Penny's ultimate spaghetti dinner date

Chapter 1

“I don't want anymore spaghetti. My belly's so full, I can't hold anymore!”

“My dear Penny, I'm positive that you can just one more helping,for me.”

Henry grabbed a big bowl and filled it to the rim with spaghetti, took a large fork, and fed it to her,bite by bite. Penny ate and ate until the bowl was empty and her belly made her look like it was about to burst. Henry rubbed her giant belly until it went down in size a bit, as she belched and farted all the gas out of her body. Henry then went over to see if there was any spaghetti left for Penny to eat. Penny could hardly move,especially since she was sitting in small lounge chair that she could sit in even before eating the spaghetti.

“You're lucky I have to do something right now, but I'll be back to see about that belly full of pasta,” Henry said as he patted her girth,grabbed his keys and left.

“I really hope it's not anymore food, because my belly can't take anymore,” Penny said to herself as she heard Henry leave, “I don't know why he made so much spaghetti, but I guess it's my fault for having that as my favorite food.”

Yes, spaghetti and other types of pasta dishes were Penny's favorite food to eat. She would always keep plenty in the apartment to cook and eat,and sometimes,when she made too much, she would have no choice but to eat until her belly was close to bursting. When she went to the grocery store a couple of weeks ago, she met Henry, a fat admirer who wanted a girlfriend that loved to eat. After talking for a bit in the store, both Penny and Henry decided that it would be nice to go out on a date. They exchanged numbers and email addresses, and eventually scheduled their first date to now,since their busy lives couldn't be put on hold before then:Penny as a college student having finals, and Henry as a construction worker helping to build a skyscraper for an office company coming to town. Since he couldn't decide which restaurant to go to for their date, Henry decided to make dinner for Penny at his apartment. He couldn't think of anything that he could make for her until he remembered Penny telling him that she loved pasta more than anything,especially spaghetti. Henry loved how Penny looked when he first: an all-over chubby girl with a huge belly, which he loved to make bigger. That's when he decided to give Penny the ultimate spaghetti dinner,stuffing her with pounds upon pounds of spaghetti and garlic bread, along with cheesecake for dessert.

The date started off good when Henry picked Penny up at her small apartment across town to go to his place. Even after they arrived there, both Penny and Henry talked about different things and ended up watching a movie that Henry had in his DVD collection. When the movie ended, Henry put his plan to action as he heard Penny's belly growl in hunger.

“I bet you haven't anything homemade in a while,have you?” Henry asked.

“Not really. I haven't cooked in a while and been eating fast food since last week, with finals and all. But I haven't had anything homemade in quite a while,” Penny answered.

“Well, you're not going to get enough of my spaghetti when you first eat it,” Henry said as he escorted her to a table set for two next to the kitchen, “One of my hobbies is cooking, and well, it's a real treat to have a lady such as yourself here to enjoy it. I usually cook either my friends or my crew at work but I wanted to make something special for you.”

“That's so sweet, Henry,” Penny said as she blushed a rose red, “What did you make for me, anyway?”

“Why your favorite food, of course!” he exclaimed as he bought out a pair of bowls of spaghetti and a basket of garlic bread, sat it on the table, and took his seat, “ Spaghetti and garlic bread!”
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Hehe! Spaghetti is my faveorite as well. Mmm.

Great story; wish there was a favorite button here because I would favor this one.smiley
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Too good for words! smiley