Slow and steady

chapter 1 - something new

Setting the last box down on the floor with a huff, Marie took a moment to look around her new home. Having just moved in with her boyfriend Charlie, she was excited to put the stress of the move behind her and enjoy her new life.

"Honey, a little help?"

Marie looked over to see Charlie struggling to fit through the door, his head almost smacking the door frame as the mounds of clothes in his hands began toppling to the floor, despite his best efforts to save them. Laughing, Marie went over to rescue him, stuffing as many items as she could carry in her arms and moving to the bedroom as quickly as her legs could carry her.

Seeing the bedroom was just as much of a mess as the other parts of the house, Marie tossed the clothes in the vague direction of the closet before jumping onto the bed face-first, groaning from exhaustion.

"I never want to move again," she mumbled into the mattress before flopping over onto her back, hand resting on her stomach. Here, she idly traced shapes into her tummy, just taking in the room and breathing a huge sigh of relief at being done for the day. And she was starving.

"Babe, can I use your laptop? I'm in the mood for a movie and I'm desperate for takeout"

"Sure, it's under the bed! Card number's saved"

Giddy with excitement, she rummaged around until she felt the cool, sleek build of his laptop in her hands. After punching in the password, she quickly looked up the closest Chinese restaurant in the area, opening up menu after menu and salivating at all of the choices. Having to deal with the stress of moving meant that Marie had forgotten to eat any proper meals for the day, and at this point everything and anything looked perfect.

"Hmmm what to get, what to get" she thought to herself, eyes roaming the page as her stomach growled.

"There, there, it'll be here soon" she giggled softly to herself, patting her stomach and watching it jiggle ever so slightly. Frowning, she grabbed what little pudge she had in her hands and squished it together, furrowing her brow. At 5'4", 130 pounds, and with a relatively small yet athletic build, Marie had never really experienced what it was like to have anything more than the occasional food belly or thigh chaffing that came with the end of summer.

"I guess the move has been a lot more stressful than I thought..." she mumbled, poking at the small belly fat she had managed to store over the past month. "Oh well," she shrugged, turning back to the screen in front of her and her full cart of three deluxe chef specials, fried rice, miso soup, and crab rangoons. "I'll just work it off when I get back into my routine." Satisfied with her order, Marie wiggled happily on the bed, excited for the feast that awaited her. Now for that movie...

Eyes wandering back to the screen, Marie closed the window only to find herself face to face with a video of some sort. Glancing upwards, it seemed that Charlie had forgotten to close a few tabs on his laptop. Curious, she moved the cursor and clicked, wondering if maybe he had been watching something that they could finish together while they ate. After all, she was in the mood for a movie anyway.

In front of her was a pretty blonde woman on a couch wearing a tight baby-doll top and a small set of shorts, surrounded by boxes of donuts and smiling mischievously into the camera. Her hands moved to caress the swell of her stomach and the curves of her thighs, accentuated by the pinch of the shorts just underneath her bellybutton. Laying on her side, the woman began to talk about her day, mentioning what she had eaten and what she had gained over the past week while absentmindedly eating from the boxes of sweets in front of her. Marie couldn't tear her eyes away; was this what she thought it was? Fascinated, Marie continued to watch, noticing how cute the girl's outfit was, how tight it seemed around her round frame, and how happy she seemed as she ate. "I wonder if Charlie wants me to do something like this" she mused, eyes glued to the screen.

"Hey so have you placed that order y-" Charlie called, walking into the bedroom before freezing in place as his eyes landed on the screen in front of Marie, now at a close up of the girls stomach on full display as she continued to talk and stuff herself with the sugary sweets. Eyes wide and blush steadily forming across his cheeks, Charlie slowly walked towards his girlfriend and closed the laptop, sheepishly looking at Marie.


Sitting back in bed, Marie smiled playfully.

"Charlie has a thing for chubby girls~"

Marie's smile only got wider upon hearing Charlie's sharp intake of breath, watching as his eyes dilated ever so slightly. Shaking his head, he looked at her, both confused and cautiously...excited.

"Wait, you don't mind?"

Crawling towards him to wrap her arms around his slender waist, Marie nuzzled her boyfriend's chest, giggling.

"Well, I can't say that I hate the concept. You know I love food. I just didn't know you'd be into...wait, what exactly are you into?"

Clearing his throat, Charlie begins. "Um, I guess, uh...the whole like, weight gain thing? Like, the process of it. I really like seeing the changes, or the measurements, or you know, photos and stuff. I find it hot" Marie nods at this, taking in this new information.

"Now I know why our sex life has been so much more heated after the holidays." At this, Charlie looked away, awkwardly laughing at the truth of the statement.

"What can I say, you look really good with a little extra weight." A moment of silence settles in before Marie looks up at Charlie.

" want to try it? With me?"

"Wait, what?" Charlie just blinks, still not comprehending the situation.

"I said, do you want to try it? Making me gain?" Marie gestured towards herself at this. "Not exactly much to work with but who knows in a few months"

Hesitant, Charlie looks into Marie's eyes for confirmation. "Are you sure about this, Honey? Like, this is a lifestyle change, not just an eating change. You're not just doing this for my sake right? Because this is a really big thing and I totally get it if you're not actually interested and the fact that you are even willing to do this much is beyond amazing but I need to know, are you fully ok with this?"

Looking at her boyfriend, Marie thinks a bit more about the video. The girl looked so happy, and there was something sensual about seeing her curves accentuated by the small clothes and the softness of her silhouette. Being able to just not worry about food seemed like a blessing, especially after having to deal with the chaos of moving, and she had never had any hangups with her weight or body image before. And seeing how excited it made Charlie? A complete bonus.

Kissing him softly on the nose, Marie touched her forehead to his.

"Yeah, why not? Who knows maybe I'll love having a little belly of my own to play with" she teased, smile growing wider as she noticed Charlie's body stiffen at her casual commentary. Groaning, he hid is face in her neck.

"Fuck, you're so hot."

Marie smirked. "Damn right. And just imagine what I'll look like when I start gaining that little bit of extra fluff. I bet you can't wait to make me your own chubby girl, can you?" Growling, Charlie grabs her hands and pushes her into the mattress, kissing her passionately.

"It seems like I'm not the only one excited about this, hmm"

Just then, the couple hears a knock at the door, followed by a growl of protest from Marie's own stomach. Playtime was over; the hunger was here, and she was ready. Shoving him off, Marie quickly scrambled to the doorway to retrieve her gifts.

"Sexy girlfriend later, hungry girlfriend now!"

Charlie shook his head, smiling as he tried to catch up to his excited girlfriend.

"Can't a man have both?"
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Theswordsman 4 years
I wonder how far they'll go
Jazzman 4 years
Nice plot and nicely written
Karenjenk 4 years
reallly good start.
I hope you keep going!