Plenty of penny

Chapter 1 - penny and liam

Penelope gently bit her lip and furrowed her brow as she sized herself up in the full length mirror on her bedroom door. Her slight sense of frustration had little to do with her appearance. She enjoyed seeing the new changes taking place across her body. The issue was tangentially related, though. The mirror was simply becoming too narrow for her horizontally expanding frame. Even standing several feet away from the twenty-four-inch wide reflection would not suffice anymore. Liam was going to have to bring home a new one. She knew he would. Had it only been a couple years since they moved in together?

Penelope and Liam had met at one of their town's many dive bars. The kind of establishment that's not so dirty that you worry about ordering the bacon cheese fries, but still quiet, low-lit, and comfortable enough that it didn't attract the more obnoxious college students. Penelope had just quit her job due to a shitty boss with an axe to grind. The position also involved a ridiculous amount of physical activity. Its job posting had mentioned "Ability to lift 30 pounds" as well as "Other duties as assigned," but Penelope assumed that they wouldn't actually hold her to that. Alas, it was just wishful thinking. She was glad to be rid of the place and just wanted to have a pleasant evening out with her friend Addison, who was celebrating her birthday. A band was playing that night, kind of melodic post-punk. Penelope noticed the bass player flash his eyes in her direction more than a couple of times and after the set he walked over to her.

"Hey there. I'm Liam"

"Hey, I’m Penelope, you were great up there."


&qu ot;So many notes, and in such great order!" It was ever so slightly snarky, but she wanted to test his sense of humor.

"Tell me about it. I've almost mastered Hot Cross Buns"

She smirked at the fact that he played along. "One a penny? Two a penny?"

"Why would anyone go for just one? Two a penny is obviously the preferred deal. Has anyone ever called you that?"

"Called me what?"


His eyes were a striking sky blue. Penelope blushed a bit. "Not that I can recall..."

"Well, if it's okay with you, I'd like to be the one to start. You're bright, radiant--"

"And round and worth practically nothing?"

He countered immediately without missing a beat, "I don't believe the latter and, to be honest, don't mind the former...I ah, quite appreciate it actually"

Penelope was slightly surprised, not at the fact that she was getting hit on. You can swing a stick anywhere and hit ten horn dogs that would gladly pick up a fat girl in a bar like this, but the majority of them were mouth breathing morons who lacked basic conversational skills. Penelope had started following the wisdom of John Waters, "If they don't have books, don't fuck 'em." At first she had felt that natural instinct to keep her guard up, but no. Liam was easy to talk to... and he had said that he liked her round.

Penelope's plumpness was something that she also enjoyed about herself, but would usually only refer to in sprinkled self deprecating barbs in that culturally accepted way that so many follow. In private though she was indulgent to the teeth, ordering large amounts of takeout and packing it away most weeknights. Screw any man or office job that was going to make her feel bad about that from here on out. Penelope and Liam went home together that night.

Over the next several months the two explored each other's bodies and kinks, eventually moving in together. Bass was just a side gig for Liam. He had a full-time job that paid all right, but it was the bounty of vacation leave that really worked to his and Penny's ever-expanding advantage. He was quite a gentleman to say the least, always taking the iniative to bring her just what she wanted, sometimes before she even knew what she was craving. Sometimes he’d take a late morning to better accommodate his growing lover. Penny soon became accustomed to waking up to plates piled high with big breakfasts that would make a lumberjack blush. She would pile it away into her insatiable tum and ask for more when he came home on his lunch break. In time it was hard to tell which was growing faster, her waistline or her appetite.

Penelope started working online gigs. She would proofread college students' papers and filled out for-profit marketing surveys as she snacked throughout the day. The supplemental income helped as she settled into a comfortable ritual of sloth and gluttony. Staying at home also allowed her to take note of the renovations and changes they would need to accommodate her growth: A wider bathroom door and tub, steel-framed furniture, rental listings filtered to exclude stairs. Her appetite grew, then her waistline, followed by her list, on and on, in an insatiably endless loop.

