Unlocked part 5

Chapter 1 - unlocked chericia part 5


Chapter 5

It had now been another 6 months since Chericia had almost hit 900 pounds and her gain had slowed in comparison to her initial year of gluttony.. but mainly because her own body was now finding it harder to find places to store all of this mass.. Ronnie had his woman weighed on an industrial scale 3 months ago that went up to 1000 pounds and she rolled in at 938..

Chericia was "just starting to feel chubby" as she put it. She could still get herself out of bed or off the couch, it just took her a long time and even though was very slow she was still dripping in sweat. At nearly 1000 pounds she had started to feel something different something more intimate than when she was a mere 4-500 pounds.. not only was we're her dimensions a lot bigger at 938 when she stood she now was incredibly heavy.

Lifting her arms up when was so much slower now considering they were now twice as wide as her hips were when she started, hand that were now making it hard to hold things because of how fat they were. Her breasts were now 38 FFs and were no longer perky and tended to flop out and be now connected to pillow case sized side boob almost keeping her arms out horizontally, nipples that now inverted due to the sheer amount of fat that had been added so fast.. Her neck was non existent and her chubby cheeks almost seemed to mould into her stretch marked shoulders. When ever Chericia spoke her chin didn't wobble, her cellulitic armpits and shoulders rippled like when a pebble was thrown in a pond which actually tickled her just enough to make her almost continuously giggle and talk in a higher pitch than normal (this turned her on to no end) She was starting to lose control of her own gluttony and as she was becoming more and more hopeless and immobile she was feeling more and more alive and enlightened as if she had been set free..

The weight of her stomach was truely sumo-sonic.. her three rolls spread right around from her front to back the middle roll was extremely chunky and bumpy and was the equivalent to most ssbbw's lower role, it hung just past her navel, the lower role actually hung just past her knees, well more like the lumps of fat sacks that engrossed them. As immense as these two rolls were the upper fat belly roll was almost an anomaly it was very small in comparison and bulgded and hung about 3-4 inches over the middle roll and looked incredibly soft. Chericia's ass now spread so far while laying down she could no longer reach the sides of her hips or ass, with her hands. Each cheek the size of a bean bag and her love rolls resembled more like the handles of a jumping castle.. she was more or less a giant blob, becoming more helpless she couldn't stop if she wanted to, which she didn't..

She got off on it too much..

She was almost scared how easy she could get off as she discovered by accident one day, when Ronnie was out and Chericia was flicking from channel to channel mindlessly eating a 5kg tub of ice cream when she landed on a special about a woman called Suzanne Eman, a woman who once wanted to be 1600lbs but only to find out it were a lot harder than first thought, she had now slimmed down to the 500s still huge, mainly due to getting back together with a once fiancé who she had managed to re kindle their old flame by having sex up to 7 times a day.. without even noticing she had half finished her ice cream and started to become a little hot & flustered around what would have been where a collar would fit..

This feeling was so powerful until this point she had only been pleasured by her man.. never had she started to feel so hot and heavy with out being touched. She leant back and sculled her now half melted vanilla ice cream until it spilt out of her mouth and oozed down her the many fat rolls circulating her chubby cheeks and she leant even further back into her bed and started thrusting her hips back and forward as she sank backward even further into her back fat breasts now resting either side of her cheeks, causing the melted ice cream to flow back toward her mouth the closer it got the harder she thrust and THEN.. Once the smallest slither of ice cream hit her lips she her hands grabbed her upper belly roll, squeezed hard, she bit her lip, rolled her eyes back into her head and squealed like a pig as her bed bounced and shook from the intensity of her her body pulsating up and down like a formless blob of gooey fat.. Cherica came for what felt like an eternity.. only able to let out a high pitched squeal that ticked her in time with her thrusting causing her finally climax like never before..

Chericia had now experienced a tantric like state of euphoria.. A switched had been unlocked, she felt like a goddess.

After she lay in a state of bliss after her most intense orgasm ever a thought occurred as she saw a clip of Suzzanne Eman trying to position herself on TV..

"What if I try to turn over and do this again?"
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