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Female weight gain, stuffing, ballooning
2542 views, 13 likes, 4 comments
2 years
Jane has gained a lot of weight over the summer, and her soccer coach and mother are not happy about it. She discovers, however, that she likes having her weight gain pointed out, and she isn't terribly sure how she feels about this.
7110 views, 24 likes, 6 comments
piggy's had a lot tonight, but I know she can fit more. dd/lg
2026 views, 16 likes, 4 comments
Role reversal
21 chapters, straight male
53423 views, 35 likes, 17 comments
A tale of weight gain and self discovery told in the first person. After a life of being compared to her thin family, this young girl discovers a whole new life.
9914 views, 19 likes, 5 comments
Romantic weekend with boyfried
842 views, 5 likes, 2 comments
5 days
They say curiosity killed the cat but what did it do to the girlfriend?
2403 views, 15 likes, 11 comments
Young guy, goes to summer vacation and college, this changes his waistband more then he expected. First story
1 chapter, straight male
298 views, 2 likes, 1 comment
When college football comes into play, Coach wont allow his team to lose, and will do anything neccessary to lead his team to victory
6565 views, 15 likes, 3 comments
A group of young women sign on to become the apprentice of a mysterious and perverted wizard
2771 views, 8 likes, 3 comments
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