living the dream

2 hours ago
by shenton10, 2 chapters, bbw weightgain
Steph lived her whole life envying fat people for not having to worry about their figures and simply enjoying food. After meeting a free spirited BBW she decides to let go of her insecurities and grow to really enjoy food for the first time in her life.
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young gainer

2 hours ago
by Anon1232, 1 chapter, bbw weightgain
Claire Hullman is a freshman at college when she decides she's tired of being thin.
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by Flybyguy, 6 chapters, bbw submission and domination
It all started with a letter. Someone had chosen Alice, a shy and mousy plump girl, as his personal plaything. She will endure a lot, but she will also "gain" from her experiences. (Suggestions appreciated, has mature content)
3902 views, 11 likes, 1 comment
by m4nx, 8 chapters, bbw weightgain
a girl starts to put on weight as her friend at work begins to feed her
7394 views, 12 likes, 13 comments

sugar coated hell

2 days ago
by rainbowchalkeater, 2 chapters, bbw weightgain
Scared, confused, and hungry Sarah wakes up to her new life. Contains: Extreme weight gain, submission and domination, kidnapping, and other triggering elements
1161 views, 8 likes, 5 comments
by Jdenim, 7 chapters, bhm weightgain
When Max and his brother, Sam, find their father's house in LA Their lives were going to get a lot better!
7425 views, 7 likes, 12 comments


5 months ago
by CriticalMass, 3 chapters, bhm extreme obesity
Dark* things are possible in the deep web. *As implied by this word the story is NC-17/18+ dark. If you do not like this sort of genre, do not read. (Editing)
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20 hours ago
by Jamesyboy, 2 chapters, bbw weightgain
A young girl wonders what it might be like to put on a few pounds to please her boyfriend.
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what i want

2 days ago
by destructodisk, 1 chapter, bbw romance
a small slice into my mind
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small city, big girl

8 months ago
by Hermes, 4 chapters, bbw romance
A girl gets a job at the most prestigious bakery in the country, and attracts the attention of a barista at her local coffee house. Contains weight gain & some sexual content. NEW CHAPTER 28/7/15
6764 views, 21 likes, 12 comments
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