by bellyguy1951, 4 chapters, bbw weightgain
When you encounter an ancient scroll that starts with a warning, PAY ATTENTION!!! Melanie Keegan didn't.
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5 hours ago
by Scipio, 1 chapter, bbw eating and stuffing
BBW, stuffing, sex - My first story
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by CriticalMass, 2 chapters, bhm extreme obesity
Dark* things are possible in the deep web. *As implied by this word the story is NC-17/18+ dark. If you do not like this sort of genre, do not read.
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filling time

12 hours ago
by sexytubs, 2 chapters, ffa weightgain
a fat girl takes her wanna be fat boy and turns his dream into his reality
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by Fiji, 4 chapters, bhm weightgain
A fat man muses about his perfect Hawaiian vacation with his wife and her plans for him to get even fatter.
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into darkness!

2 days ago
by imurfeeder, 1 chapter, bbw weightgain
Request from: frostxwatcher A girl is taken by hired goons which where hired by her husband to kidnap his wife and lock her in a barn, contains torment, feederism and gaining
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one night

3 days ago
by blob_baby, 1 chapter, bbw weightgain
One night, Belle picked up a special ice cream...
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by bellyhangin, 2 chapters, bbw weightgain
Anette is beginning her new life post college at her heaviest weight yet. When she meets her new neighbor, she is yet again reminded of just how chubby she has far, at least!
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by IrishRed, 2 chapters, bbw extreme obesity
She has no idea what the good Doctor has in store for her
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girl scout cookies

5 days ago
by Fiji, 1 chapter, bhm romance
Can Girl Scout cookies help rekindle an old romance?
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