Based on a fetish module written for a table-top pen and paper fantasy role playing game, Freija Caldwynn, the half-nymph half-shifter handmaiden of the goddess Sune, investigates the disappearance of an heiress. Hijinks ensue and girls get fat.
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4 days
Here is week twos saga of my overeating adventure!
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Female characters gain weight, stuffing and some humiliation
7 chapters, lesbian female
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5 days
Two room mates and best friends explore bars, restaurants and eventually one another.
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When one girl is changed by a magic slime, her life suddenly gets a lot bigger.
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2 months
a bartender meets a girl she never thought she would be attracted to while at work. my first story, may have some more lewd content past chapter 3.
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Lucia is home alone for the summer, finds her brother's video games and she started playing. But not only...
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2 weeks
Two young women are talking about gaining weight for money or for love.
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This is the real life food journal of what is happening right now. I have decided to live the life style 24/7.
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4 months
Made by author of 'Lizzie's Weight Gain Journey!' My fictional story of two chubby lesbians!
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