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3 weeks ago
Pep, the new Feedee-in-Residence at "The Succulent Sow BBQ," is on a joyous fast track to supersize curves -- and a dark unknown fate. A deliciously twisted tale. No gore. Cover pic: growmebigger used by permission. Ch 10 posted 12/8.
10 chapters, bbw weightgain
15660 views, 17 likes, 12 comments
10 hours ago
Sure, he's packed on a few, but not that many. A seductive mistress tempts him into a wager he can't resist.
3 chapters, ffa submission and domination
1163 views, 8 likes, 3 comments
When her roommate challenges her with a dare, Kelly can't resist
5 chapters, bbw weightgain
10533 views, 25 likes, 8 comments
7 months ago
A slow, realistic weight gain story. Marie and friends gain weight and can not lose their added weight no matter how hard they try. Read as they grow larger and get embarrassed by their increasing sizes.
51 chapters, bbw weightgain
295213 views, 82 likes, 107 comments
4 days ago
Eli discovers Clare has a rare condition that causes her body to continuously gain weight. This story follows Eli as he watches one of his good friend becomes massively fat.
3 chapters, bbw extreme obesity
4486 views, 17 likes, 5 comments
I think my college roommate might be trying to fatten me up.
2 chapters, bhm weightgain
1770 views, 11 likes, 1 comment
2 months ago
Story of how I came to be 200 lbs.
2 chapters, bbw weightgain
11692 views, 44 likes, 7 comments
23 hours ago
A skinny girl who gets to much of what she ask's for 😈
1 chapter, ffa eating and stuffing
444 views, 1 like, 0 comments
Matilda is finally getting out of bone (and mind) numbing Minnesota. Her magic carpet is a scholarship to a small, southern, all-girls college. Her dreams: 1. Being warm. 2. Getting away from her mother. And 3. Meeting a true southern belle
7 chapters, ffa weightgain
13579 views, 25 likes, 15 comments
2 weeks ago
A story about a woman named Kat, 23, falls in love with a dominant feeder.
17 chapters, bbw submission and domination
50293 views, 24 likes, 8 comments
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