Year one

  By LoopsnBloops

Chapter 1 - year one

November 6th 2016:
I thought I would start a record of things to keep for my day. A journal of sorts. There's no telling what I might end up using this for. Business or reminiscing or fun. I suppose I should introduce myself to anyone else who might read this. My name is Mara. I've got a blond pony tail I'm very proud of and a great figure that I've been working super hard to keep. Best of all I've just been promoted to personal secretary for the CEO of Happy Homes Enterprise, Ryan. He's kind of a hunk. Such a sweetheart too. Today he left a whole box of gourmet eclairs for me to eat. I can tell that I'm going to LOVE this position

November 24th 2016:
Thanksgiving day and I have to work! At least Ryan has prepared a whole banquet of food for us today to eat. He offered a challenge to all the secretaries. Whoever eats the most food gets a bonus. I weighed myself before and after along with the other girls and managed to eat myself nearly 5lbs fatter. I was stuffed. My stomach was pooched so far I had to undo my skirt a notch. Ryan's been feeding me plenty as it is. If I keep eating like this my uniform won't fit for long.

January 7th 2017:
I think the holiday eating is coming back to bite me. I was getting dressed this morning when I realized that I didn't have an extra notch to widen my skirt farther. I had been so oblivious to all the effects of my eating I hadn't paid attention each time I widened my skirt. Very suddenly I realized how big my hips had gotten. I rushed to the scale to check my weight and began to inspect my form while the scale balanced out. 157. I started working and I was only 134. My eyes bugged out and I went back to force the skirt on. I'm not sure I looked decent in that pencil skirt. The white button shirt was straining too. I had to admit it, I've gotten chubby. I'm not sure that's a bad thing though and Ryan has been checking me out. I just hope these buttons don't give up on me before I go clothes shopping.

February 9th 2017:
Today it was a shock to see just how many treats Ryan left on my desk. Candies, donuts, gift cards for pizza and more. My workspace was so covered I couldn't get to anything. I have to wonder if he might be trying to fatten me up. My new work uniform is already going from loose to snug. If nothing else, it's nice to see my hips aren't the only thing that's growing. My tits have so far grown faster than my belly. I'm up to double D's right now and I hope it doesn't stop here! At least that's a plus. I should probably go to the gym. Maybe I'll do that later today, for now, donuts sound pretty good.

March 17th 2017:
I'm sure of it. Ryan loves fat. He left a note today telling me that I'm "Not to size up my uniform until he see's fit." It's already tight as it is! I've grown up to 189lbs and I don't think I'm slowing down. My gut is developing fast enough that I have to get a new uniform almost every month. I really hope he lets me size up soon. I've already been popping out of this thing. It almost makes me regret all those cookies I ate. Then again, my ass is actually really nice looking with all this weight. I never would have guessed that I'd have such a nice bubble butt if I just let go. Well, if Ryan wants to see me in a tight uniform then I'll show him exactly what he wants. Now where was that cheesecake?

April 21st 2017:
The most amazing thing happened to me last week. I went in to Ryan's office to bring him a stack of paperwork and he offered me another eclair. I've become positively addicted to them and he knows it. I bend down to let him feed it to me and I screwed up. Maybe it's for the better, but I took a bite and didn't expect it to be so amazing and succulent. I relaxed my belly. I stopped sucking it in and all at once every single button on my poor white work shirt popped off. Below me my tits hung in his face and my fat gut jiggled free. Immediately I let out a sigh of relief, but I quickly realized what had happened. My eyes went wide and I was about to protest when he put the eclair in my mouth for another bite. I didn't say anything but bit down. I moved his other hand to my tits which he began to massage. To say the least I was overjoyed. It was wordless but we both knew what the other wanted. I'm just glad he has private quarters right next to his office.

May 3rd 2017:
After my last post Ryan seemed to be even more interested in seeing me fatter. This time though I knew it and I was overjoyed to be plumped up for him. I think I might need to request a new chair though. The one I have is getting tough to force my hips out of. I think I'm up to 200lbs now. I'll have to weigh myself. Most of it has probably landed in my hips, but at least some of that weight has gone to my boobs. Still outpacing my belly at least for now. I'm told that you're only fat when your belly reaches a wall before the rest of you so for now I should be good. Looks like Ryan is coming. I better finish this milkshake he left me.

June 16th 2017:
208lbs I've slowed down in gaining weight, but I certainly haven't stopped. I was nervous to check the scale but quite frankly the numbers just excite me a little. I'm not the only one who's put on a sizable amount too. Many of the other secretaries are looking more and more like their outfits are straining to stay on. I don't think I'm the biggest one, but I certainly have the best proportions. It's nice to be an hourglass. Especially when your boss can't stop drooling over it. Tomorrow I'm going over to his private estate to enjoy the pool. I don't think my bikini is going to fit right, which is to say that it's perfect.

