Phil and jim and the fat chicks

chapter 1

Phil and Jim were two of a kind, although they didn't know it when they met. Phil was from Chicago, and Jim was from Lawton, Oklahoma. They had both attended college. Phil got a Computer Science degree, and Jim got his degree in Information Technology. At their respective colleges they had both gotten into sports a little. Phil in tennis and Jim in basketball. Phil was a decent tennis player, and at an even six foot could range the court pretty well. Jim, at six foot one, was just tall enough to compete in the guard position. Neither one was good enough to get any kind of an athletic scholarship, so both of them had relied on help from their parents, some grants here and there, and finally, student loans.

After graduation, they both tried job markets near home, with mixed success. After a couple of years, they both saw opportunities in Phoenix. A lot of the tech companies in California had moved to Phoenix for the low taxes and low cost of living. The tech companies were hiring, so that's where both Phil and Jim went. So, about three years after graduation, they both landed in Phoenix with new jobs, and they each rented an apartment, coincidentally next to each other.

It didn't take long for them to meet, and they soon became pretty good friends. Both tall, both good looking and both in well-paying jobs, they both were playing the female field. They would go out for a few beers and look over the girls. As young guys concerned with their image, they would point out the slender girls with tight butts, trim hips and flat bellies. And, being good looking guys, a lot of times conversations would happen, and possibilities would open up of a hook up for the night. But, they would each find an excuse for not cementing the deal and taking someone home.

When either one wanted to hunt for real, he would hunt without his friend. No wingman required, thank you. Because when the hunt was on, it wasn't for tight, trim and flat. No, the hunt was on for jiggly, thick and soft.

Phil and Jim were fat admirers. Chubby chasers. Connoisseurs of plump. When each one went to one of their favorite pick up joints alone, he knew what he was looking for. The girls with forty, fifty maybe sixty extra pounds. Round, fat bellies. Bubble butts. Legs covered in cellulite. Each of them knew what excited them, even if they weren't ready to reveal their preferences to the world. And since each of them was a handsome, charming guy, they each had more than their share of successes.

Sometimes this made mornings a problem. When one of them brought home a rotund beauty, he got her into his apartment quietly. Once in, he didn't worry about noise, because moans and screens of ecstasy sound the same whether the girl is lean or.... really, really, not lean. But getting the hefty girl out the door and home without being seen could be a problem. As it turned out, each of them, more than once, got a glimpse of their buddy rushing a plump pretty out to the car. The girls, sad to say, were used to it. They were used to being The Ones Left At Closing Time. In the case of Phil and Jim they had the pleasure of having a good looking guy working the deal in the prime of the evening, but they still weren't surprised when they got hurried out the door in the morning. A one night stand is still a one night stand.

At one of their usual watering holes, Phil and Jim started inserting hints into the conversation about their preferences. It went something like this:

"Man, that's one long lean sexy babe!"

"Yeah, she looks great, but you know, curves are good too."

"Oh yeah, curves are good. I like curves."

"Sometimes a girl can be too skinny."

"The really skinny ones can be kind of high strung."

"Right! Makes you wonder if she's a coke head or something."

"A little meat on the bones can be fun sometimes."

"A little cushion for the pushin' right?"

"Y'know, a fat girl gives better head."

"Damn right! I mean, y'know, a chubby girl..."

"Well, to tell the truth, I mean a fat girl. I've picked up few in my time."

"Yeah, nothing wrong with that, right? I've had my share. Keeps you warm at night."

"Look, I ain't gonna lie. I'm into fat chicks, okay? You probably think I'm weird, but..."

"If you're gonna come clean so am I. I like 'em fat, too. Not just chubby, but fat."

"Man, what are the chances that we both would like fat chicks? I've been hiding it for months."

"Me too. I figured you'd think I was some kind of perv. If you like what I like, we can hunt for them together."

"High five, man!"

"High five!"

"Take a look at that pair at the table by the beer sign. What do you think?"

"I think I like the blonde. I'm guessing she goes about 220 or 230, and look at the rack on her."

"I'll be happy with the brunet. She's probably a little shorter, but she's at least 200 and I saw her walk earlier. Her ass looks like two bulldogs fighting in a paper bag."

"Dude, we should have had this conversation a long time ago."
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