Molly has always been a big girl, married to her super fit husband Bobby she has had enough of him teasing her, finding a spell online, things begin to change for them both.
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I knew when I was very young
280 views, 2 likes, 2 comments
A little Fantasy I had. Haven't had time to finish it yet.
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Red is a man who likes to exercise and look after himself, but falls for an attractive colleague. Will he be able to handle her secret identity?
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1 month
the orgin story of my lonely oc. if you want in just ask. the story is set in the 80's
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Picture if you will, a farm where women are taken, fattened up, and milked for profit. Poor Alena will find that such a place exists
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2 weeks
A feedee's efforts to catch up to his voluptuous feeder.
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Relationships and weight gain
7 chapters, straight male
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moving to the mid west can have a huge affect on a person
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Weight Gain, black mail, feminization
5 chapters, gay male
9216 views, 13 likes, 3 comments
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