Pavlovian response

Chapter 1 - classically conditioned

Classical conditioning (also known as Pavlovian or respondent conditioning) refers to a learning procedure in which a biologically potent stimulus (e.g. food) is paired with a previously neutral stimulus (e.g. a bell).

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

"Cmon sweetheart I'm waiting for you. What's taking so long?" Jane laid on the bed as she stared out at the view of her five star hotel room. She was a thin Asian girl who had light brownish blond hair and an ass she knew was good. She was also incredible horny, in her best lingerie and frustrated that her husband, Max, was still getting ready.

"Just another second, you're going to love this." he yelled out from the bathroom. Minutes later he finally emerged in a nice suit. She smiled a bit, he looked so good all done up. Not to mention that he very well knew that she loved seeing a man in a tux get messy. Max was holding his hands behind his back and beaming. "I know it's our honeymoon but I have something new that I think can make this a night you'll never forget."

Jane cocked an eyebrow. "Oh what I'm not good enough for you?" She, on her side, grabbed her butt and shook it a bit.

"Not for me, this is for you." He pulled one hand out from behind his back.

"A rubber blue thing?"

"Very funny but this isn't just a rubber blue thing. This is a remote control vibrator. I get to decide when you get pleasured."

"Ohhhhh, actually that sounds exciting." She greedily took it from him and inserted the large blue curved object moaning softly as she did. When it was in she settled down and looked up to see him holding a box of Twinkies. Twinkies had been her favorite treat to snack on but a while ago she had cut them because of a 20lb weight gain when she didn't stop eating them. It took her quite a while to lose all the pudge those put on. "Twinkies?"

"Food and sex, it doesn't get much better than that."

"I really shouldn't. I kicked these a while ago. They're kind of addicting."

"I know that. We're on our honeymoon though. Besides..." Max tapped the button and caused his new wife to bend and shiver. "Something tells me I'm in control now."

Jane's eyes dilated as her excitement peaked. She took the box of Twinkies, licked her lips and stuffed all of one of them in her mouth. Immediately she was pleasured for it. Moans escaped her chewing. She finished swallowing it and the pleasure stopped. Breathing heavily she looked up at her husband. He looked at her and then the box in front of her. She, maybe with a little too much vigor, stuffed two more in her mouth and felt an even more intense wave of pleasure. Twinkie after Twinkie filled her mouth. Each one was heaven. The cream filled her at the same time that some of the most sexualy stimulating vibrations rushed through her body. Finally the last Twinkie was waiting and she was panting. Her belly stuffed, she pulled out the vibrator.

"If I eat this last one will you fuck me?" Jane said holding it just outside her mouth. Max grabbed it and moved to be on top of her.

"Yes, but I want to feed it to you." He pushed the whole thing in her mouth just as he inserted himself. She roared in ecstasy as soon as she swallowed the last treat. The rest of the night continued with countless hours of sex and giggles.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

This continued for five more days through their honeymoon. In between the nights they enjoyed scuba diving, tourism and lazy days. Finally, the last night of their trip came. Jane wanted this one to be all out.

When the time finally came the bed was set with treats and her vibrator was in. She downed Reese's pieces and was buzzed for it. Devoured an eclair and once again was pleasured. Sweets slowly disappeared as she enjoyed it all. Then, it came to her favorite treat again. The cream filled pastries that she had so long ago sworn to give up. The first one sent a wave of pleasure through her so she ate another and another. Finally getting to the last one Max had an odd look on his face.

"What's wrong sweetie? You wanna do the last one yourself again?" She smiled at him. He looked back at her and then the controller.

"Well, it's not that."

"What is it? Is everything okay?"

"I think so but the vibrator ran out of juice part way through that. You didn't notice?"

"Oh, I guess I was just too focused on food. I never get to eat like this. I just...are you sure?" He passed her the controller. She pushed a button but nothing happened. She stopped a moment to look back at him.

"That's so weird. I could have sworn I felt it."

"Well you were busy eating. Ignore it, I'm sure it just died on that last one. Besides, don't you want me to feed it to you?" She tossed the controller and the vibrator away as a big smirk appeared on her face.

