pot. It was sweet and thick. She finished the bowl of the thick cream

“Now open the hatch.” She scooped a bit of the still in the pot and puts it near miss mouth. She swallowed it. It was
Sweet and thick. She finished the bowl of the thick cream.

“Yummy right?” Mia started to get uncomfortable.

“I think I’m going to go. Untie me.” She demanded.

“Excuse me?” She said.

“ I said untie me you, freak!” She yelled.

“Is that anyway to talk about your saviour?!”

“You are a weirdo, get your fat a** over here and untie me.”

“Heheh... you think it’s that simple.... you are really as dumb as they come....” The girl said. Mia started to feel her stomach growling.

“Oh the thing you just ate? I was feeding you that for weeks. It stretches your stomach ready for your biggest meal yet.”

“What do you-“ she was cut off with more of that cream followed by a huge donut. She swallowed.

“Now that drip? That’s going to make your muscles relax and slowly deteriorate with the amount of fat that’s going to be pilled in that skinny body of yours.” She said getting a whole tray of surgery treats.

She stuffed them in mias mouth. Mia ate everyone that was in her mouth her mouth was burning with the sweet sensation of the treats. Every time she thought she had finished another load of treats came in. Tray after tray after tray.

“Obedient little cow you are. Spoilt with all that fame. Don’t worry it will all be gone soon.” She said stroking mias face. Mia groans in pain as her stomach got bigger.

“Now I’m not going to be here all day and by this rate, it’s going to take years before you get to the acceptable weight, so I bought this from the local farm to fatten up cows. Now drink up the sweet thick cream that will fattening you up in no time.”

She said putting a mask on her mouth that has a pipe in her mouth that goes straight to her throat.

“After you done this whole thing you will be 300lbs heavier! Enjoy and don’t worry I’ll be here all the way.” She said rubbing her stomach.
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CaliGainingGirl 4 years
Please finish this it's so much fun.