Chapter 1 - [1] assembly

"Wow, this is amazing!" Lizzie exclaimed to her friends as they approached the grand university they had all been accepted to. The walls were tall and sturdy, made of marble. The university looked like a castle, and the girls couldn't wait to see their rooms.
"I'm glad the food is free here," Sophie said, "I'm broke right now."
Lizzie was amused at how all of her friends seemed to have let themselves go after high school ended, unaware of how she had also grown in the summer. All of the girls were soft and chubby, but nowhere near fat.

Just as they entered the palace-like structure, they noticed large sign reading "New students wait here". The girls were excited to see their new rooms, but reluctantly stood in a line with some other girls. Nobody else there was from their high school, which was a relief. Everyone at their high school was judgemental and petty, this school was a new start. Eventually a young man appeared and welcomed the girls to the 'best university on Earth'. A few girls were giggling and purring at the sight of the teacher, he was muscular and attractive, but his eyes refused to wander. "Please follow me to the main hall, we will take attendance and go over the rules there." Groaning, the girls followed him.

"This is way more fun than seeing our dormitory," Lulu muttered sarcastically, brushing her fringe out of her eyes and pulling her shirt back over her stomach. The girls huddled together in the vast, empty room, impatiently glancing at the door.
"Greetings, ladies," the man smiled, "I'm Mr Thomas, one of the English teachers here. We will now take attendance."
Miraculously, everyone was there. Mr Thomas smiled and opened his arms to the crowd, "We don't have strict rules here, but we do work differently to most colleges..." He paused ominously. He read out obvious rules for what seemed like forever, Lizzie felt like she was in the 4th grade again. But finally Mr Thomas reached the 'unique' rules of the school.

"I need a volunteer," Mr Thomas scanned the room and pointed at a girl. She nervously approached him, a stupid grin on her face. She giggled and winked at the man, but he ignored her. "Sit here," he beckoned to a chair he stood next to, the girl did so. A loud noise made her jump from inside of the chair, "ONE HUNDRED AND FOURTY NINE POUNDS," it blared out. The girl went red and looked angrily at the teacher.
"Now, by the end of the term, every girl is expected to be fifty pounds heavier than they are at the beginning." The room was silent for a minute, a few girls then began to chuckle.
"I'm serious."
A gasp echoed throughout the hall... Lizzie and her friends stared at each other in shock. Suddenly the girl in the chair yelped, and when everyone turned their attention back to her, she was tied to the chair, struggling from the tight rope around her arms.
"I'm going to show you all what will happen if you refuse to follow our orders," Mr Thomas said gruffly, opening a large container beside him.
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