The oasis

chapter 1

Rome 100 AD

"She shows promise", I said, circling the girl. Penelope had been brought here by her harried mother, a woman with 12 children she couldn't feed, and three jobs. Penelope was around 19 or 20 and plump. She showed signs of growing into a fat woman with ease.

I pressed my hand against her belly and squeezed. She made a little noise and jumped.

"Relax", I said, smiling.

"Sit still!" her mother sniped at her, "Don't be a bother to Lady Livia." She smiled warily at me.

"It's no problem", I said. I was powerful. It felt good. "You were right to bring her to me", I said, grabbing the girl's breasts and squeezing. "She shows all the signs of easily becoming one of my piggies. You know what I do right?"

They all did. There were twice as many slaves in Rome as there were free citizens, each slave marked with a tattoo, identifying who they are, and to whom they belong. There were many slave markets, some specializing in certain kinds of slaves. A few specializing in fat ones. And that was what I did.

But my slave market, or "pig farm" as it was occasionally called, was well known as the best, cleanest, and kindest, and the only one run by the daughter of a powerful general, with the emperor's good will. While there were other markets, some owners were malicious, some sadists, and some just in it for the money, but I cared for every one of them.

"Fat slaves are popular with a certain type of customer, and valued as gifted lovers. We're kind and compassionate to all our pigs, but what owners do with their slaves after they're purchased, you understand we can't control right?" I asked.

"Of course", her mother sniffed. "Is it true, there are people who...erhm...?"

"Yes", I said, not mentioning that there were those who enjoyed the taste of freshly roasted fat, not in front of the girl. In times of poverty and famine, the common people despised the fat. In times of plenty, they were considered a luxury. Either way, they certainly couldn't win. But as an owner of the "pig farm", I could. It was hard to be a woman, dependent on my father for everything. But business was a kind of independence all my own, and I took advantage of my rank, and sold purposely fattened slaves to the rich.

"But, she's young, I'm taking her under my wing, nothing will happen to her. She'll become one of my ladies."

Her mother smiled. "I can't thank you enough", she gushed.

"Don't worry, we'll take good care of her. Would you like to come with me Penelope?" I asked, and the girl blushed prettily. So innocent. A virgin no doubt, I could tell. She'd make me a mint on the open market, but I was well known among the mothers in town as a woman who would protect those brought to me early.

Mother and daughter hugged, wiping away tears. "Be a good girl, and obey Lady Livia in all things" her mother said, "And...I'm sorry. I'm so sorry."

I paid the woman 500 Sesterii for her chubby daughter, more money than she'd likely seen in her life, and then she turned and ran.

"No need to be sorry", I called, "She'll be safe with me."

I put my arm around the girl and led her to my covered litter. I'd brought along more than twice the muscular men needed to carry me, not knowing how big she'd be.

"Have you ever been to the city?" I asked.

"No ma'am", she answered, shaking.

"Relax, Penelope, and you can call me Lady Livia."

The outskirts of the city were dirty and dangerous. Hungry children, damaged homes, naked people was frightening. We rode through quickly. Much of the population lived in poverty.

Slowly, the neighborhood changed. There were bigger homes, clean, happy looking patricians.

At the top of one of the city's beautiful 7 hills, we came to a stop. The gates of The Oasis. The Oasis was my slave market and palace. There were 25 acres of grounds surrounding a one story palace that took up several city blocks. There were several fountains and hot tubs bubbling with volcano heated water outdoors filled with fat people, their bellies breaking the surface of the water. Most of them were naked. Flowers floated on top of the water, and many people were having their shoulders massaged with olive oil by some of the few slim slaves of mine. They were being pampered and indulged into growing fat enough to be interesting to my clientele.

I waved as I walked through the crowd. They waved back.

A woman was chained out front, with a crowd of men around her. She smiled and posed seductively. 510 pounds. I'd recently weighed her myself. Any bigger and she'd be for a very specific clientele indeed. The chains were not needed. Samsara was a bronzed goddess from Syria, who loved being fat almost as much as she loved being admired for it. If she hadn't have been born in slavery, she would have chosen it. She enjoyed being submissive and spoiled.

"Delicious!" a dark, mustached man yelled out. She would be sold to the highest bidder. What he wanted her for, was not my concern. Once they were out of my hands, they were out of my mind.

I waved to one of my ladies, and she came running over. "This is Penelope. She isn't to go in with the rest of the population, she'll be one of my body servants after she's been properly fattened. You can start feeding her right away."

"Pretty girl", the woman said.

Reddish hair and freckles. I swept her hair off her face, and kissed her cheek. She was pretty indeed. When she was a few years older, and many pounds fatter, I intended to thoroughly enjoy her myself.

I pulled the woman aside "She's old enough to pleasure, have the men touch her if it helps her gain."

She nodded.

"Lady Livia!" a couple of young boys ran over to me.

"Yes, yes, what's the hurry?' I called, ruffling their hair.

"Claudius, Lady Livia!"
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