July 26th 2017:
Finally, we're dating. Ryan formally and finally asked if he could take me to dinner and after a night of too many desserts and releasing sexual frustration he asked if we could do this more often. I think I'll have to plan a bigger wardrobe though. Every day I spend working for him I get a little fatter. The thought kind of excites me though. The idea that I'm his piggy to fatten up. Oh, gosh what am I saying. Ever since I've started putting on weight intentionally I've been horny all the time. I'm just too excited by the idea of putting on even a single pound and then I check the scale to find three.

August 19th 2017:
Most people slim down over the spring and summer, but I'm up another 27lbs. 235lbs! I can't believe it. I've put on 101lbs while working here. I'm fatter than ever and loving it. The blazer I have on is only able to use a single button. While I'm overjoyed by this my weight is becoming a little problematic. I can barely get out of my office chair now. Yesterday Ryan had to help me out. On top of that I keep knocking things over. My butt pushes out far enough that it will kick objects over if I turn too fast. I've already broken a vase in my house. I also can't see the scale anymore without pushing my belly and tits down. My chest is up to E's. Good lord, I'm turning into such a fat slut. Maybe I should slow down a little bit?

September 21st 2017:
I finally broke my chair. I plopped my fat rump down and it broke the poor thing. The plastic cracked and I fell over. It was an aged chair. I'm surprised it survived my gluttony this long. Ryan got kind of excited by all of this. He had such a hardon when he came out to see what the crack was. He helped me out and then started playing with me. I'm just glad we have the whole floor to ourselves. Although this did make me a little conscious of how fat I've been getting. Since just last month I've put on another 15lbs. I decided to start wearing a corset. If nothing else it'll help hide my belly, which is good because it's about to outpace my tits.

October 31st 2017:
Ryan left a mandatory dress code notice for today along with the uniform. I say uniform, but really this is a slutty bunny outfit for me to put on. The note reads "October 31st is a special day and you'll need to wear this outfit to support your boss and the company" I tried it on and of course it was way too tight. Even the corset didn't quite contain me enough for the cute white and pink outfit. It even had fuzzy ears. I kind of smiled when I saw myself, though, I looked damn fuckable. My tits bulge over the top of this thing while my hips show a "well fed hourglass/pear" shape. Go figure that there are piles of candy on my desk. I'm supposed to finish all of these by tonight. Something tells me that I'm going to rip out of this outfit by the time I'm done with all these sweets.

November 6th 2017:
A full year since I started working for him and I'm 279lbs and loving it. Ryan treats me like a goddess even if I'm supposed to be his secretary. I should probably slow down or stop gaining weight or worry that eventually I'll be immobile. For now I think I'll be okay, although as I say this I should remember that just a few days ago I broke my corset. I was finishing off Halloween candy when I couldn't take it anymore and let my gut out a little too much. The corset snapped open and with it my shirt broke too. My skirt unbuttoned and popped open and I realized that my tits are barely outdone by my gluttonous fat belly. It's final, I'm a fat girl. There's no hiding it. I'm not chubby or plump or "a little round" I'm fat and I love it. Every curve on me is because I'm greedy and I have no willpower to "trim down" or go to the gym. I love my size and I hope it doesn't stop here. Now if you'll excuse me Ryan just walked in with my lunch.

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Karenjenk 4 years
I really like the diary approach.
its a new concept
Luvsplumpers 7 years
Loved this!! Office weight gain a real favorite. Love to see the staff fatten up. Well done!
LoopsnBloops 7 years That's my new work.
LoopsnBloops 7 years
That's something I might come back to do in the future but for now I've started on another story if anyone liked this one.
Rickeb 7 years
I would love to see years 2,3,4,and 5. Have them become a couple marry and continue growing closer and bigger.
LoopsnBloops 7 years
Any suggestion is welcome but there are no grantee's that I'll write a full story on it!
LoopsnBloops 7 years
I hadn't planned a part 2 but if enough people would want it I could do something like that? I think I would rather do a new short story rather than continue from here. It could even be in the same office if that's the theme that people like.
LoopsnBloops 7 years
@ulvrik Thanks man! I really appreciate it. smiley
Ulvrik 7 years
i really liked this short story ^^ the style was very enjoyeble to read and you described her weight gain journey wonderful smiley
LoopsnBloops 7 years This is the link to my other Story "Paradise" which is a much slower wg revolving around a science fiction utopia. Thank you all again for reading "Year one" feel free to leave comments or messages for me.