Snippets of another life

chapter 1 - getting home

"Finally, home." I think to myself as I drive into the driveway of our home. I hoist myself out of the car, waddle inside, kick of my shoes and plop down on the couch. My forehead looks a little sweaty and I'm breathing heavy from the 'exercise'. At least that's what my wife has been calling what should be simple things for a normal sized person. I gladly surrendered to it though, it gave me an excellent excuse to minimize those activities. As I'm recovering my wife walks into the living room from the kitchen, wearing just an apron and lingerie. She bends down, gives me a kiss and ask me how my day was. "Fine, just exhausting." I reply, "what's that amazing smell coming from the kitchen honey?" I ask her with a wink. She squeezes my belly and says, "wait and see big boy, I'll be done in a few minutes." As she sets half a dozen donuts next to me as an appetizer. I greedily bite into the first donut as I see her beautiful plump butt gently bounce back into the kitchen. She sure loves to tease me I think to myself, smiling.

I'm barely finished with the donuts when she comes back with a tray that all but fills the coffee table. On it are some of my favorites, steak and gravy, mashed potatoes, sauteed vegetables, onion rings, garlic bread, a few beers, enough to feed a family of 4 easily. My eyes widen a bit and my mouth starts watering. "That looks delicious babe!" I say hungrily. She sits down next to me and starts to feed me large forkfuls of steak, "eat up big boy, it's all for you, I already had my share". I look at her belly and it looks stuffed indeed. She must have been snacking while cooking all day. You see, although my wife started as the feeder in our relationship, her love for food and my love for bbws has caused her to grow quite plump as well. It has even led to us to switch roles occasionally. She weighed 190 pounds when we met and I'm not sure how much she weighs right now, but my best guess is that she's at least 240 pounds and it looks great on her small 5'4" frame. Thick thighs, wide hips, a big butt, plump belly and a pair of very large breasts, she's an absolute knock out hourglass and I can't keep my hands of her. A thing she knows and uses to her full advantage when it comes to her feeder side ...

As for me, I've always been a bit bigger, but when she confessed to me she wanted me to grow I was thrilled. For years I had fantasies to grow bigger, and I had purposely eaten myself to a good 250 pounds by the time I met her already. At 5'10", I wasn't huge, but definitely chubby. This was two years ago and needless to say I've gained a few. Last month's weigh in revealed me to be 355 pounds, surpassing her initial goal of 350 by 5 pounds. We were both thrilled and we celebrated with a huge feast, followed by the best overstuffed love-making night of both our lives. In the sexual frenzy and romantic aftermath she confessed she wouldn't mind even more of me, and I confessed I wanted the same, as well as more of her. She looked hesitant at first, but soon confessed she loved being bigger and world happily grow along with me.

"Ready for dessert?" My wife asks as snap out of my little flashback. The tray in front of me is empty, my belly is out on full display, stuffed to the brim by my wife who is proudly rubbing it. I'm suddenly incredibly turned on when I realize I ate everything she put in front of me in less than an hour. My wife looks at me sensually. Her cleavage is resting on my shoulder and overflowing her bra, her thighs touch mine and her belly is resting on her lap. "Damn you're sexy" I whisper in her ear, "but I'm not sure I could eat another bite.". She gets up and straddles my belly as she sits on what's left of my lap. "Are you sure, I think you have some room in there" she says as she squeezes my love handles. She knows I can't resist her even if I tried. "Maybe I could just sample a little bite ..."

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Voluptuouslover 5 years
Great start....definitely you should continue with this story.

Being that they are both gaining can use some love making challenges because there big bellies get in the way as well as there stamina isn’t good anymore.
Miam14 5 years
Super tres bon debut continue comme ça