Unlocked - chericia pts 1-4 (xwg sexual themes)

chapter 1

Unlocked- Chericia

She had been in a stable relationship with her man Ronald (Ronnie for short) for about 2 years both of them 25 years old. They were very much in the comfort zone, got along enjoyed going out and hanging with friends. Cherie was about 5"6' and about 190 pounds she was a little chubby but used to be a gymnast in high school so was well proportioned with her weight moulding more to her hips and ass. She had dark black her cut like Velma from Scooby Doo and with a tinge of blue through the front.

Ronnie was a typical guy, liked to watch sport was abut of hipster and kept up to date with music and film scene, about 6"1' & 170 pounds he was abut of a bean pole.
Over the past year he had started to notice that Cherie was starting to put on a little weight every time he mentioned it Cherie would reply "just more of me to love" with a cheeky wink and the way in which she said it he didn't think too much of it until one day when her phone was left unlocked and open on a rather interesting page.
Normally Ronnie wouldn't be the type to snoop through his partners phone but he could not un-see what he had just saw.

On the screen was a photo of woman about the same size as Cherie probably about 20-30 pounds fatter, she was wearing nothing but a bikini which was almost disguised by her fat gut, that contained a few stretch marks. The woman was handcuffed to the bed and had a mask with a funnel attached to it, at first Ronnie was more shocked his sweet little girlfriend was looking at porn like this and not so much by the image (as it was only soft core) but it was what the comic like speech bubble graphic on the image said..

"Make me fat"

Ronnie was taken back by the power of this image, he couldn't believe this was a thing? Instantly he was intrigued, so he decided to scroll down. If he thought the first image was confronting he was about to be blown away, as he scrolled down he saw image after image of what looked like to be an image sequence of the same woman but fatter. The second image had the model at about 40 pounds heavier than the first making her about 250 pounds, in this picture tho she was on all fours with a plate of donuts in front of her, she had long blonde hair with abit of it on the side shaved out and it was tied back with a fringe. The model was abit shorter than Cherie and it showed, she had very fat arms, her upper arms hanging over her elbows just a little bit, she had stretch marks starting to form on her shoulders, her belly starting to droop a few inches down her legs and straining her big shorts, she had smallish boobs but her hips were where most of her weight sat it hung over her shorts just a little. Her legs were very fat and looked devoid of any type of muscle and were cellulitic. This time the speech bubble only had one word in it..


Ronnie then scrolled down to the next picture, this time though it wasn't the speach bubble that grabbed his attention. It was the sheer size of the model. She had ballooned from 250 to more like 350, maybe more. The models hair now cut a lot shorter with blonde re-growth, still with abit shaved on the side of her head, sitting in what you would describe as attempt to sit cross legged as her body woulld simply not allow it on what must be her 5"2' frame (the model looked more like a ssbbw than a bbw now because of her height)

Her arms very chunky and thick gathering an inner fatcep crease just before her elbow, cellulite also building up near her armpits, wrists that seem to be as fat as her upper arms used to be, belly slightly touching the floor completely covering her naval.. her hips were pouring out of her boy shorts, that barely contained her thighs that looked like they could burst out of them at any minute, not to mention she now had a booty like "one of those rap guys girls friends.. Like OMG BECKY LOOK AT HER BUTT" a couple of nice fat rolls just above it.. but the price of resistance was her face.. she had a double chin, that merged into some very dimples created by her weight gain and a look on her face, a face that was covered in cake frosting and cream.. a face that said.. I know I've done something wrong, but I like it, I want more! She was a mess, a mess covered in icing and cake frosting. Ronnie could barely make out what was written on this sexy fat pigs tank top.. F.. FE.. Fee M??

"Feed Me"

Ronnie was so intrigued he didn't even notice Chericia walk back in the room until he was caught red handed, "Hey!" Yelled Chericia.. Ronnie panicked froze and blurted out "Nothing!" (What an idiot he thought) "Nothing what" replied Chericia.. Ronnie stood up and turned to respond still baffled he was completely unaware he an a huge erection so much so he didn't even realise he still had his girlfriends phone in his hand open and pointed in plain sight for her to see.. Chericia started to go red at first until she noticed her mans tent pole poking straight at her, still slightly blushing she raised an eyebrow and slowly walk up to her man, walked right up to her man brushing her face against his and whispered into his ear..