"Yes please."

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Arriving home from the trip Jane noticed that her eating hadn't gone unpunished. She was nervous to get on the scale and see. Thinking about it as she unpacked it was very clear that her jeans weren't fitting as they should. The morning was a fight to get them over her ass. It was certain that eating and sex hadn't helped. That being said her whole vacation was food filled. She glanced down and put her hands on a developing pot belly.

Max came up from behind her. "I know what you're thinking but I doubt you've put on that much. If nothing else it looks good on you."

"It's noticeable!?" Jane jumped and pushed away from him.

"In a good way!" Rushing to the scale in the bathroom Jane stood on it and waited for the numbers to stop swinging. 125...165...138...159...147. She screamed.

"One hundred and forty seven!?! Oh my god I got fat!" Max was standing next to her and stopped her from running out.

"Wait, stop stop stop. It was our honeymoon. Aren't you glad we enjoyed it? You didn't put on that much did you?"

"I put on twenty two pounds over the last month."

"Okay well that's actually quite a bit." Jane let out a small squeal of both anger and surprise. "I like it though and you should too. It's gone to all the right places." He put a hand on her ass and she calmed down a bit. The steam still settling from her anger she opened her mouth to complain but was stopped once more. "It's not a problem. You don't need to be a size zero. Besides that you wouldn't have moaned loud enough to have a complaint filed on us if I was forcing you to eat salad.

At this Jane couldn't help but stop and smile.

"Okay, you win. I'm calm. I've just got to diet now."

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Time passed and with it Jane lost some of the weight. Keeping herself strictly to diet food. Sugar free coffee and banana for breakfast, a light salad for lunch and small portions of chicken and rice for dinner. She worked out every day and forced herself to try to lose all the weight.
It wasn't long though before Jane had an urge to have a night of binging on greedy gluttonous treats. It didn't matter what. All she needed was one more night of as much food and sex as she could muster. Just one more maybe. Her mind wandered to those nights at Hawaii and she lusted for just one more. Just one more. If only she could have one more night like that she would be completely content to drop her food and sex fantasies. Eventually she couldn't stand it anymore.

"Babe, I was thinking. You remember our honeymoon?"

"I'm never going to forget that."

"Well I was thinking, maybe we can have another night like that. Just one more...please?" Max gave her a look.

"You sure? You've dropped now eight pounds on that diet."

"I can be fat for a night. It wouldn't hurt." Max couldn't stop his smile.

"I would love to. I'll set things up for tomorrow." Jane put her hands on him and pressed her tits together with her biceps.

"Anything to turn me into a slut right?"


~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~

The night was just like Hawaii. That vibrator, sex and as much food as she could eat. Somehow these tasted better than before. Maybe it was her denial of them. Maybe Hawaii has different sugar it uses. It didn't matter, she wasn't about to put the logic into figuring out why each bite made her horny. Or why when she swallowed it made her tingle all over. Or why her pussy got wet when her husband suggested cheesecake. It all just made her writhe with pleasure and that's all that mattered.

After that night she realized something though. One night wasn't enough. She was browsing the internet when she saw an ad for a new pastry shop that had opened up. It caused her to bite her bottom lip and adjust herself. Max was at work. He wouldn't mind if she got herself a cupcake. Jane got up, grabbed her purse and left for "Plump Pastries"

When she finally got there she hurried to the door and got inside. At the counter was a very large woman. Her belly was pinched by a sterile white uniform, her blond hair up in a ponytail. She looked to be 20 something. Her tits were spilling out of the top and her ass was trying to spill out above her skirt.
"Oh hi welcome to Plump Pastries! Would you like a sample?" Jane's breathing quickened

"I...I would like one yes." The girl handed her an entire cupcake. Jane was looking at it for some time and glanced back at the overgrown employee. "Are these sugar free?"

"Ha, have you seen me?" The blond fat girl hefted her belly a bit to indicate that these were as polar opposite to "diet" as it got. "Start eating those and you'll be busting out of your clothes."

Jane smiled a bit and moaned right before a big bite. "Good."
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Really great story!
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I'll start working on part 2 now. Really appreciate all the amazing support!