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3 days
It's Thanksgiving and the devious Dr. John Waterson is about to be introduced to his girlfriend's family for the 1st time , what will that lead to ... ?!
3904 views, 2 likes, 4 comments
Picture if you will, a farm where women are taken, fattened up, and milked for profit. Poor Alena will find that such a place exists
1626 views, 6 likes, 0 comments
A father and husband finally executes his plan to make the women in his life perfectly plump
4792 views, 25 likes, 9 comments
Vicky and John have been married for nearly a decade. They have tried so hard to have a baby. After many failed pregnancies and adoptions, Vicky is certain that she will never become a mother. But maybe John can change that...
303 views, 2 likes, 3 comments
A company offers to pay people willing to undergo a six-month course testing the effects of their new brand of medically safe immobility pills. (remaking this story since I couldn't log into my other acc.)
3917 views, 15 likes, 3 comments
A guy vs girl contest sets the terms of a risque social science experiment on a prosperous university campus. And as one group's bellies swell, the battle of the sexes changes forever. Pages 36 & 37 added 23 Oct 2017.
129402 views, 32 likes, 93 comments
16 hours
Just the story of a very rich guy making his own fetish island
770 views, 0 likes, 0 comments
Zoe's insecurities during her first pregnancy lead to her husband Austin making a drastic lifestyle change for love.
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6 months
The magic book dictates what people eat...
5138 views, 18 likes, 2 comments
5 months
A brood of children --- and a loving husband --- conspire to give one woman the ultimate mom bod. ** Ch 8 posted 10/22/17 **
75523 views, 87 likes, 37 comments
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