Cole and Keaton move to LA and crash at their friend's mansion. There, Cole meets an interesting man, Jayce, who will forever change his life. This is NOT a realistic story by any means. Artwork: Spike4646 on DeviantArt
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2 months
This story will be a sort of biography focused on the development of my fetish and how its changed.
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This is five years after my story Glenyll revenge marinolle devoiced joe but they are still good friends she wants to gain weight and go back to college I hope you enjoy
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Red is a man who likes to exercise and look after himself, but falls for an attractive colleague. Will he be able to handle her secret identity?
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A girl who is looking to gain in a short amount of time falls down a path of magic and gaining
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While being fed by her Domme feeder live online with an audience of feeders and fat appreciators, a committed feedee reveals herself to the world when she reaches her 500lb milestone.
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3 weeks
(written by OtonashiAkihisa at All about me taking my precious gf out on the date of our live... Or at least, hers.... ;)
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A girl who loves to inflate accidentally goes a little too far
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Brooke has just found out she is pregnant and is terrified about getting a belly but Jessie will grow her own for mutual support.
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