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A chubby young Brit goes to the states to study.
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moving to the mid west can have a huge affect on a person
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4 months
Lilly is a young SSBBW on the brink of immobility. This is my first story, so let me know what you think. Cover art is "Andrea and Marty" by Koudelka2005 on DeviantArt.
25 chapters, straight female
74682 views, 51 likes, 23 comments
Weight Gain, black mail, feminization
5 chapters, gay male
8426 views, 13 likes, 3 comments
Update! 10/16/17 Its been almost 3 years! And I'm back baby! New content coming soon! Let me know whachu wanna see!!!!
147078 views, 35 likes, 26 comments
3rd story so far As always I welcome any amount of criticism
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3 months
My second story remember Iím fully open to feedback :)
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3 weeks
Mutual Gaining
7278 views, 16 likes, 2 comments
Katrina Orland humiliated Sacha by making him look like a boor online, and what's more, he has to deal with her outperforming him in class! Now he wants to enact some disproportionate retribution, by paying a shady corporation to turn her into a dumb pig.
1631 views, 14 likes, 1 comment
Alexis turns on her captive and makes him into a feminine SSBHM *Forget last three chapters different story path now starting after events in chapter 3
42960 views, 27 likes, 5 comments
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