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Chapter 1 - 0.001

I slowly find myself awakening. I glance at the clock. 12:20AM. I had been asleep for maybe 3 and a half hours. I am slightly tired but not really tired. I lay there and reflect about how my day had gone and all I had done.

(Mmm... That dinner was sooo good. Such a piggy princess... I really did oink...My belly was so swollen and stuffed) I think to myself.

I fondle my belly as I think. To my surprise... I find myself kinda hungry. It's that wierd hungry, where your not *really* hungry... but kinda horny at the same time. I quickly find myself imagining oinking luscious foods and the feeling of my belly swelling. The more I imagine, the more it turns me on...

"Ohh, you hungry baby?!" I say to my belly as I continue to fondle my rolls.

"Mmm don't worry baby, Ima oink ya right up! You'll be so swollen you'll be hurting a bit... But I'll swallow a few more mouthfuls of luscious fatty nummies just for good measure!"

Oh I'm sooo turned on now, i feel like my pussys a bit wet. My heart beat is picking up. I can feel my pulses, they gently massage my belly. She's getting so excited... So ready to be swollen again.

I sit up and start to make my way to the kitchen. My belly bounces with a gentle jiggle with each step I make. Each jiggle gets me more and more excited.

"Ohh... Your gunna jiggle more soon baby! I promise. I'ma oink you so big baby..." I excitedly but gently whisper to my belly with a slight giggle, rubbing and jiggling it as I continue making my way to the kitchen.

I'm only in my panties and night gown, so my belly has plenty of freedom to jiggle. My gown has gotten tight lately though, clearly showing off my lusciously soft and well oinked belly. My night gown also lets my lovely fat thighs and ass jiggle too. They have become so thicc, I just love it. I tug at the side of my gown, along the fold of one of my rolls.

"Ohh... This is gunna get pretty tight!" I again excitedly whisper to myself with a bigger giggle this time. My heartbeat is so strong now. I can actually feel it jiggling me belly.

(Mmm... Nummies... In... Belly... It's... Time... Now...) I think to myself. It's so hard to contain my excitement, especially as I near the kitchen.

I walk into the kitchen and begin to ponder what to oink. I always have heaps of nummies, all kinds...

(So hard to decide....Maybe I'll just have a bit of anything and everything) I think to myself.

I gaze upon the kitchen. A heaping plattter of my special brownies is the first thing I see.

(Mmm... So moist... gooey... Soo... Fattening...) I think to myself as I giggle.

I lick my lips with my tongue and make a deep slurping sound with a slight sucking sound.

"Ohh baby, get ready for nummies time!" I excitedly blurp out as I push my hand up my night gown and rub my belly.

I grab a nice sized brownie and gently lick the top of it.

(Mmm... I love chocolate... So nummie!).

It's so satisfying, I feel myself slightly drooling. I can taste my two special ingredients... one being heaps of shortening. So luscious... So satisfying... I give another slow and gentle lick across the top again, slightly digging the tip of my tongue into the brownie this time and grabbing a small bit of the brownie. I sit there and let it slowly melt to mush in my mouth, gently sucking on it like a lollipop.

(Mmm... Wonderfully so... Creamy...) I think to myself...

A burst of excitement overcomes me. My hand trembles a bit.

"Mhm.. Oinky... Mmh...oink time... Mmm... ohh baby, it's coming!" I sputter out in an orgasmatic manner.

My heartbeat is so hard as I open my mouth wide. I slowly and gently push the whole brownie into my mouth.

(Mmm, such a fat piggy sized piece!) I think to myself.

It was so warm and gooey from sitting out on the counter all day. Just the way I love them. I couldnt resist my urge to oink any longer!

*I let out a grunt as I began to slowly suck down and swallow my mouthful*

(Mmm yessss! So fucken delish!) i think to myself.

I could feel the swallowful I made sliding down into my belly. I slowly made several more swallows, letting out a few grunts and snorts as I do.

"Mmm was that nummy baby?! We're only just getting started! I'll show you just how good this piggy princess is!" I say to my belly as I fondle it.

I feel another rush of excitement!

(Time to be a good naughty piggy princess!) I think to myself, as my heartbeat becomes so hard!

I can't resist my urge to oink anymore and grab another brownie.

(WANT...DOWN...IN!... BELLY!....NOW!....) I think to myself as I quickly shove it into my mouth.

With no hesitation, I immediately push it to my throat and then give a final gentle push to encourage my belly to suck it down. It is so big, but I keep shoving it and give it no choice but to go down!

"Oink! Oink!" I grunt out loudly as I give my belly a hard slap and then jiggle.

"Ohh I'm not done yet baby! Not even near!" I gently say to my belly.

