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Anne is asked to join her friend to become a surrogate. She consents to an initial test of the 'Essence' but then... This is a sequel to a previous story; "Essence of the Dragon." Please note:This story contains adult language, lactation & insemination.
1 chapter, bbw romance
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3 months ago
After being away for a year and a half on a South Pacific Island, Judy returns. But now, she's eighty-one pounds larger. Please Note: This story contains adult discriptions and language.
1 chapter, bbw romance
14438 views, 11 likes, 14 comments
6 hours ago
Myah and her mother adapt to a new lifestyle. Myah finds a friend and lover.(it gets better in the 3rd chapter. Enjoy :))
1 chapter, bbw weightgain
83 views, 1 like, 0 comments
Daesti Derecho & Lina Lazuli, two adventurous & freewheeling young women, find their interstellar travel plans abruptly curtailed when their ship crash-lands in a strange city...but the slender duo are entirely unprepared for the resultant culture shock.
17 chapters, bbw submission and domination
29187 views, 28 likes, 18 comments
The girlfriend has become more and more plump.
1 chapter, fa weightgain
543 views, 4 likes, 0 comments
Sci-n-fiction. |Slow Burner|. Amateur writer| Teaser: Human test subjects are so hard to find sometimes they present themselves.
2 chapters, bbw weightgain
1201 views, 4 likes, 6 comments
Wife tells recently enlarged husband that he's going on a diet, but strangely he loses no weight ...
34 chapters, bhm weightgain
76718 views, 31 likes, 19 comments
4 months ago
A small accident results in a not so small accident
1 chapter, bbw weightgain
300 views, 1 like, 1 comment
Curious stuffer gets kidnapped and Force fed to become the ssbhm of his beautiful feeders' biggest fantasies
9 chapters, bhm submission and domination
20446 views, 13 likes, 12 comments
2 days ago
A man's dreams may be coming true.
2 chapters, bhm submission and domination
1106 views, 6 likes, 2 comments
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