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Sadie lands the perfect pilots job flying corporate jets. What she didn't expect is the impact it would have on her waistline.
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A barrister develops feelings for his growing clerk. *Ch 16 added 19/8*
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Wifey's BFF returns East from California and moves in with her and her BHM hubby. Hijinks ensue.
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This story does not have the same format as many other stories featured here on fantasy feeder. It draws from gothic horror tradition by the likes of bram stoker and Edgar Allan Poe. There are even a few direct quotes. It also draws on traditional and m
5 chapters, straight male
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Continuation of Part 1. Georgia and Ruby's night of partying will show results, and set each on new paths.
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Two friends decide to get navel piercings. It's been a long winter of hibernation, and to be pierced, you have to lift up your shirt... [prt.20-23 added 20/8]
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A young professional woman admires a growing man from afar. Will they get together one day? Story is told from the woman's point of view.
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A long, slow, but hopefully enjoyable WG fairy tale. A simple baker's apprentice, Niall's life takes a turn for the strange as, one evening, seemingly out of nowhere, a mysterious young woman emerges into it.
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4 months
When his boss offers him the opportunity of a lifetime, Fry and his friends start to live life however they want to, no matter the consequences.
12 chapters, straight male
20458 views, 16 likes, 7 comments
3 years
On a quiet, mellow Friday night, in a small, under-funded diner outside London, two lives are about to collide. Hackman, a jaded journalist and budding FA will meet the delicious, uninhibited Rhonda- the undisputed queen of eating contests. Together they
14687 views, 11 likes, 14 comments
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