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5 months
Two friends decide to get navel piercings. It's been a long winter of hibernation, and to be pierced, you have to lift up your shirt... [prt.20 added 20/8]
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10 hours
A chubby fatty gets fatter
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3 hours
Camp Wellspring, this is a camp for fat teens and young adults, many parents send their kids to fat camp to lose weight, but this is just the opposite
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A wealthy fat admirer kidnaps a prostitute and turns her into a fat SSBBW Warning:Stockholm syndrome and other things some might find disturbing are included. Don't like don't read
33156 views, 22 likes, 5 comments
Trevor grows at the hands of his loving wife
16712 views, 14 likes, 4 comments
A young professional woman admires a growing man from afar. Will they get together one day? Story is told from the woman's point of view.
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9 months
Weight gain, teasing, embarrassments love
4 chapters, straight male
13936 views, 18 likes, 7 comments
5 chapters, straight male
19056 views, 22 likes, 4 comments
A barrister develops feelings for his growing clerk. *Ch 16 added 19/8*
15 chapters, straight female
26532 views, 37 likes, 15 comments
Red is a man who likes to exercise and look after himself, but falls for an attractive colleague. Will he be able to handle her secret identity?
27643 views, 28 likes, 17 comments
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