jennifer finds someone else to feed.
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16 hours
Cornelia is young, beautiful and slim girl that get taken by man, who love big girls. What will happen, when she fall for him?
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During one of the rare moments Sarah has the house all to herself, she decides to fulfill her dream of having a huge round tight belly
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Kandi's previous handiwork (Dark stuff.)
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5 months
A paranoid woman's life is forever changed when an alien race comes to earth with promises of peace and abundance. The whole world rejoices and indulges, but can they be trusted?
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6 months
Katsuo came to America for opportunity. Not to learn and grow, but to grow someone else. A cute coffee boy catches his eye, and he can't wait to ruin him... (dark, m/m, gas)
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Sometimes fate can lead kindred spirits together on a dark path. (Not for the lighthearted)
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3 months
Online dating hides a huge secret, that grows into a sensual romance.
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A SSBBW wife and her husband "spice" things up in their marriage. Lots of "adult" content in this one: don't like don't read
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A fitness instructor plots an amicable breakup by fattening her boyfriend Neil, only to find that Neil's weight isn't the only thing out of control...
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