The empress�s kink

Chapter 1 - arrival on amazon lily

After the Straw Hat Pirates are defeated and separated at the hands of Bartholomew Kuma in Sabaody Archipelago, Luffy is sent flying over the ocean due to Kuma's powers. "Damn it!!! Zoro! Nami! Usopp! Sanji! Chopper! Robin! Franky! Brook! Where did my crew disappear to?!!!" Luffy shouted loudly in desperation and anguish. Seeing his crew members vanish right in front of him one by one had taken its toll on the young captain. "I'll never forgive that bear-looking guy! Just how far am I gonna be flying over the sea?! Maybe... everyone didn't disappear exactly... and they're flying too?" He pondered out loud. As the captain flew across the sea for hours, he eventually fell asleep and a snot bubble inflated up and down while he was snoring.

*Pop* The paw-print shaped bubble that carried Luffy popped like a balloon and a sleeping Luffy fell from the sky and onto the ground, leaving a huge paw-print like crater on the ground. The impact from the fall caused him to slowly wake up and view his surroundings. From his view, it looked like he was in the middle of a forest. "Hm? ....I'm alive...!!" The energetic rubber man exclaimed as a humongous, ominous boar approached him. "It looks like I'm alive because I'm rubber. What the? This looks like a bear paw-print... I hope everyone's doing alright. Anyways, where is this... and where's Sabaody Archipelago...? Ah! That's right. I got the Vivre Card! Great! Everyone got one! Okay! I'm going back! Somehow, I'm going back and I'll definitely meet up with everybody again!" The Vivre Card in his hand moved slightly forward. "That way."

Luffy immediately sprinted forward with the boar chasing behind him. As he did, he thought back to how easily his crew was defeated at the hands of Kuma. "As we are now, we couldn't beat him!! So, we had to run from those marines!! I couldn't even... save one of my crewmates!!!" Luffy exclaimed right before he screamed out in anguish. "NUGAAA!! O-Ow! What's this... A dead end?! But the card went this way..." Luffy fell back onto the ground, completely drained of energy after using his Gear 3rd: Giant Pistol to unsuccessfully smash his way forward. "Didn't work... I'm hungry... Sanji, food! ...Oh, he's not here." Luffy then looked over at the giant boar who had begun to shake in fear.

A trail of smoke was visible from the top of the trees. Down below, Luffy had cooked and eaten the boar, causing his rubber belly to bloat. "That was great!! Haa... I remember doing this a long time ago..." The big-bellied captain found a mushroom growing right next to him as he laid back on a tree. "Ah! More food!" Luffy foolishly shoved the mushroom into his mouth and swallowed. He immediately found more mushrooms and began to consume them all.

Sometime later, a trio of women named Marguerite, Sweet Pea and Aphelandra happen upon Luffy's unconscious, fat body which is covered in mushrooms. "Wha...What is this?!! Is it even human?!!" Marguerite exclaimed. "Maybe, she's a kid from the village. I don't know because of all these mushrooms growing..." Sweet Pea added. Marguerite pulled a mushroom off Luffy's body and said, "It's this! Look at this mushroom she ate. It's a 'grow on the body' mushroom! If you eat it, mushrooms grow on your body! It's horrible! If we just leave them be, she'll die! Aphelandra! Take this child to the village! Let's hurry!" "Yes ma'am!" Aphelandra responded.
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Saintbeter 4 years
Please continue the story
BootyProotie 5 years
What if they were the Amazons were looking for the famous treasure one bite a feast of like unlimited food
BootyProotie 5 years
Nice so curious of the future of our beloved captain