Janine's big college gain

Chapter 1

Janine was lying in bed with her belly so stuffed with food in her newly acquired house, having eaten an enormous amount from the buffet that was nearby. She was celebrating the fact that she was graduating from college with a Bachelor’s Degree in Liberal Arts. She belched and rubbed her taut stomach with a big grin on her face, thinking that the day after tomorrow she would be an official graduate. She and her boyfriend, Kevin, planned the whole week up to her graduation day, from sunrise to midnight. They loved every moment of this particular week together, especially all the moments confined in their 3-bedroom apartment. Maybe the reason was that Janine was a gainer and Kevin was her enabler turned feeder, especially since it started before she started college.

For Janine, it all started before college, back in high school. Kevin was the new kid in town and all the girls wanted him. Alas, when Kevin saw Janine from across the cafeteria chowing down on her third helping of black forest cake, his heart skipped a beat as he went over with a slice of cake in hand. At first, Janine thought he was making fun of her, but as Kevin sat down and offered to feed it to her, a spark stirred between the two of them, with a possibility of turning that spark into true love. Ever since then, they were inseparable, and as luck would have it, Kevin lived next door to Janine. They made a secret base between the two homes and snuck out to see each other at night. Kevin was always bringing goodies to Janine to munch on late at night and Janine would let him feed her from time to time. Soon enough, it was their senior year together in high school. They were going to the same college together, and Kevin surprised Janine with a secret midnight feast one night in their base. Just as she was surprised with the feast, Kevin was surprised that Janine polished off every dish in a matter of minutes. She belched as Kevin rubbed her stomach, both in bliss and in total love with one another. That night, as Janine got up to 250lbs in weight, Kevin knew that Janine was gonna be quite a prize packing on the pounds in college.

However, Janine’s dad, a personal trainer at a local gym, did not like Janine’s surprising weight gain nor Kevin is enabling ways during high school. There were times that he forbade Janine to date or even see Kevin, and times he would put her on crazy diets and insane exercise regiments. At one point, he placed her in a weight loss camp for 6 months, making Janine miserable and Kevin heartbroken. It really did not matter around Janine’s senior year, since her dad finally gave up on making his daughter become something she was not, and accepted Kevin and Janine’s relationship finally. He made Kevin promised that he would not have Janine’s overall health spiral out of control while in college and at the same time, Janine promised not to go out of control with her weight nor flunk any classes, especially since he was planning to travel cross-country to train celebrities full-time.
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Kamina 12 years
It reminds me of Ned Fox from Deviantart; highly enjoyable with a romance plot at the center.