The weekend

chapter 1

As she pulled the car to the curb outside his house, she went to unlock her seatbelt, then changed her mind. No, no, no, it was not okay to be chubby. She was a tad more than chubby these days. It was certainly not okay to agree to spend the weekend at his summer home "being fattened up." And she didn't know this guy in person, she could hear her parents and her friends now "he's probably a psycho killer", "you heard about that girl on Craig's List who got cut up into little pieces right?"

She took a deep breath. She'd met Brandon a month and a half ago on one of those fat fantasy websites. They had talked, they had shared their life stories, painful pasts, and an online or over-the-phone orgasm or two, but meeting up was entirely different. She pictured his gorgeous face and muscular body in her head. She trusted him.

"Knock, knock!" She looked up with an audible shriek as she saw him knocking on her window. "You okay?" he chuckled.

"Fine, fine", she laughed, turning bright red.

"Don't worry", he said, opening the door for her. "I'm a gentlemen, and as the feeder and dominant you know you're my responsibility right? I'd cut off my hand before I used it to hurt you."

She smiled and his blue eyes twinkled.

"You want me to help put some meat on these bones right?" he said, encircling her waist with his arms. "My, my, you're thick", he whispered against her ear. "But I can make you a real butterball."

She was shaking.

"Relax! You're my girl, you know that right? I want ready for some fun?" he asked and she nodded.

She shrieked again as he swooped her up in his strong, highly muscled arms and carried her through the door. "Stop, I'm too heavy you'll hurt yourself!" she yelled.

"You're light as a feather, I'll be carrying you around, baby, when you're twice your size", he answered, kissing her on the cheek and setting her down.

"So soft and round", he purred, rubbing her tummy, "You're the perfect woman, child-bearing hips, big boobs, thick thighs, a plump round belly...I want babies from you, baby", he hissed.

She was tingling, stinging actually, uncontrollably between her legs. She had to have him. She had to be his.

"I want you to ask me to stop if anything hurts - now remember there will be some belly pain sweetheart-- from stuffing, but otherwise, tell me if you don't like anything, anything at all, for any reason, otherwise, let me guide you, I'm your dom, your man, your protector. Can I have you? Will you be my woman?", he asked, burying his face in her belly, "I have to have you."

"Yes", she squeaked out.

Without another word, he took her hand and led her to a table, already set up with flowers and candles. "Been cookin for days", he confessed. He brought out pasta with meat sauce, cream, peas, and pancetta.

"Just eat how you normally would", he urged.

Self consciously she helped herself to the delicious meal. "I feel kind of funny actually eating in front of you", she said.

"You've eaten in front of me on skype, and saw how hard it made me", he said, "You've got me, sweetheart, I think you know that, you're in control here which I probably shouldn't tell you", he laughed.

She cleaned one plate, and he filled it again. She cleaned the second plate.

"Let me feel, my tubby angel", he said, kneeling by her chair, and feeling her tummy.

She jumped and sucked in. God, this was weird, she knew she needed to lose weight, it was wrong to feel this way, but she was burning burning burning....

"Don't do that", he begged, "Let it out, expand into my hand." She let out a breath and her plump belly expanded into his hands.

He sighed. "Good girl, good piglet...time for me to feed you..."

"But I'm pretty full", she objected. He went to the kitchen and returned with a box.

"That's when it gets fun", he said, picking her up again and she giggled. He carried her to the sofa. They both lay down, him behind her, holding her on his lap, he reached around, easy access to play with her belly.

"A round soft globe", he moaned. He produced a box from a bakery with a devil's food inside.

"Oh piece", she said.

"Of course", he answered.

She said nothing until she was on her third. "I really can't eat anymore, Brandon..."

"For me, please, try, I know you can do it baby, I know you want to me mine, I know you want me to fatten you up..."

He body jerked in lust.

He laughed, "Good girl, you really do want this, love this..." He went back and forth between kissing her lips and her belly.

"Let's get these clothes off you", he said, and popped open her pants, her fat swollen belly spilling out.

"Luscious!" he cried, "What a butterball, you're so round, girl."

She blushed again.

"Don't blush around me", he said, kissing her everywhere, "I'm going to be the father of your children, and I'm going to see and touch and kiss every inch of you...but I have to warn you, I'm going to make you fat, piglet...I'm going to pamper you and protect you and keep you safe and full and fat the rest of your life..."

She grabbed him unable to take it anymore, struggling to his pants off.

"Slow down, piglet", he crooned, "I know you want to you cum, baby, you're wet from me hand feeding you. Think of how much fun we'll have..."

He lifted her up and she sank down on him, his big hard cock sinking into his beloved soft marshmallow.

"How much do you weigh?" he asked, jiggling her up and down on him.

", 215", she said.

"300 by summer, butterball", he said and she came hard, unable to deny what she wanted any longer.

"I'm going to make you cum 50 times a day", he promised, "Now open wide..." Another piece of cake.

They lay back in exhaustion and she patted her belly. His body jerked as he spilled again, this time all over her.

"I'm sorry! I'm sorry...I just have a thing for it again..." he moaned.

Shocked by her own power, she patted her belly again. "Oof, I'm a happy satisfied fat girl", she said, "But I'll need you again soon, to make the ache between my legs stop, and I don't know how to say this...but I think I'm hungry again..."

He came again.
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EbonGL 8 years
Excellent! The spelling errors will be improving, yes?
Sweetsally 8 years
God, that's hot stuff...
GrowingLoveH... 8 years
As always, you write very well -- very compelling erotic stuff here! And looks like you can handle female weight-gain as well as male!
Fatrnfatr 8 years
As usual, a heartfelt, sexy and imaginative story. Thank you for this holiday blessing - may all your wishes come true!
Ateitall 8 years
WOW, thank you! I needed this. You're always amazing. smiley