Pop! goes the piggy~

Chapter 1 - ...after several years

It had been an amazing experience for her, cooking, stuffing and growing him to an absolute peak.
Simple meals lead to lavish feasts to never ending feeding. Bit by bit he had outgrown walking, sex and even the ability to feed himself.

Now he was bed bound, and more fat than man and was literally more than ten times his starting weight.

She had watched him blossom from a skinny subtle twig into a behemoth of an indistinguishable blob. Examining him over again sent shivers of pride through her body. From his mammoth fridge sized gut to his couch crushing rear. His puckered hands and feet encased in their limbs, keeping him permanently helpless as a set up of life support and medical equipment barely kept him on alive on this humanly impossible edge. Her morbid fascination, nay, obsession with the limits of the human body had swelled him into surpassing the title of the worlds fattest. At over 1900 pounds she was slightly disappointed that with the rate of his declining health he wouldn't surpass a ton...


She grinned. Of course, it was inevitable after all. In eager delight she increased the feed to his oxygen, adding an extra hiss of her special cocktail to his breathing tubes.

He felt more alert somehow, like the past few years of feeding and being used as her personal "fat toy" were a pleasurable blurry haze.

"Wakey wakey piggy, I need you at your hungriest" she teased, slipping out of her care clothes revealing her alluring lacy lingerie. There was a loud gurgle from his ocean-like mass as the life-support clocked up in at attempt to keep him stable.

"You see, it's been fun pet. But, I'm sorry to say you're at your limit."

She patted his massive stomach and bit her lower lip savored his musky smell as she fired up the other machines to "prep" him. He gad grown far to big for normal activities, so she got creative. Extra bags of oxygenated and type 0 blood mixed with insulin to keep her pet from accumulating any complications. A special toy that worked around his catheter, so that he didn't crush himself in his hopeless immobility. As well as a drainage hose installed in his back end due him outgrowing any form of diaper or methodology to clean him thoroughly anymore.

She had prepared a special weight gain shake for these final days, an apple flavored concoction of breading and maltodextrin that pumped past his lips and straight into his cavernous gut via a massive feeding tube.

"Are you ready my food blimp?" She teased as she activated more equipment, he moaned and snorted in pleasure as the device planted between his legs began to suck and play with his buried bits. The drainage machine in the back shooting a constant jet of warm water as it teased his prostate.

She monitored his heart rate, knowing that these two extra pleasure modules were a credit to these last several hundred pounds. Driving her piglet into a dumb sexually fueled state while also keeping his circulatory system in good health.

There was a hiss as the oxygen pumped afresh supply into his lungs through the nasal cannula. Mixed with THC and poppers to have him focus on one thing:


Growing for her. Enjoying that growth, and being brought to his limits time and time again.

She re-approached his massive gut, undoing the clasps of her bra and discarding her panties as she sat on the bench of a roll just under his navel. Licking and kissing what she could of his tummy as she ground into his firm and jiggly flesh.

"It's finally time, piggy. Time for me to fatten you to death."
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Tigerlily33 5 years
I inspired you? Wow cool. I am perfectly comfortable with tube feeding my piggie if they want to go that extreme.