Unlocked part 7

chapter 7

Unlocked Part 7

1 year later..

Chericia was standing.. yes standing.. we'll sort of, She was well you could say being supported by a device that had completely changed up her weight gain Journey.. After that day of self bliss she had become determined to push the limits and feasted on nothing but lard and melted ice cream for months at a time.. With the help of carefully devised funnel and pump system Chericia laid back on her 5 seater coach and consumed gallon after gallon of her calorie laden weight gain shake and managed to gain her way all the way to 1842 lbs almost physically three times the size she was at 900 and she was in heaven. But first let's skip back abit to how she came about "standing".

Her face now looking more like a bowl of jelly, had cheeks as fat as her ass was when she first started, she could still shake her head and when she did it wobbled for seconds after she stopped. Eyes now permantly squinting made her sort of look Asian, lips that constantly pouting and a chin that was now over lapping her jawline sat on top a neck the size of a car tyre and when she smiled or smirked her chubby cheeks created a small fat roll alone which made her feel immense.. She could simply wink and send a tidal wave like ripple through out her upper body, this turned her on to no end.

The wink that could cause the tidal wave Flow on effect to her fat stretch mark laden shoulders that rose all the way up to her ears and creased into creases leading to her upper arms the size of most plus-sized models bodies themselves. Arms that rested horizontally above her hips, upper arm fat the flowed over her forearms that merged into hands so fat they even jiggled when they moved. Even with her arms stretch as far as they could go they were still several feet from touching the edge oh her hips!

Chericia's trye sized neck was trumped by mammories that merged into side boob and fat rolls with their own fat rolls that buried her nipples. They fat rose 4ft up as she laid reclined on the 5 seater coach she so gallantly filled. Her ass so big it overlapped not only the side of the coach but underneath her propping her legs up, to point just slightly to the ceiling however her legs themselves didn't need any support as they filled the 4-5 ft space inbetween them and the floor which led the worlds fattest inner thigh and fupa laden vagina plain for all to see.

Ronnie could put his entire arm in her fupa and only just touch her clit. She like to wobble her legs until they formed wave pool like breakers & ripples and then let Ronnie try and fight his way through the sea of fat as the waves built up orgasm after orgasm, while Ronnie would fondle and grab her Chericia liked to tuck her chin as much as she could into her neck and submerge her face into her fatness. Given her size she still enjoyed the small amounts of mobility she still had and as she made herself wobble she would ask Ronnie questions like..

"Am I enough for you?" "Do you want me to keep gaining?"

Ronnie would reply "of course you are, whatever keeps you happy? I don't know if you could gain any more!"

Chericia would then snap back "ENOUGH? Enough?? This is not nearly enough.. I'm going to keep gaining until you need scuba diving gear to get inside me.. You don't think I can gain anymore?? You just wait and see!"

This routine lasted a while and got better as she neared 2000 pounds. Although Ronnie came up with an idea he coined "circus panties". He had found a material similar to that of sports legging but had the strength of a circus tent. He had themcrafted so that there were two holes her legs would fit through, they both had fun pulling the fabric over them & once through he insulted the holes with pool noodles and pillows.. using a pulley system he o he managed to tilt Chericia on to her side which was a sight to been seen as the couch gave way which sort of helped the exercise. All this movement practically buried her head in her own fat tied in with the waves of movement she sucked on her fat and moaned in pleasure.

Finally after tilting his insanely fat girlfriend around enough to turn the fabric into the worlds biggest skirt, the edges of it were then connected to points in the ceiling and motors were used to bring her up to her feet and infact now just a little bit above so the weight of he body was eased by the "skirt" that suspended her fat all around her.. Chericia was now almost perfectly spherical. A sphere with a 10 ft diameter. Her ass cheeks over lapped her legs and rested half way dorn her calves, her fupa touched the ground and her mega sized legs were just sacks of fat. She could now move her arms again and bought them in to the closed form of a hug motion she could manage and squeezed and shook her belly and screamed to Ronnie..

"Feed me more!"

"I want to swim in my own fat.. Hook up the funnel and fill me up!"K
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