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Unlocked Chapter 6

After Chericia's earth shattering realisation of her immense size and the effect it had on her own sexuality her appetite exploded. Her second unassisted moment & came soon after her first, it took her nearly an hour to roll over on to her stomach. She was covered in sweat and melted ice cream that was now very sticky and in the process of rolling over quite ungracefully she fell off her couch and, she felt so heavy and helpless that for some reason this weird combination started to turn her on as much as watching "my 600lb life".

She had fallen awkwardly onto her side, so that one of her legs was suspended up upon the other due to its pure enormity, her lower belly hanging below her knees with her fupa just poking out. Her shoulders although were almost horizontal with the ground but because her hips were so wide and obscured by her belly her top and bottom had to move in two stages.

Breasts so big they were like pillows her head rested on, which drove home to her how soft and fat she was. Chericia tried to push herself up and out of her breasts, but because her arms were so fat she couldn't bend them enough to get them into position, which left her stranded like an over grown slug. So there she was, stuck to the ground like a fat pig having to wriggle and squirm to no avail for nearly an hour while she was covered in melted ice cream. She finally managed to square her legs and hips to her shoulders, she was covered in sweat and the with the weight of her hips that spread wider than she was tall making her incredibly horny as well as the added weight of her body now pushing down on her super sized fupa she decided to wedge her arms around her upper and middle belly rolls she buried her head in her hippo sized cleavage and sucked on all the flesh she could muster (basically making out with them) as they muffled her screams of pleasure as she humped her own enormous blubbery belly rolls..

Each pulsating movement compiled the pressure to build and build until she growled and screamed like a gluttonous demon her body shivered and wobbled in pure ecstasy, the euphoric feeling caused her to pass out with her head resting on her giant sized manmories.

Later that evening.

In walked Ronnie. To find his SSBBW girlfriend incapacitated by her own fatness cocooned by layers of fat rolls, her ass so wide it stretched about 4ft across and 3ft up.. Belly rolls that were nearly touching her feet as she had managed to bed her knees enough to rub her fupa up against her belly rolls..

He couldn't help himself. He lowered him self behind her and carefully placed his body inbetween her legs and spread his arms out wide and did his best to try and get them around her vast backside. He slowly and firmly squeezed his arms into her hips and buried his face in her ass, it was like a giant water bed made of soft fat. Chericia started to stir and slowly woke up from her sex induced stupor which was perfect timing as Ronnie couldn't hold out any further as his tongue found its way past a fat cave of inner thigh and upper & lower leg rolls, he grabbed her love handles and went to work making out with Chericia's sweet spot.

As she moaned, wriggled and squirmed..

" what a life" she thought to herself..

"I eat like a hog and have sex once I'm full"

This slug like feeling made her want to push the limits beyond what she had experienced being trapped under her own weight, after being face down in her own vastness for so long she now wanted to be surrounded by it as if her was floating in a swimming pool of fat.

Chericia wanted to become the definition of the word..
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