The wrong boat

Chapter 1 - [1] too late

Belle heard the bench creak loudly as she sat down carefully, she was angry with her parents. Whilst her friends and every other teenager was enjoying their summer break, she had been forced to join a weight loss program. The only bright side was it's a cruise... Belle was spoiled her whole life, she never had to lift a finger around the house and she ate whatever and whenever she pleased. Because of this the girl had gone from thin to fat to obese to morbidly obese in the 18 years she was alive. Her doctor always remarked how most girls her size couldn't get out of bed or do anything for themselves. This scared Belle's parents, and they set up a weight loss cruise for their precious daughter right away.

Belle had never been happy with her weight. She hated being too big to participate in gym, she hated being isolated from the other girls for her size and no boy wanted a whale for a girlfriend. Although she despised her body, she loved food more. In fact, she was addicted to eating. She stuffed her bag full of candy at school and snacked during all of her lessons. Her private school had a McDonald's inside of it, which she ordered hundreds of dollars worth of food from every week. Despite her protests against her parents sending her on the cruise, they wouldn't budge on the idea of a simple gym membership, as they had tried that before. Belle was too lazy to go to the gym, and she knew she wouldn't be punished by her pushover parents. Because of their usually submissive behaviours, Belle was even more shocked to not get her own way.

After tossing a fistful of chocolates into her mouth, Belle interrupted her thoughts by double checking her second suitcase. The suitcase contained nothing but food, although it would only last her a few days if she was at home, it was the most she could pack into it. "I suppose I'll have to ration my supplies," she sighed as she pulled her tailor made shirt over her belly. She was too big for normal clothes, so all of hers were specially made. She looked up to see a huge boat docked nearby, only fat people climbed onto it, from kids to teenagers to young adults, everyone there was heavy.
"I suppose that's my ride," Belle thought, she finished off her soda and climbed off of the bench after a great amount of effort. She waddled as fast as she could, and only just made it to the boat.

The man guarding the entrance didn't even bother to look at her ticket, "Rude," Belle thought, "He knows I have a ticket because I'm fat!" She was tempted to say something, but bit her tongue. She looked around the top deck and was surprised by how it looked. She expected gym mats and Olympic swimming pools and dumbbells, but hot tubs, snack stands and lounging mats were all she could see. Although it was a shock, Belle was perfectly fine with it. She suspected all of the workout stuff was below deck. A girl strolled up to her, smiling. She was thin, at least, compared to Belle. She had a double belly which wasn't covered at all by a bikini. Her thighs were plump and her ass was curvy. Her breasts spilled out of her bra and Belle couldn't help staring.
"Isn't this gonna be fun!" the girl made a bubbly giggling noise, which was too adorable for words, "I'm gonna get so fat on this cruise!"
"What? Aren't we here to lose weight?" Belle narrowed her brow.
"Of course not! This is the fat admiration cruise!" the girl replied confused. "Are you on the right-" she turned around and Belle was gone.

Just before Belle reached the path to the dock, the guard closed the gate and the boat made a loud noise to signal it was about to move. Belle tried to scream, but no noise came out. She looked at the guard in panic, before she could utter a word she fainted...
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EmilyMoon 4 years
Espere e veja LeandroAlex smiley
LeandroAlex 4 years

Mas e Mandy ela não está nessa viagem para engordar também ? E quando ela vai engordar.
Theswordsman 4 years
I hope they can continue thier relationship after the cruise ends
EmilyMoon 4 years
Thank you everyone smiley
FatPig4Feeding 4 years
More! This would be my fantasy! Keep writing!
Bradypig 4 years
This is delightful, please keep going!
EmilyMoon 4 years
I will smiley
EmilyMoon 4 years
Thank you smiley
Growingsofter 4 years
Great start