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5 days
Matt wants his girlfriend to stay slim. Jeff is a confirmed chubby chaser, and the girlfriend is left in his care. What could go wrong?
8556 views, 20 likes, 6 comments
A man recounts the story of him meeting his wife, and her eventual gain over the mean years that lead to the moment for which this story starts. (Hey this is my first story comments, concerns and criticism is highly appreciated) (Very Slow)
6443 views, 7 likes, 5 comments
Sophia didn't take this warning seriously.
4888 views, 14 likes, 5 comments
The Hilly and Brad Story
9746 views, 15 likes, 5 comments
2 months
James was always fit, and could eat what ever he want, he thought... When he stopped with sports, he know how fast he can gain!
11 chapters, straight male
22610 views, 12 likes, 3 comments
1 week
Chad and Seth are high school graduates and are ramping up for an exciting summer. In a town of all fit-fanatic people, how will things change when a new restaurant comes to town? That and much, much more inside!
5062 views, 8 likes, 4 comments
Susan plots to get revenge on a serial cheating boyfriend.
3377 views, 4 likes, 2 comments
Miss Harding has always had a preference for chubby porky girls. And then one day Chloe Adams waddles in and changes everything.
21283 views, 43 likes, 13 comments
An older women fulfills the dreams of a younger guy, mostly.
1542 views, 16 likes, 4 comments
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