chapter 1

"Uggg" Annon groaned. Lying on her back she was able to finally settle on top of the bed. It was still too hot in the house to even consider nestling between the sheets so she had decided this was how she would sleep tonight... well if she could. "Look at what you did" she spoke sternly down to her abdomen as a parent might their own child. The swollen gut ignored it's chastisement and made no attempt at apologizing. Audible gurgles and mumbles could be heard as the belly slowly churned and churned to it's own delight. The belly being delighted in its participation in the event, Annon however was less than pleased. It had been great while she was in the moment reaching for the next greased covered morsel, enjoying that feeling of the oils dripping out of the corners of her lips, how with each bite her tongue whispering to her, just one more bite, I bet the next one will be the tastiest. This of course was in the past now. Now is the pressure, now is the bloating, now is the unlady like burps that Annon is glad no one was around to hear. Still its not the worst feeling in the world, and she knows in her heart that this will happen again... probably tomorrow. Tomorrow she would need a new pair of shorts since todays had been forcibly retired by her gut need for space allocation. In an hour the brunt of the digestion pains had subsided and Annon finally had a chance to truly admire the "work" she had accomplished today, feeling the tautness of her belly and a slight softness she smiled, "Think you could handle a couple more donuts champ?" Almost as if in response Annon's stomach let out a happy growl, which made her giggle, "You really are a workaholic you know?" Standing to her feet she sauntered out of the room her juicy rump swaying ever so seductively to the sides. Annon took a moment to stand in the doorway and took notice that her navel pressed up against the frame of the door when she stood sideways. Maybe a little pain was worth the gain.

I was short by like ten characters :P
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