"Fatten me up"

From that night on it was as if something had changed between the two of them. Some had been awoken from deep inside Chericia's deepest darkest fantasies. Had Ronnie never stumbled across his girlfriends Unlocked phone nothing would of changed, but it it did and everything had, in a big kind of way.

After that night the cat was out of the bag, now Chericia knew her man had a taste she exploited it. She became lazier and lazier and began Ronnie eat more and more. Now that she didn't have to hide it she endulged in her fantasy and made it become a real life worth fetish. When ever they had sex, she was eating a bucket of KFC. Foreplay would start with her eating donuts of her mans penis, when it really heated up Cheri would skull chocolate topping and stuff herself with cake while she road her man. Who yet confused and conflicted, did not know what to think, he was ashamed yet enticed, he was disgusted yet turned on, but what he was, was having the best sex of his life!

After one month of this Cherica had plumped up to about 260 pounds, she now had very very fat arms that flopped and flapped when ever she moved, her breasts were bigger now pushing DDs, her face fuller and now she had a very hefty belly overlapping her waist which lead to her thighs and ass which now were huge!

After 3 months she was mid 290s and now started to waddle, her legs constantly rubbing together, her belly formed a second roll, hips spilling over her right boy shorts.. arms now almost as fat as her head, breasts now An E cup, her hair had become less maintained and grown out. She also started to form dimples just above her ass and had " A black girls diff! Ronnie!! Come check out my bubble butt ass! Wanna come pump it up??" She would say to her man.. Ronnie now much more comfortable with the whole situation, little did he know what he was sin for in the next 3 months.

"Ronnie, I want to get fat.."
"Fat? You have put on 100 pounds in about 4 months?" Replied Ronnie.

"Baby, this? This is only just a couple of pounds?" Cherica said as she took one step toward Ronnie.

"I want to be goddam enormous!" Another step.

"I want to be on E News!"
Another Step.

"I want to be the fat meme"
Another Step.

"I want to make those sad sacks on MTV who complain about being 600 pounds look anorexic.."
Another Step.

"I want to be the biggest!"


Ronnie had just been backed into a corner, both mentally and physically.. Chericia reached down and gabbed, her mans bulging erection and whispered in his ear..

"And your going to.. MAKE ME"

Reluctantly at first but after Ronnie got into a routine it soon became the norm. Another 8 months on from Chericia demanding Ronnie make her the biggest, she was certainly on her way. She had soon worked out the less moving she did the faster she gained weight, so for the past 8 months she had barely moved from her couch. She would start her day eating about 10 Bacon & Egg McMuffins 10 hash browns 3 Litres of OJ and as many pancakes as she could fit in her belly. Lunch would regularly be a bucket of KFC followed by a nap and then an afternoon on what had accelerated her gain dramatically.. Weight Gain shakes..

This routine has seen her, rocket well and truly into the mid 500 pound mark, making her almost as wide as she was tall. Her hips were incredibly wide measured around the were wider than she was tall. Her ass was a sight to be seen, it hung down over the back of her legs resting just above her knees. It stood out about 1 and 1/2 feet when she managed to stand. She had 5-6 fat rolls on her back, the upper two could almost be mistaken for regular sized breasts. Chericia's belly now had three rolls and covered her navel her boobs though were surprisingly small and were a perky D cup, which actually made her look fatter because she was so wide. Her arms now had 3 creases in them before they reached her elbows and had a huge build up of cellulite near her arms pits, wrists that looked like a fat mans thighs and porky little fingers. What kept supported her gram while standing was an incredibly thick legs, calves that flowed over onto her feet, knees completely buried under a thick fat roll that was her thighs that were very wide. That lead up to her inner thighs that looked like someone had added a cushion to either side, just north of those fat sack was a FUPA. One of the biggest you could see it actually had a few overlapping fat rolls, it was so sensitive just the simplest touch would send Chericia crazy..

"OHHHH!" She tried to yell as the funnel mask she had strapped to her head muffled the sound.

"OHHH, Ummpphh, errgghh! Ronnie, keep tickling my fat wet sloppy pussy!" She went on to try and get out. "You know the rules Baby, I only tease until you finish what's in your 2 Litre funnel" Ron said as he grinned..

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