On their first anniversary, Liam and Penny went to dinner and a concert in the city. They arrived early enough to find a seat at the bar so that she was comfortable the whole night. Penelope appreciated the way that Liam looked out for her, but didn't make a big deal about it. On the way home he drove as she lay in the passenger seat dozing, a sliver of creamy belly poked out from under her shirt. He gently rubbed it as they stopped at Wendy's, then softly woke her as they pulled up in front of their complex. He grunted slightly in helping heft her out of the car and onto her feet, took her hand up the stairs, and picked up the trail of clothes she left behind as she waddled to their bed, smirking to himself all the while in awe of how much more help she needed from him now, in just one short year of being together. What would the next year be like? The next five?

"I'm hungry," she stated sleepily.

“You’re in luck. I stopped for provisions." As Liam climbed into bed beside her, her massive body quaked with every shift of the mattress.

"Baby, I'm so tired," she moaned, laying back on a makeshift pillow throne. "You're going to have to feed it to me."

His blue eyes widened as he whispered, "My pleasure." Penny cooed as she chewed.

She couldn't believe how fast another year had flown by. Penny had trouble counting the instances of broken furniture, popped buttons, and outgrown articles of clothing she and Liam had created in the eleven months since their first anniversary. And now there was the problem of the mirror. Upon closer examination in the part she still fit in, Penelope found that her neck had all but disappeared, replaced instead with an adorable blubber roll extending from her pronounced double chin (could a third be close behind?) to each side of her chubby swollen cheeks, an inevitable result of her decadent indulgences.

"Must have been all those ice cream floats that Liam brought me," she whispered to her belly as she patted it. The lower hemisphere of her globular gut was drooping lower than ever- a fleshy apron making gentle contact with her ever thickening thighs. It also stuck out far enough that she had to slightly stretch around it in order to reach her belly button. Such formerly simple tasks seemed to become her greatest physical exertions lately. Forget anything that actually required moving for more than a minute. Even rolling over in bed required a slight bodily heave for momentum's sake....with a little assistance from Liam of course.

Even now, standing in front of the mirror for less than five minutes was enough to for Penelope to waddle her elephantine rear back to the bed and flop on belly side down. Sometimes she just liked to see how high up she felt with the support of her built-in cushion. The position was so comfortable that Penelope decided to stay right there. She reached across the bed for the remote and channel surf.

Two seasons of "So I Married a Carnie" (the second of which became trite halfway through) and enough pizza delivery to feed a nuclear family later and Penelope was in hog heaven. The binge watching/eating combination was just what she needed after a long day of waking up at noon and surfing online.

Understandably due to the lack of physical activity as well as the sheer enormity of the bounty she absent-mindlessly grazed on, Penelope soon found herself easing into a gluttonous blissful slumber. Her consciousness was somewhere between wakefulness and dozing as a commercial with a supermodel eating a greasy cheeseburger cut back to a confessional interview with the "Guess Your Weight" operator, who had been accused of shady tactics.

No matter. Liam would be home from work soon and would walk in to find her exactly where she was when he had left. He'd most likely be carrying a hefty bag of fast food or fancy dessert, as was his habit. What was never routine was how incredibly in awe of his larded lover he was upon returning. He walked through the bedroom door and took all of her in with his voracious sky blue eyes. She was laying on her back now, her enormous gut jutting out, almost defying gravity over her tree trunk thighs, her noticeably deeper belly button positioned forty five degrees up as if it were puckering to kiss the heavens.

"Hello, beautiful."

She yawned, "Hey baby."

"How's my Penny doing today?"

She yawned again, halfway through it turned into a belch. "It's Piggy now".

"Excuse me?" He played dumb as he started laying out the Chinese takeout he acquired.

"From now on I think I'd like to be called Piggy. It's a nickname more akin to my true sensibilities. Ooh, cheesesteak egg rolls!"

"Of course, Piggy....I brought you something else."

The new mirror was twice as wide and would accommodate Penelope's ample frame...for now.
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