The big scoop

chapter 1: a fat lead

Ryan and his partner, Felicity sat down in the chief's office. She was assigned recently to Ryan to intern for him as a reporter. Felicity was an athletic blond who had a rack that Ryan couldn't keep his eyes off of. She would catch him looking but only found it cute. Catching him caused him to go beat red and fumble. She loved it.

They sat in the office and patiently waited for the chief to stop typing. When he finally stopped mashing keys, he turned, dropped his spectacles, and looked at the two before him.

"Now I know you guys did a great job on your last story on uh..." He started sifting through his papers before being interrupted by Felicity.

"It was on the plus size fashion industry. Regarding the recent uprising of certain brands of clothing in America." Their boss smiled and nodded.

"And it was amazing which is why I think you'll be perfect for this next story. There might be a good lead in a town called Gloomsberg. It wasn't long ago that all the gals there started blimping up. Many of them are happy with the gain but no one has found out why. It's really strange." Ryan grabbed the notes on the town and began to read up on it.

"This is very odd, do we have any leads? People of interest? Dates to look up?"

"Nothing much I'm afraid, you two will be sent in undercover as newlyweds. We've organized a suburban house to be yours along with more than enough cash to get by. You'll have a fully stocked fridge too. Just be careful with your waistline Felicity." Felicity smiled and shook her head. Ryan picked up his pen and pad and walked towards the door with his partner.

"I'll keep an eye on her boss. One last thing though, this is just the girls there?"

"Weirdly enough, yeah."

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

A week later and the two reporters had just got off the flight and exited the taxi cab. Both of them stepped out to find an amazing white suburban house. It was one of many on the street. Each sported a white picket fence, green grass and a modern two tone paint scheme. Their awe was disrupted by a friendly voice.

"Hey you two just get here?" A woman in a tight running suit was jogging past and had stopped to say hello. Her zipper was straining and struggling with her girth. It was clear that the jumpsuit might have fit her 60lbs ago. Her thighs were jammed so packed that you could trace the outline of her cellulite. The most obvious feature however was her ass. A large mound of flesh stuck out behind her like a shelf. Ryan felt his jaw drop a little. Felicity noticed Ryan's stupor and responded first.

"Yeah, I'm Felicity and this is my Husband Ryan! We're just married! We had a long trip but I'm excited to get inside and take my shoes off. Right sweetheart?" Ryan stared as the zipper on the woman's chest twitched lower when she shifted her weight.

"Oh...uh...yeah right...sweetie" Ryan tried to pull his gaze but he could hardly manage.

"Well I guess we're both in the same boat then. My names Jane. I just got here 3 weeks ago and seem to have taken to the culture rather well." Felicity seemed confused.

"What do you mean?"

"Well I've been eating like no tomorrow and I think it's caught up to me. My ass has never had this much cushion on it. I used to be a model but now I think I'm closer to a pig." Jane stopped to giggle as she hefted her belly for show. "Although I have to say I kind of enjoy being able to relax instead of constantly fear a daily calorie intake higher than 200. Well anyway, don't you two be strangers. I live just down the street. Careful with that figure Felicity, before you know it you'll be as plump as me." With that she turned and started jogging off.

Ryan watched as her backside bounced and shook with every step. After a few seconds he noticed that Felicity was giving him a look. He shrugged and opened his mouth to defend himself. She interrupted him before he could say anything.

"Is that what you like?"

"No it's just odd to see..."

"Two basketballs fighting each other?"

"Yeah something like that."

"After this report I'm filing for divorce loverboy." Ryan let out a laugh and pulled his bags towards the door.

Both of them got inside, unloaded their things and took a long shower. Ryan exited the bathroom and stretched. With the towel around his waist he came out to the kitchen to see Felicity snacking on some chips at the kitchen table.

"Already getting started on those calories?" Felicity made a face and downed another chip.

