Chapter 1 - marella

Marella called Mare was a young african american girl. She wasn't much different from everyone accept she was obese. When she was younger everyone would tease her about her weight. She wanted to get her revenge, badly. So she went on the deep deep dark web and found this site. Where people would pay thousands of dollars for stuffing videos and pics. So Mare decided to go back through a list of everyone who teased her
Samantha she had been walking by when she asked Mare if she could move her"obese body out the way" that was her very 1st victim
Everyone stopped teasing her after that. But she couldn't stop there. She had made $5000 off of Samantha and wanted more more.
So there came about like 90 people left on the list can't explain everyone. But basically she covered EVERYONE, but it was the beginning of her sophmore year and her school required activity of 1 sport a year. She couldn't focus on fattening up her last subject. She'd become a monster and had only 4 friends. She also had done insane things. When her parents wouldn't allow her to inherit her. 2 mil fortune she tried to fatten them up too. But she didn't know that her mother was pregnant with Tripelets and needed the money(not all of it of course). She also didn't realize that she hadn't know that is was a must to do 1 sport every year. She ended up having to do 2 sports that year. She knew she really didn't want to do 2 sports because of her parents weight So she tried to applied for a request to not have to do any sports. She did not realize that meant 2wice this year and 1nce every other year she would be put into the schools non-mandatory weight program. Meaning she did not have enough time to fatten someone up. She had a very long strategy that took about 3 months and required about 2 hours a day of jard work and dedication. So in the fall and winter of her sophomore year she'd have to go to a special room to eat where instead of dieting they out you in ittermitten fasting. I mean it did work and Mare lost about 130 lbs and was now only chubby. She also had to weight all the way till the spring to fatten her up. Yes it was her last subject All Mare had to do was fatten up her last subject and not gain 10 lbs and she could do bowling th rest of her high school year. And finally get her sweet revenge. The name of her final subject is. Drumroll plz...
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Karenjenk 3 years
I just found your story/
I gave it a like because of the concept.
You have an amazing idea for a story here.
My only problem with it is that you took realistic people in realistic situations and made the amount of food and WG unrealistic.
Bellybeep1000 4 years
Do you guys enjoy this story or not!