This piece is described by its title. It is very short.
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A new take on an Cinderella old tale. While our protagonist is far from royalty for some time, she learns that some men appreciate a full-figured princess. Contains a bit of humiliation but ultimately a happy ending.
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Sarah is a young ussbbw who loves sweets. Ever since she was a kid people have called her sweet Sarah. Because of the candy, but also her endearing personality.
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Brian gets way more than he asked for when he calls someone out on their size.
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male druggie switches to gluttony
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In a growing human world, vampires must select their fledglings extremely carefully.
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Dean is held prisoner after ghosting on his tinder date, forced to grow fatter by his merciless feedress. Contains force feeding, humiliation, domination, and eventual immobility Update! Realized I had left out a chapter when I uploaded. More coming so
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A young girl which never felt love, accidentally found love of her live. They met because of his fetish and she wants to make him happy. This story is based on real life story of my relationship with my girlfriend.
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3 weeks
Michael Reed and Dimitri Wilde have been best friends since dipars days. Once the pair get into the same college, that is far from home, Michael starts noticing two things: 1: he has started to put on a little weight. And 2: Dimitri won't stop fixing him
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