Seduced by my stalker

Chapter 1 - before the start : meeting the stalker

Lia has been in a happy relationship with her boyfriend for a while... a little too happy. She was gaining a little bit of weight since she started to date him but it was fine. But little did she know her boyfriend was obsessed with her, even before they where together. He used to steal her cloths, take photos of her through her window, follow her. He was her stalker. Lia caught on to him following her and she couldn't leave him because he was too perfect so... she cheated on him.

"You have got to be kidding me...." he said covering his face with his hands in anger.

"I'm sorry ill cut things off with him I swear!" She said begging him to calm down.

"No! You cheated on me! after all I did for you!"

"All you did for me? You mean following me, taking my stuff, taking photos of me, LYING TO ME!?" she yelled.


"I&apo s;m not dumb. I found out and you know what? Forget you, I'm leaving."
She walked up to the door and started to feel tired and fell to the floor before she could get out.

-------------------------------------- --------------------------------------

She woke up tied to a chair.

"Alex? What the hell?!" She shouted.

"I'm sorry it has to be this way.... I really am but I cant lose you. There is only one thing to do.... to continue."

"continue wha-" She was interrupted by a slice of chocolate cake being stuffed in her mouth followed by another and another and another until she ate about a whole cake.

"There is more where that came from." He said as he cot out a platter with a mountain of fast food on it before stuffing everything in her mouth. she chewed then swallowed, her jaw started to ache, her stomach started to swell.

"so...full..." she said as her stomach groaned.

"Aww, really? Well I was hoping to do this the old fashioned way but... for love..." He said putting a mask on her face. Only then to flip a switch and then liquid bursts through and down her throat.

"This will speed it up my love....." He said pulling up a chair and watching her slowly inflate.
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