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by hurgon, 24 chapters, bhm weightgain
A guy vs girl contest sets the terms of a risque social science experiment on a prosperous university campus. And the battle of the sexes changes forever. Pages 23 & 24 added. More soon.
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3 days ago
by zuria123, 16 chapters, bbw weightgain
A big move equals big changes. A slower paced story that I hope you all enjoy. Weight gain, eating and stuffing, and romance.
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if only he knew...

2 weeks ago
by spend297, 9 chapters, ffa weightgain
This is my 100% true story about my bf and how I have helped him grow
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by ciz, 2 chapters, bbw weightgain
girl rapidly gains weight
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by JM Ross, 12 chapters, bbw romance
Susan accepted an assignment to report about the activities on a cruise ship. It changed her shape and her life.
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the loaner

2 months ago
by Fiji, 9 chapters, bhm eating and stuffing
A wife "loans" her husband out to be pampered for a few weeks.
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by luciferocking72, 3 chapters, ffa submission and domination
If Mike wants that promotion he better be willing to put his body on the line. bbw, ssbbw, fa weight gain, contrast, all that good stuff.
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by gain234, 25 chapters, bbw weightgain
My name is Linds and I'm a chocoholic. I started getting fat and now I can't stop. Even worse, I'm not sure if I want to stop... *New Chapters 10/8*
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the fatness

2 months ago
by becomingfeedee21, 2 chapters, bbw weightgain
A thin girl is the subject of an experiment with unforeseen consequences for her. First chapter in progression
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4 days ago
by ffasa, 2 chapters, bbw weightgain
A story about a young woman on her path to become an SSBBW. The chapters will end on a sexual note.(weightgain+eating and stuffing+romance) (submission, domination and extreme obesity to come later)
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