The recordbreaker

Chapter 1 - 1. corpulex 7 challenge

It's been a very successful 15 years since the release of Corpulex 7 to the public. A whole niche industry popped up over the subsequent years to care for men and women who had elected to blow themselves up to ton plus masses of blubber. Since her successful proof of concept with test subject Pagie Sinclair, the creator of the famed formula had put a ring on her friend's finger and soon after set about blowing it off of her. Pagie's gains were the stuff of legend, in one short year she went from a reasonable 130 to a titanic 3,410 pounds. Photos circulated of Pagie for years as the model of how far Corpulex allowed interested people to go with their fantasies. Far as the community was concerned it was an unbeatable record of unrelenting gluttony from the very creators of the substance itself.

As it often goes however the Corpulex company had found their sales had all but stagnated and company management agreed they needed a shot in the arm of publicity to drive new sales. Corpulex would host an open competition to anyone interested; certify your starting weight with them and try to beat Pagie's one-year weight gain record. The grand prize for anyone who managed would be to have their year's Corpulex purchases and the year's food bills paid off the by company, as well as a thousand dollars per pound over Pagie's 3,280 pounds gained in one year. It was in reading an announcement of this competition that Jim thought of his husband Patrick. For years they had considered the drug but decided against it; putting money away for their house had been a far more practical decision than mega fatness, then it was replacing the car, and then remodeling the house... sensible things but not what either of them dreamed of. Pat had thought for years he was too skinny, but anytime he tried to gain, overeating at every chance the fat never seemed to show and as fast as their bank statements fell it would go by the wayside yet again and his weight had never passed the 200 pound mark.

Jim thought about his love's desire, and how much he enjoyed the prospect of having a big mound of husband to come home to and decided this could be their chance. Patrick was overjoyed at the prospect and quickly made arrangements to take a yearlong sabbatical from his work which would help cover some of the costs of their endeavor. They signed up with Corpulex corporate and within a week a regional distributor was sent out to them for the certification and to hand over their box which had all the Corpulex 7 they'd need for the year. Patrick was weighed in at 195 pounds and after administering the first dose they were given the exact time and date he'd be back in a year to check on them. Patrick felt no different, he'd always expected the drug to give him an insatiable appetite. Pat dug into the mountain of food Jim had purchased. While he wasn't feeling especially starved he was certainly impressed with himself after putting away an extra large from their favorite pizzeria. Something he'd never managed before. He continued onto a serving tray sized lasagna and small mountain of cheese sticks, getting a respectable way through them both before finally calling the quits for the night. They got him off the couch and once in bed Patrick loved the stuffed feeling especially after an extended tummy rub provided some relief.
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Kiara 3 years
A mí generalmente no me gusta las historias con engordado tan extremo, pero la tuya como la sacaban me gustó mucho
Wooper 6 years
This is so awesome! I love your stuff on and hope to see more from you in the future!
Feedfig 6 years
This is literally the greatest story I've ever read and I'm so envious of Patrick! I want to be the 13,500 lbs blob! Then aim for 15,000.