2 days
A brood of children -- and a loving husband -- conspire to give one woman the ultimate mom bod.
1605 views, 18 likes, 5 comments
2 years
John finds a job and as his wallet expands so dose his waist, by the way this story contains sexual actions and stuffing
18815 views, 3 likes, 1 comment
Made by author of 'Lizzie's Weight Gain Journey!' My fictional story of two chubby lesbians!
4180 views, 9 likes, 1 comment
A young boy, fresh out of high school and about to enjoy his summer vacation before going off to college is kidnapped and forced to his limits
8269 views, 10 likes, 5 comments
Daesti Derecho and Lina Lazuli, two adventurous and freewheeling young women, get more than they bargained for when they find themselves in a strange city.
8023 views, 9 likes, 6 comments
Continuing story of the fun, charming, delicious Ivette from "Plumper Stew." Weight gain, dark themes, but no gore! Collaborators Ivette & Jade (Wolfofrage). Cover art thanks to "Grow Me Bigger" 3 new chapters added 6/24 PM
4707 views, 7 likes, 3 comments
The true story of how my boyfriend turned me into a feeder.
871 views, 5 likes, 0 comments
During one of the rare moments Sarah has the house all to herself, she decides to fulfill her dream of having a huge round tight belly
3586 views, 20 likes, 3 comments
4 days
How my gaining went from a fetish to a lifestyle.
818 views, 10 likes, 1 comment
6 months
A paranoid woman's life is forever changed when an alien race comes to earth with promises of peace and abundance. The whole world rejoices and indulges, but can they be trusted?
56625 views, 50 likes, 19 comments
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