Claire's fattening life as maryanne

Chapter 1

Claire was planning on running away one night after arguing with her mother about her recent weight gain of three pounds. Even though she was part of the cheerleading squad like her mother was, she wanted something more in life than spelling ‘Bobcats’ for the crowd at football games. She was sick and tired of it all: school, cheerleading practice, being at home with her strict mother, everything about her hometown that had nothing else to do but go to football games all the time in the fall. Today was the day that she was going to get away from home and live her own life at the age of 18. She planned on getting her high school diploma online anyway after she found him: her old boyfriend, Austin.

Austin was always kind to her and let her do whatever she wanted to do whenever she went to his place to stay. It didn’t matter if she decided to skip school, practice, or just get away from her mom for a while after she was asleep. They would talk, eat lots of fast food, and cuddle naked together under the stars outside with only a blanket to keep warm. It wasn’t until six months ago when he had no choice but to move away from town since her mom told them that they couldn’t see each other anymore and made them break up so Claire would have no choice but to concentrate on school and date a football player named Chip. She never did like Chip, but she had no choice but to since she didn’t want to be in the house with her witch of a mother.

Claire and Austin finally found a way to get back together without her mother knowing: chatting online through Facebook. A few nights back, they got a plan together so she finally be with him, and tonight was the night to put it in motion. She packed a few things, grabbed some cash she had made babysitting, and wrote her mom a note telling her that she was going away and wasn’t coming back. She snuck out the back window, and sneaked away from the neighborhood to her school’s parking lot, where Austin would be waiting.

“Finally got here, baby,” Claire said, out of breath, “Now let’s beat it before someone says something.”

“Alright, Claire, but you better buckle up,” Austin said as he started to leave town, “We got a few hours away until we reach my place. I had to move out of state remember?”

“Yeah, I know, but what are we going to do about changing my appearance? My mom’s gonna be calling everywhere when she finds the note,” Claire said.

“Don’t worry. I already have a plan for that. I got some cash so we can change your name and change how you look,” Austin said as he stopped at the last traffic light in town and grabbed some bags from the backseat, “Here, I got you some real food. Eat up and put on some pounds, babe. You look like a giant stick.”

“Very funny, but thanks, Austin.”

“No problem. Just start about thinking of names that you want to use.”
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