story of first bbw gf
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Date with 400 pound
1 chapter, straight male
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A jock gets addicted to junk food. The consequences are pretty large...
2 chapters, straight male
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Young Joey sprained his ankle and needed to rely on the help of another who had plans for Joey
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when your mom is sick and the only medicine that helps makes her gain weight and you are a feeder, dreams come true (no sex or incest) this story is in dutch
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A girl who is looking to gain in a short amount of time falls down a path of magic and gaining
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Reporter dons a fat suit to write a story. Little did she know.....
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2 weeks
a bartender meets a girl she never thought she would be attracted to while at work. my first story, may have some more lewd content past chapter 3.
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Diary of my weight gain at various dates
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2 months
Made by author of 'Lizzie's Weight Gain Journey!' My fictional story of two chubby lesbians!
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