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meant to be

6 hours ago
by Saggybelly, 4 chapters, bbw weightgain
When one is meant to be fat, diet won't work (will do my best on grammar though i'm french)
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8 months ago
by UKLionheart, 29 chapters, bbw eating and stuffing
What are the consequences of getting everything you want? Sorry for the delay, but this is now complete with chapters 28 and 29 added 02/12/15. Enjoy!
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the teacher and ana

10 hours ago
by Bluebell wood, 6 chapters, fa submission and domination
A teacher has gained weight. He remembers a past student and is astounded when she appears in his class looking markedly different
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by tarsiusivangil, 11 chapters, bbw weightgain
A boy and girl have a fateful meeting in a candyshop. See how this one event changes their lives.
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personal trainer

8 hours ago
by potbellypimp, 1 chapter, bbw submission and domination
The gym can be a daunting place for a fat girl - but Jade gets the right PT to give her the type of training she really needs.
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3 days ago
by bbwbellyfan, 2 chapters, fa eating and stuffing
I disappointed her but she eats her way through it. It wasn't easy getting back on her good side.
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the smokey goddess

4 days ago
by croweyes, 3 chapters, bbw eating and stuffing
An adventure far north and so far fetched you wouldn't believe a word.
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3 weeks ago
by videos900, 3 chapters, bbw extreme obesity
A young woman discovers she has the ultimate power.
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the fatness

4 months ago
by becomingfeedee21, 8 chapters, bbw weightgain
A thin girl is the subject of an experiment with unforeseen consequences for her. Eigth chapter in progress. Chapter 6 contains parts of the second plot (Marcus)
23021 views, 21 likes, 9 comments
by m4nx, 46 chapters, bbw weightgain
a girl starts to put on weight as her friend at work begins to feed her
204722 views, 61 likes, 32 comments
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