fatty love

4 hours ago
by BubblyBelly, 1 chapter, bbw eating and stuffing
Feeding time
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the stranger

5 months ago
by Overfed280, 1 chapter, bhm weightgain
A stranger comes and has his weigh with me
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by Rstlne, 2 chapters, fa romance
Deciding whether or not to read this? Flip a coin. Heads: You are bound by the formal rules of coin flipping to read every chapter I ever write. Tails: You must not read the story or you will suffer pain similar to betraying a close friend.
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changing habits

2 weeks ago
by gaetano, 9 chapters, bhm submission and domination
Love, Revenge, and acceptance
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clive and julianna

3 weeks ago
by Fiji, 7 chapters, ffa romance
Inspired by a Modern Family episode where Phil & Claire celebrate their anniversary with a little role play in a hotel bar.
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by GrowingLoveHandles, 2 chapters, bhm weightgain
A gay feeder helps his new boyfriend out of the closet and into some rather huge clothes! (Posted in celebration of same-sex marriages everywhere. Does this story end in matrimony, er, I mean patrimony? You'll have to read it to find out.)
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anniversary dinner

2 weeks ago
by Teralina, 4 chapters, ffa eating and stuffing
(Progress temporarily on hold while I finish moving) When Dennis forgets an anniversary date, his wife decides to punish him with a very special dinner that he will never forget again. But the punishment turns into something neither of them expects.
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coming out

2 days ago
by fanedfox, 1 chapter, bbw weightgain
A new high school graduate, comes out and tells her mom she wants to be fat.
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by GrowingLoveHandles, 4 chapters, bhm submission and domination
(New title & UPDATE 6/30/15) A cautionary tale for any man who may feel inclined to cheat on his wife or girlfriend. In this story, a jilted wife finds an appropriate revenge for her suave slender handsome husband.
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2 weeks ago
by bills225, 8 chapters, bbw weightgain
Kim realizes her new weight gain, and embraces it.
11510 views, 14 likes, 8 comments
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