"Oh quiet, we're basically on vacation let me enjoy myself at least in this town for just today. I know I'll probably be putting on 20lbs but it's kind of whatever. Specially with your eyes around, something tells me you'll not mind it. I'll stop gorging after today." Ryan rolled his eyes as she opened the fridge put a doughnut in her mouth and bent over to grab a piece of cake in the fridge.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Their first week there was rather uneventful. Both of them stayed inside for the most part and researched potential leads to what might have caused the weight gain in the local townsfolk. Felicity however, contrary to her claim, did not slow or stop her eating. In fact it might have gotten faster. Ryan watched as day by day she kept gorging herself on the food in their house. In the first week alone her gain became noticeable. A fuller body revealed the start of a muffintop, thighs that touched at the top and, somehow, even larger tits.

Ryan had no idea how much weight she had put on or more importantly how it accumulated so quickly, but was concerned. He hadn't believed Jane when she said that she had gotten that fat so quick but his partner was blimping before his eyes. As he sat at the kitchen table he watched Felicity lean on the surface, clearly revealing her massive cleavage. She tilted a skittles package into her mouth and shot a gaze at Ryan. a few pieces fell into her gaping cleavage and a smile crept across her face. Felicity noticed the interest of Ryan and pushed her E cups up to her mouth and licked one of them out of her melons. She giggled and got up. Her shirt was riddled with chocolate stains and crumbs.

"I think I have to go shower again, I think I've made a mess of myself. You should probably head out though. We're almost out of food and I think you should probably hit the local library for information." Ryan took hold of his focus again and nodded. He could hardly manage his breathing.

The library might be a good idea though. He glanced up to see his partners start of a belly. It didn't make any sense, they hadn't even been out of the house yet. This shouldn't be possible. Felicity looked like she had packed on 20lbs. It didn't make any sense. He got up and grabbed his things. He had to get to the bottom of this and find out what was happening here. Before his "wife" became as fat as the rest of the town.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Out on the town Ryan looked around and was taken aback at the lack of skinny women. Not all of them gigantic but none of them had so much as a thigh gap. Plenty of them carried food with them and some wore clothes that were far too tight. When his cab stopped he tipped the man driving and stepped out to see a girl walk by in a skintight red dress with a frappuccino on hand. She noticed him admiring her, winked and with her other hand hefted her belly and dropped it. Ryan kept moving and noticed the trend continue. His short walk to the library made clear to him that plump here was not just normal but the only way things could be.

Once finally inside the library he began to search for books. Newspaper clippings showed that the weight gain trend started in 2007 and hadn't stopped since. It wasn't just weight though. The newspaper articles mentioned that the whole town became more interested in fat over skinny. Ryan read the articles over and over again and still felt confused. Information that there was a very significant libido increase with weight gained. The whole situation even had a name. "The Fashion of Fat". Articles revealed that large scale weight gain, increase in libido and a love for fat wasn't everything. Girls became sexually aroused with food and gaining. It was all detailed in several articles with loads of evidence but never solicited a call to action from the people. Despite it all, health had never been better. He had so many questions and got up to go ask at the front desk.

Ryan approached the counter. Before him was a very plump librarian. She took one look at him and lightly bit her lower lip. He immediately felt like prey. In her eyes burned desire. Before he could say anything she stood up. Her blond hair was in a neat bun, her dark catlike glasses perched on the tip of her nose, black cherry lipstick neatly shone on the edge of her lips as her tongue gently traced the edges of her mouth. She pressed her generous tits together with her biceps, the top button undid itself as large amounts of cleavage pushed a little farther. Down lower her black pencil skirt was pulled halfway up her wide hips and over a full fat belly that drooped down. The thick belt that separated her shirt from her pencil skirt had a large muffintop of fat spilling over it. The librarian held a steady gaze and finally broke the silence.

"Sir, what do you need?" Ryan didn't speak he simply held the papers that were in his hands out. She grabbed them and read briefly. A smile crept onto her face. "Tell you what sugar. You want to know more about this, if you feed me this last doughnut of the dozen then I'll tell you anything you need. If you want to know about this then the first thing you should do is participate. So go on, feed me.

Those last words made Ryan shiver.
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