(MORE...I...WANT MORE!...) I think to myself as I reach quickly again for another brownie. I shove it in my mouth and force it right down my throat as fast as I can. Ohh! It feels soooo good sliding down and into my belly. I left out a massive burp.

(MMM... THESE... ARE SO BIG! I can feel each one make my belly swell and stretch a bit... OINK MORE!!!) I think to myself.

I waste no time and grab another brownie. I shove it in my mouth and force it down, as I grab yet another brownie with my other hand. I shove it in to my mouth and force it down right after the first brownie.

*I grunt heavily whilst oinking*

I can't help myself now, I'm in full on oink mode. I force one brownie down my throat after another, grunting and snorting through it all. I feel my belly quickly swelling up and pushing my panties down a bit. My gown is soooo tight now! Before I know it, I polish off the whole platter of brownies.

I gently lean against the counter, and let my belly hang.

(Ohmm... Mm.. Sooo wonderful.... MMMmm...I'm pretty full now... but... Ohh... the other ingredient will kick in here soon!) I think to myself

"Mmm, did you like that baby!?" I say with a smiling deep grin as I caress and fondle my swollen belly.

I sit there for a few minutes and enjoy the feeling. I am so turned on and horny. I begin to feel the other ingredient kicking in.

(Mmm... Ohh!... Oooh. Yesss!... I'm hungry again. Mmm I want MORE!) i think to myself, still fondling my belly.

"Mmm your not done yet baby! I know your starving! More nummies coming!" I say to my belly as I give it some semi hard popping slaps.

I stand up and feel my belly droop.

(Ohh! Mmmm So wonderful being a fatty... I love oinking like a good princess... Mmhh... I want more fat. I NEED more fat. Can't wait to be fatter. Thicker. So juicy and jiggly! I WILL get fatter. Just watch me) I think to myself.

I gaze around the kitchen again and stop when I see the fridge.

"Hmm... I am pretty thirsty after all those brownies. How about you baby? I think you need some Sally milk!" I say to my belly as I rub it. Sally milk of course is what I nickname heavy whipping cream, my favourite.

I grab the two cartons of Sally milk and pour them into a my custom MegaJuice shake cup, which can hold up to 8 litres of shake.

(Hmm, what do I wanna dope this up with today? I'm feeling pretty wild tonight. Maybe I will do something crazy!) I think to myself.

I ponder for a bit.

"I know!" I exclaim out loud excitedly.

I grab chocolate syrup, two sticks of butter, and a jug of shortener.

(Ohhh! This is going to be so thick, fattening, and nummie!) I think to myself, as I start to become very excited and my heartbeat picks up again.

I melt the butter and shortener in the nuker and then mix the butter into the shake cup with the Sally Milk. I then pour in a heap of chocolate syrup and finally, I dump in the entire jug of shortener.

(Ohhh, this is kinda hard to stir... Its so thicc! Mmm! This is going to be so luciously nummie!!) I think to myself, barely being able to contain my excitement as I stir the shake.

"Uh oh baby! Lookie what I got here for you! Get ready... oh... your about to be soooo oinked!" I say to my belly in a sensual way, as I rub her.

I have such a warm sensation come over me, at the same time as a rush of excitement. My heartbeat is so hard.

(I can't wait to get this in my belly! I'm so ready!) I think to myself.

"Here comes some special Sally milk baby! Oink! Oink!" I excitemtly say to my belly.

I quickly bring the top of the cup to my lips and tilt. I see the Sally milk slowly start to flow towards my lips.

(YES!... Come to me, my fat!) I think to myself.

The Sally milk begins to flow around my lips, and I take a deep suck and let my mouth fill up very full.

(Ohh! It's so thick and creamy! Ooh this is going to be so wonderful and fattening!) I think to myself.

I slowly take deep swallows and suck it down into my belly. It's so warm and lovely feeling.

(Mmm, so thick and heavy! I literally can feel it pouring into my belly! MORE! MORE!) I think to myself.

I sit there, slowly sucking in a gulp and then swallowing it. One after another. I sometimes slurp and I gently grunt as I oink that shake down.

(YES!... Ooh my belly is getting so swollen and tight! Ohh yeah, I WILL oink ALL of this! Oink Oink!) I think to myself.

I sit there and continue to guzzle, one swallow after another. My belly getting ever so tighter with each swallow. Suddenly, I hear a tearing sound, and then feel my belly start ripping through my gown. It forces its way out a split that started right around my belly button.

(Mmm.. That's a good girl! Grow baby, grow! I'm not done oinking yet!) I think to myself.

I don't stop guzzling. I want the whole shake in my belly and I will get it in my belly. I love my brownies... I guzzle one swallow after another but never feel too full. I just keep on going! With a final deep suck, I oink
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