chapter 1

Ruby always wanted to be bigger. Even when her weight crept up to 400lbs she would think of being bigger... much bigger.

She had gorged her way to 402lbs and found her appetite most days was insatiable. Breakfast would consist of 12 doughnuts, coffee and any other pastries she could get her hands on. By lunchtime she would be famished, she was smart enough to pre order lunch and get it delivered to the office. The office which she was quickly outgrowing.
Ruby found the chair which was big when she started was now snug and compact. The stairs were simply out of bounds and for the last 15lbs or so of new fat on her frame the toilet cubicles in the ladies room were a thing of the past, unless she wanted to be cut of the narrow space she now had no choice but to use the disabled rest room.

Ruby lived for weekends, it's when her feedee personality really came out. She had found a small cohort of men that were interested in sending her vast quantities of food to eat while they watched for their pleasure... and hers.
She would eat and talk about her biggest fantasies. Her favorite fantasy to talk about is - That she's huge... close to 900lbs and lifted into a van by a fork lift, only covered in a sheet. She gets brought to a big farmers market or country fare and put in a pen surrounded by food. All the people there come to stare and take pictures of the super morbidly obese blob in front of them, but, they all have to guess her weight and at the end of the day in front of everyone she's weighed. Grunting and panting as she's put on the scale that's normally used for animals at a zoo. People giggle at how much of a pig She is. She knows this all fantasy but she does long for the day she's big enough for journalists to take an interest in her and start writing stories about the gigantic woman that longs to be bigger.

This pattern goes on for several more months in Rubys life until she decides if she wants her immobile dreams to come true then she needs serious help. So she sets out to find it and that's when she found me, Mike.
We hit it off straight away, originally making contact through a plus size dating website we exchanged messages back and forth for 3 weeks before we agreed to meet in Dublin city center. Ruby explained her plans fully to me that night and I told her my reservations but my commitment. We became closer eventually seeing each other every night and after a while I stopped returning to what had been my place and found myself permanently at Rubys. She slightly slowed her gain while we were together as work and daily life in Ireland was becoming slowly but surely more difficult. We had already discussed moving to America and that idea was finalised when Ruby reached 480lbs. Fortunately Ruby had dual citizenship having spent some of her childhood in Texas and having an American mother and I was able to transfer my job relatively easy. Everything in our new city just seemed more accessible for the nearly 500lbs beauty in my life, however she struggled with work and we eventually decided perhaps it would be best if Ruby stayed at home.
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