This is a true story an is in 1st person. Main Characters: Me (Eddie), Caroline (my girlfriend), Alyssa (a friend of my girlfriend), and Desir� (a friend of mine and frien of Caroline's). This happened July 19th of 2017. Caroline is helping me wr
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This story is in 2nd person and it's a decision based story where YOU the reader are taken on a wild ride through life's best experience: SEX! Key: when ever you see "y/n" it means insert your name there. I hope you enjoy this story and let me know ho
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Rob and Mary are young, trim and in love. But will it last?
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When college football comes into play, Coach wont allow his team to lose, and will do anything neccessary to lead his team to victory
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Young guy, goes to summer vacation and college, this changes his waistband more then he expected. First story
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Role reversal
21 chapters, straight male
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A once feeder turned feedee finds love and so much more when he meets an FFA who has big plans for their future.
11 chapters, straight male
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A young woman posts an ad for a new roommate. Luckily, a man quickly responds. Little does he know what she has in store for him. Part 5 posted. 9.17.17
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A princess resigns herself to a loveless arranged marriage with the prince of a neighbouring kingdom. But things change when she begins to notice her new husband's growing waistline.
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Yeolanda has guilty fattening pleasures and expensive tastes which her new toy is about to find out.
1 chapter, straight male
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