2 years
John finds a job and as his wallet expands so dose his waist, by the way this story contains sexual actions and stuffing
19211 views, 6 likes, 1 comment
The true story of how my boyfriend turned me into a feeder.
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2 months
When his boss offers him the opportunity of a lifetime, Fry and his friends start to live life however they want to, no matter the consequences.
11 chapters, straight male
15629 views, 14 likes, 6 comments
Alex, an average ,slender ,brown haired guy is kidnapped. Only to be confronted with promises of his wildest dreams... Will Alex submit to his inner most desires? or will he fight them and for a way out of his new prison cell.
301 views, 2 likes, 0 comments
A young boy, fresh out of high school and about to enjoy his summer vacation before going off to college is kidnapped and forced to his limits
10776 views, 15 likes, 6 comments
You think you know a story inside and out but to get to the heart of the story you've got to go back to the beginning
1907 views, 8 likes, 2 comments
I made a collage and wrote a short story for it.
1606 views, 15 likes, 4 comments
A sensual vignette between a petite woman and an enormously fat man.
1956 views, 7 likes, 2 comments
A young man goes to college and relaxes a bit
2049 views, 6 likes, 1 comment
5 days
How my gaining went from a fetish to a lifestyle.
907 views, 10 likes, 1 comment
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