The growing woman that loved to eat

Chapter 1

Once, there was once a girl named Anna that loved to eat ever since she was a baby. Her mother and father at first were concerned that Anna would gain weight too fast from all the eating she did, but Anna’s metabolism was eats really fast, so they didn’t need to worry. From apples to lollipops to spinach to watermelon slices,

Anna would eat anything and everything within reach of her, and would be just as active as a young girl like her should. Many years went by as Anna grew up to be a small-figured woman.

At 5’ 8” and at 150 pounds, Anna finally started to go out into the working world to find her place in life, and especially being the age of 19, it wasn’t going to be easy. Job after job she applied for turned down their offer to hire her, and after each day of job searching, she would go to her small, cheap condo and eat until her heart content of food that she paid for with money from her small part time jobs she had over the summer and winter.

One day, Anna came home after another unsuccessful job hunt, and saw a flyer for a taste-tasting job for a new bakery in town.

“New bakery in town needs taste tester,” Anna said as she read the flyer, “Pays either in cash, food, or both daily. Apply at the address below in person. I better check this out!”

So, Anna got into her little Toyota Camry and drove to the bakery, and went to talk to the guy at the cash register.

“Hello, sir, my name’s Anna, and I are here to apply for your taste tester job,” she said to him.

“Welcome to the Langston Bakery. I’m Walter, the owner of this place. I’m so glad that you came today,” he said in relief, “I was about to give up on finding one. Not a lot of people would apply for a job like this because they’re scared to gain some weight after eating and tasting my lovely treats.”

“Well, say no more, Walter, I don’t mind gaining weight at all. As a matter of fact, I love eating cakes and pies and other treats. That’s almost all I eat nowadays.”

“Anna, I love your attitude…and well, your appetite,” Walter said to her as he went to shake her hand, “You have the job! Congratulations!”

“Can I start today? I want to get a good head start,” Anna said, eagerly to get started.

“Of course you can, my dear! Just go behind the counter here and though those double doors. I’ll be with you as soon as I help these customers that are coming in.”

“Thank you, Walter, I won’t disappoint you!”

“Oh, I know you won’t, dear, I know….”

After Walter dealt with the customers, he escorted Anna around the kitchen and eventually her station where she was going to try the pastries. As Anna looked around in awe, Walter was in glee to find his ultimate guinea pig turned into an unstoppable eating hog.
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Jazzman 14 years
There are probably as many bakery-themed stories as any theme out there in weight-gain fiction. Another popular one is revenge on the head cheerleader.
This one did have a few unique items. I probably started off liking it more than when it turned to weight-gain formula and desired immobility and weighing 900+ pounds. I prefer gradula but steady gains-even 50 pounds a year for a few years is ok-but weight-gain formula in a bottle is too close to magic. And I never read a story with magic in it. Still a pretty nice story.
Pyracollinsn... 14 years
Well, I am the original author of the story. I worte and posted it here a long time ago, when I first joined fantasy feeder. I was under a different name then.
14 years
You're not the only one who remembers this from before. Good story, though.
14 years
I feel like I've read this story almost verbatim before.

But then again, weight gain doesn't hold much room for creativity.