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2 weeks ago
A deliciously dark tale for a Halloween nightmare. A sweet young woman is trapped by an evil feeder who fattens her for his feast! WG, cannibal undertones, humiliation, not gory. Ch 10 "Escape!" added 10.23.16 Your likes and comments much appreciated!
10 chapters, bbw weightgain
13758 views, 20 likes, 19 comments
4 hours ago
Jane has gained a lot of weight over the summer, and her soccer coach and mother are not happy about it. She discovers, however, that she likes having her weight gain pointed out, and she isn't terribly sure how she feels about this. Themes of humilia
1 chapter, bbw weightgain
204 views, 4 likes, 1 comment
How I grew into the role of both a BHM and soon to be a FAT Santa is an interesting but albeit not so complicated tale of romance and food; overindulgence. Feel free to be aggressive in comments and criticisms- just offer something that is productive,
6 chapters, bhm weightgain
8851 views, 5 likes, 4 comments
Evan thinks he's different than the rest. He'll never give in like all the others . . . right?
5 chapters, bhm weightgain
2295 views, 8 likes, 1 comment
2 weeks ago
Another tale of urban fantasy. Let's see how you Lisa handles the power of her new witches cookbook.
10 chapters, bbw weightgain
15535 views, 27 likes, 17 comments
2 days ago
This will consist of situations between me and my gaining boyfriend
1 chapter, bhm weightgain
471 views, 5 likes, 0 comments
A man impregnates his SSBBW wife and feeds her through pregnancy
2 chapters, fa weightgain
3203 views, 10 likes, 1 comment
Chantelle is a slim 18 year old girl at 93 pounds but a boy at school is about to change that...
3 chapters, bbw weightgain
12052 views, 5 likes, 5 comments
Young wife has to get fat to satisfy her husband Follow on story from Jake, but with different main characters. Please note, this story is still being written, rewritten, edited and tweaked.
25 chapters, bbw weightgain
59956 views, 25 likes, 16 comments
4 chapters, bhm submission and domination
9368 views, 19 likes, 3 comments
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