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8 months
Eli discovers Clare has a rare condition that causes her body to continuously gain weight. This story follows Eli as he watches one of his good friend becomes massively fat.
41271 views, 51 likes, 11 comments
Continuing story of the fun, charming, delicious Ivette from "Plumper Stew." Weight gain, dark themes, but no gore! Collaborators Ivette & Jade (Wolfofrage). Cover art thanks to "Grow Me Bigger" Hope you like it.
607 views, 1 like, 0 comments
During one of the rare moments Sarah has the house all to herself, she decides to fulfill her dream of having a huge round tight belly
2795 views, 20 likes, 3 comments
A young man goes to college and relaxes a bit
252 views, 1 like, 1 comment
Judy is dumped by her long time boyfriend. She decides to join her friend Tracy for a summer vacation up north. Then she decides to write a cookbook and the problems begin. (A silly adventure for those who think they'd like to be chubby)
291 views, 3 likes, 1 comment
18 hours
How my gaining went from a fetish to a lifestyle.
359 views, 9 likes, 1 comment
22 hours
This is a story where I actually ask out my crush :P
335 views, 0 likes, 0 comments
Reporter dons a fat suit to write a story. Little did she know.....
4854 views, 20 likes, 4 comments
You think you know a story inside and out but to get to the heart of the story you've got to go back to the beginning
3 chapters, straight male
1189 views, 7 likes, 1 comment
Ever since Megan was a child, she has always had a secret fetish of watching men stuff themselves. Now as a 25 year old newly wed, she comes up with ways to get her husband, Ryan to eat as much as he can, without telling him of her fetish.
898 views, 4 likes, 2 comments
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