The magic cottage

chapter 1 - discovery

It seemed like I had walked through the forest for hours that day, but the sun was barely higher than the spring green trees when I stumbled upon a bright sunny valley, a grassy bank and a large pond to sit by. I put down my rucksack and lay back in the grass. I closed my eyes to the sun and listened to the hum of insects buzzing around me. The soft honey-like scent of meadow sweet drifted across and I inhaled deeply. With that my belly let out a large grumble, it was time to eat. That morning I had cut wide slices of fresh bread and covered them in thick salty butter, I'd packed fat slices of ham and a great wedge of cheese. All of this I had wrapped in a napkin and placed in my bag. On top I had placed one, no two, no three slabs of honey cake, thick and gooey so that I had to lick my fingers just putting them into their box. Next to them I had placed a flask of cool, fresh milk so creamy I wondered if there was any milk in the flask at all, and some freshly baked chocolate cookies, for, who can drink milk without cookies? To be healthy I hid deep in the bottom of my rucksack a ruby red apple. I had brought with me enough for my lunch and a little extra for the return. But on that fine June day my stomach growled so loudly I suspected it would startle the gentle woodland creatures watching me from the shade of the forest. I set out my napkin and admired the fine meal I placed on it. But soon enough all that remained were crumbs and that strong smell (was it stronger now?) of meadow sweet, but now it was mixed with other more intoxicating smells of sugar and spice. I lay on my back feeling replete. A loud grumble issued from my belly once again. During the course of the meal I had undone my shorts and she was exposed and fat and full. I rubbed it tenderly.
'No more for you I'm afraid.' The growl came back again and I felt the pangs of hunger. I propped myself up as best I could on one arm and looked in my empty back pack. Perhaps a few drops of honey still clung to its interior? And then I saw the apple sitting there, untouched.
'Here we go. Something good for you to finish!'
Somehow the apple tasted sweeter than any apple I had tasted before. For a while it suffused my belly with a vague glow of contentment. But soon enough came another angry growl as the valley became dense with the sweet smell of honey. Where was it coming from? Although I was almost too full to stand and definitely too full to re-do my shorts I decided to explore and find the source of these delightful scents. Maybe there would be berries that I could snack on. I put my shorts in my back pack, for it was a very warm day and my tee-shirt was almost long enough to seem like a dress. Letting it all hang out, I headed to the source of these delicious heady smells.
Almost immediately I spied a chimney with smoke pluming lazily toward the blue sky. How had I not noticed this before? The chimney belonged to a tiny cottage nestled amongst the trees. A small path picked itself out of the grass and undergrowth and lead me to the door. Curious, I knocked and the door was opened by a cheery, rosy cheeked old woman.
'My dear! Do come in!' she smiled, overjoyed at seeing me, 'Do come in and take a rest for a while!'
Indeed, I was still rather hot and worn out from the mornings exertions and the cottage seemed so cool and inviting. But it was the intoxicating smells emanating from her kitchen that drew me in.
'Come and sit a while, perhaps you'd like a little something to eat? I've been baking all morning and have no one to share it with.' The dear old thing, I thought, it really would be rude to refuse. My stomach growled an eager reply and I tried to sound less hungry than I was by saying, 'Well, if you are sure, maybe just a little something.'
Immediately her face lit with glee.
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