The dancer's conflict

Chapter 1 - the introduction of rachel

Rachel is an elite Irish dancer with several championship medals and trophies under her belt. She's 19 years old and has been dancing since she was 5; '5"10, dark hair and amazing blue eyes, she's always had everyone's attention (whether it was warranted or not). Freckly fair skin, a smile to die for and a practically impossible body: almost completely symmetrical D cups, faint abs, legs powerful enough to put a dragon in a coma and a perfectly sculpted peachy ass.

This life of constant performance and needing to be in peak condition has come with costs however; every meal has to be balanced and measured to maintain muscle mass and near-perfect health to ensure her maximum amount of effort can be given every day she trains and competes (which can be up to 6 times a week). Not too mention her social life suffers for it as well; her friends are all dancers she knows from class. Every friendship outside it has fizzled out due to her commitment to her sport leaving very little time for real socialising, connections to people from other, completely different worlds to hers. She doesn't mind this of course, her mind is solely dedicated to winning the World Championship (or at least reaching the podium).

This lack of diverse human connection has also meant little interaction with boys as well, as most of the boys she has contact with are younger than her. Like, Year 7/Freshman young. So no luck there. The guys in her age group aren't much more of an option either. "They're just competition", Rachel tells herself, and she goes about in a politely competitive manner, extending not much further than congratulations, thank you's, etc. But hormones being hormones she can't help noticing all the guys are as fit and skilled as her (it's a pretty big turn on); so when that pain of sexual anguish becomes too much to bear, she finds somewhere private and does what she needs to do. This doesn't happen often since although it feels amazing it leaves her feeling lethargic afterwards (that means out of energy, basically), which detracts from her training, which means she feels guilty about not putting in "MAXIMUM EFFORT" (She's a slight Deadpool fan), which thusly ruins her mood for the day *at least*.

This elite athlete mindset has led her to despising every delicious food under the sun; burgers, curries, pizza, chocolate (fucking CHOCOLATE?), basically anything that had an excessive amount of anything in it. Although, whenever Rachel does happen to pass somewhere serving any of these, her well-toned belly rumbles with the desire to just know what it tastes like but, once again she suppresses her desires and keeps on carrying on. Despite the fact that she keeps remembering every bit of the scent she'd experienced earlier in the day, even after one of her pre-programmed, well balanced meals her stomach yearns for more. She drifts off to sleep with her tummy still growling for something new...
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Jack-Elray 4 years
So far so good.
Interested to see where you take this.