Growing out

Chapter 1

When I was a kid I wanted to be fat, not just big but awe-inspiringly large. I was big as a kid, always made fun of on the playground for having a little belly, not that I minded, I made my own lunches and I knew that what I was eating was less than healthy but I didn’t mind, I liked that I was too big even then, when we were supposed to run a mile I couldn’t even jog. I used to stuff pillows under my clothes, imagining what I’d look like if I were bigger. When I hit college I was a porker, the meal plan I had let me hit the 24 diner whenever I felt like it and that was as often as I wanted to fill my now sizeable belly. I was somewhere above 350 when I was a freshman, I couldn’t say for sure because my scale at home only went that high. I did know by that point where my tastes lay, I was hungry for not only food but a nice sausage as well if you catch my drift. It was weird at first, I felt isolated, alone in that I had this strange desire to be fat, fatter even since I was already quite the porker. I discovered online that there were others like me, that I was what some called a gainer, someone who ate with the intent of getting bigger. Though many wanted to simply end up at 300-400 I knew that would never satisfy me, I wanted to be a pile of lard, an utterly huge hog who took his gargantuan meals in bed, physically unable to get up under the weight of my own gluttonous behavior. I made fast friends with guys who were interested in the prospect of watching someone like me expand, and they enjoyed it when I told them of how much I consumed that night, or what my newest weigh in was at the local post office where they had a scale that they let me use.

After college I found myself quite close to 450, by this point I would be considered quite large by most people’s standards but to me I felt puny, my weighty belly had begun to sag and I enjoyed the feeling of all that fat piled in one place, my waistline being quite expansive and my ass being the desires of quite a few guys I knew. I liked the idea of being a pig, and had to figure out a career to help me meet the goal of gaining plenty of weight. I had a degree in graphic arts so I started doing website design for a good company, it kept me in a chair for most of the day, not much I needed to do required any more than minute movements of my hands so I had plenty of ability to eat at my desk. There was nothing I enjoyed more than my standard workday, I’d come in with two dozen doughnuts from my favorite shop, they had a hot box of their glazed rounds ready for me every morning when I went in to pick it up, I’d eat the first dozen of them with a carton of whole milk on the drive to the office, the other half in the first hour or two, depending on how loudly my ponderously large tummy rumbled. I’d work for an hour or two on whatever needed my time, letting my belly digest it’s calorie laden breakfast before I’d move onto my mid-morning snack, usually a large sub sandwich or something easy to eat. I was given a 2 hour lunch which I used to hit a local restaurant for several lunch specials. There was a pizza place that did all you could eat pizza by the slice, I’d spend the entire time eating right by the register and getting more food, when I started by job I could only knock out maybe 8-10 slices before I was full, but after a year I was up to 20 or so, every time my belly felt so stuffed full, I could hardly get up to go back to work. Most people in my office found me strange, I was the big man in the office to begin with and after a year of eating I outgrew my chair among other things. I started the job wearing jeans that had actual measurements to them, 56 waist pants and a 4 or 5xl shirt, but I found that replacing my clothing was impractical as frequently as I had to do it, my fat ass just kept getting bigger and bigger.
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Giantjay 13 years
I also love extreme weightgain stories, and this one was great! Hope to see more like it. Great work, and thanks for posting it!
Dcpsherry 13 years
I have a few stories but all of them are half finished. I'm terrible when it comes to writing in that it takes forever for me to get ideas down right.
Growrnshowr 13 years
LOVE extreme growth stories! This one pushed all the right buttons!! Thanks smiley