Chapter 1 - [1] double glazed donuts

Amy was blushing as she stared into the girl at the counters deep, blue eyes. She was so busy admiring her soft exterior and bubble butt, she had completely forgotten what she wanted to order! The girl waited patiently with a smirk on her face, did she know why Amy was flustered?
"I-I'll have a double glazed donut," Amy stammered, trying to stop her eyes from glancing at the impressive breasts the girl had, almost spilling out of her work shirt.
"Wow, that's my favorite too!" The girl said dreamily, licking her lips and staring at the ceiling, "I'm really craving them right now."
"I could buy you a couple later, I know a really good donut place," Amy blushed. Did she really just say that?
"It's a date! I'm Hailey!"
"Amy. Now, don't nibble at my donut before you give it to me," Amy giggled.
Hailey pouted, "I wouldn't dream of it!"
Amy handed over the money for the donut aswell as a $5 tip.

Hailey eventually arrived at Amy's table by the window and put the plate with just over half of a donut on it, an obvious bite had been taken out of it. Amy looked up at Hailey and the waitress winked and opened her mouth to reveal a huge chunk of donut. They both laughed and Hailey handed her the receipt, which had a phone number scribbled onto it. Amy couldn't wait for her plan to be taken into action. Hailey was the perfect subject; gorgeous, chubby and gluttonous. Amy couldn't wait to transform Hailey from a stunning chick with curves in all of the right places to a large mound of fat. She dreamed of feeding Hailey double glazed donuts all day long until the date began.

'Donnie's Donuts' was famous for its large variety, quality and (most important of all,) fattening donuts in the world. Many would travel across the world just to taste one of Donnie's finest donuts. Amy and Hailey were fortunate enough to have one in their city. Hailey had never been to Donnie's before, "the perfect opportunity to bring out the greed in her," Amy snickered to herself as she did her makeup. When she arrived, her table was empty. She slid into her seat, the one closer to the counter, she couldn't wait to see Hailey again. She must look twice as hot in a dress instead of her uniform. Amy was shivering with excitement just thinking about her.
"Sorry I'm late!" Hailey exclaimed, Amy turned around and her eyes almost popped out of her head. Hailey was looking amazing! Her once tied up hair was let down, allowing its length and waviness to roam free. Her makeup was more carefully applied and her chubby figure was squished into a red dress. Her belly was fighting to escape the fabric and Amy noticed Hailey constantly adjusting her outfit to allow more room for her expanding stomach.

The girls began to order. Amy couldn't help staring at Hailey, her perfect face was irresistible, especially when she was gawking at the menu and her mouth was watering. She was obviously struggling to decide on what to order.
"There are so many, I don't know what to choose!" Hailey whined. Amy could tell what she was asking..
"We can't just get one! It's your first time here, and the donuts aren't very filling," Amy lied, "Let's get six each. Whatever we don't eat we can take home."
"I'm okay with that," Hailey giggled, jittering with excitement at the thought of tasting the pastries. Her jittering caused her boobs to bounce and jiggle crazily, almost falling out of her bra. Hailey noticed Amy staring and giggled devilishly, bobbing up and down to make her breasts follow suit. Amy laughed aswell and did the same, although her tits weren't as large and soft as Hailey's...

"I'll get... A double glazed delight, a mint crush, a strawberry passion, a toffee quake and an oreo surprise," Hailey said, staring longingly at the other customers already enjoying their donuts.
Amy had already planned on what she was buying before they came. She checked every donut's calorie, sugar and fat amount on a weight loss website. She selected the five highest, aswell as a caramel swirl for herself. Two of the donuts Hailey had already ordered were one of the unhealthiest of the bunch, which pleased Amy greatly.
"I'll order for both of us," Amy beamed, skipping to the counter before Hailey could argue.
"What size would you like these donuts, ma'am?"
"Extra large please," Amy smiled wickedly.
"Any drinks?"
"Yes, an extra large triple chocolate shake and a medium chocolate milk."

"These are huge!" Hailey gasped, "I said order medium!"
"They got the order wrong," Amy shrugged, "But they only charged for mediums, so let's not complain."
"That's fine with me," Hailey giggled, snatching a donut from her plate and tucking in immediately. She gushed at how delicious it was, "You shouldn't have taken me here! I can't control myself around delicious food!"
Amy chuckled, but in her head was dancing with excitement! "She's perfect!" she thought happily.
Amy watched in awe as Hailey stuffed donut after donut into her mouth. She was obviously a greedy girl. She let out a large belch and went red, "Sorry, it was just so good!"
Amy giggled and told her not to worry, she peeked at Hailey's midsection and saw it straining more at the material.

By time Hailey finished her six donuts, Amy had only eaten her caramel swirl. "I'm stuffed," she groaned, "But it can't go to waste-"
Before Amy had even attempted persuading Hailey to finish her batch of rings, she was already helping herself. Amy could've sworn she heard a quiet moan escape the girls lips. She couldn't stop devouring donut after donut. And after both plates had been cleared, she licked her fingers and lips, letting out a satisfied burp. Amy was impressed! She glanced at Hailey's dress and grinned when she saw it was close to breaking free.
"Don't forget your shake," Amy smiled sweetly, putting the straw into Hailey's mouth. Hailey was blatantly stuffed, and was clutching at her swollen tummy with discomfort.
"We can't let it go to waste..."
"Fiiiine," Hailey puffed, beginning to slurp mouthful after mouthful of the frothy, ice cold milkshake. Amy was extremely impressed, most girls would've given up a couple donuts ago, but Hailey was too greedy to stop. She was the perfect girl to fatten up!
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Karenjenk 4 years
Love it!!!
Cant wait to see where you take this.
I like that she lost.
After they are married.... well... all married couples seem to gain.... right?
EmilyMoon 5 years
Very tense haha, thanks for reading ^_^
Krollmeister 5 years
oh dear I sense trouble coming, either Hailey finds out Amy's been lying & fattening her up behind her back, or she discovers the secret and misinterprets it as her weight is the main reason Amy loves her
Theswordsman 5 years
Odds are that without a job to take up her time she will gain weight more quickly
Krollmeister 5 years
im loving this story, I find their relationship to be cute and adorable, plus Amy isn't constantly mean to Hailey like ive seen in a lot of stories like this one
EmilyMoon 5 years
I will ^_^
EmilyMoon 5 years
Thank you so much =)
Fatrnfatr 5 years
Love where this is going. No doubt Amy will help Hailey get very big!
EmilyMoon 5 years
Haha thank you smiley
EmilyMoon 5 years
I will!
Boomer 5 years
Excellent beginning, I hope you continue it. Please don't leave us hanging
Theswordsman 5 years
I wonder if she's a feedee
EmilyMoon 5 years
Thank you smiley
TotalyInToYou 5 years
Can't wait for more! Very exiting!