The fattening hotel

chapter 1

After finishing college Michelle and Haley decide to take a 3 month all inclusive trip on the gulf coast of Florida. They meet at the air port, Michelle a beautiful thin 5'7" blonde women with a firm bubble butt runs up to her friend and college roommate Haley a gorgeous 5'4" red head with curves in all the right places. They both are extremely excited to begin their summer adventure together. Michelle full of excitement exclaims "I can't wait to get there for the all you can eat and drinks while just getting to relax on the beach!" Haley giggled at her stating "well just be mindful of what you eat it could take a toll on your figure, unlimited food for three months!" Michelle just laughed replying "oh it'll be fine I have a fast metabolism, plus we both know where my weight goes." Michelle smiles smacking her perfectly round ass that is barely covered by her tight little shorts. She did think "gaining a little wouldn't be terrible maybe I could finally grow boobs like Haley." She thinks to her self looking to her rather busty friend. They both board the plane and head to Florida. The get off the plane both so excited and can hardly wait to get to their room and change into their bikinis. They Uber from the airport and pull up to their hotel a 8tory five star resort right on the beach. They get out and are met by a hotel staff that quickly takes their luggage to their room as the check in. As they are walking into the hotel the lobby is gorgeous and mixed with the smell of the ocean and the delicious buffet opposite thembince they are given their key cards and guest wrist bands to identify them for the pools, drinks and meals. Michelle hardly containing her excitement turns to Haley "I'm going to go get some of the delicious buffet! I haven't eaten anything since before we got to the airport this morning." Michelle skips towards the buffet humming before Haley can respond saying "ok.....I'll just head up to the room." Haley gets on the elevator and rides it up to the 5th floor where their stunningly beautiful ocean view room is. She gets to the room and opens the door to their king sweet. She notices that in their kitchen counter is a lovely welcome basket full of chocolate and little rum bottles. She takes it over to their balcony and begins eating the candy and drinking the little bottles of rum. While Haley is enjoying her sugar high and little buzz Michelle begins enjoys the delicious gourmet food the resort has to offer.
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Theswordsman 4 years
I wonder if they'll become more then friends