Trevor grows at the hands of his loving wife
9 chapters, straight male
8606 views, 10 likes, 3 comments
2 months
This story will be a sort of biography focused on the development of my fetish and how its changed.
1086 views, 1 like, 1 comment
3 weeks
This is a request story :) Bobby has been married to Alison for 2 years, but she feels there's something missing. A trip to the local Occult shop changes everything with the click of her fingers
12602 views, 36 likes, 8 comments
A young professional woman admires a growing man from afar. Will they get together one day? Story is told from the woman's point of view.
517 views, 7 likes, 1 comment
Cole and Keaton move to LA and crash at their friend's mansion. There, Cole meets an interesting man, Jayce, who will forever change his life. This is NOT a realistic story by any means. Artwork: Spike4646 on DeviantArt
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The story of a girl who finally gets the chance to date (and feed) a fat guy, after years of keeping her secret in the dark.
844 views, 11 likes, 3 comments
Red is a man who likes to exercise and look after himself, but falls for an attractive colleague. Will he be able to handle her secret identity?
24718 views, 26 likes, 16 comments
Date with 400 pound
1 chapter, straight male
755 views, 1 like, 1 comment
A jock gets addicted to junk food. The consequences are pretty large...
2 chapters, straight male
5270 views, 6 likes, 4 comments
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