Elena works with a hot boy. She doesn't know that he's a feeder, and a crush from the past. Yet...
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What do you do when you're repulsed by your girlfriend's weight gain, but she keeps getting hornier with every pound? Start a website giving lucky chubby-chasers the chance to feed, humiliate and f**k her on film, of course!
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6 months
Mindy has a magic journal...
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moving to the mid west can have a huge affect on a person
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Weight Gain, black mail, feminization
5 chapters, gay male
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3rd story so far As always I welcome any amount of criticism
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3 months
My second story remember Iím fully open to feedback :)
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Mutual Gaining
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Katrina Orland humiliated Sacha by making him look like a boor online, and what's more, he has to deal with her outperforming him in class! Now he wants to enact some disproportionate retribution, by paying a shady corporation to turn her into a dumb pig.
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Alexis turns on her captive and makes him into a feminine SSBHM *Forget last three chapters different story path now starting after events in chapter 3
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