Maybe you should think twice before having a whinge?
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3 weeks
Damaged young woman Gwen, her best friend Martin and his ex bf are in an awkward love triangle. When Martin begins to gain, they all find new meaning. Slow to start/character driven WG/romance/feeding/gay romance/stuffing/boy on boy/encouraging/teasing.
18 chapters, straight male
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6 days
One day, Sam was asked to go over to the house of the cutest girl in school, next thing she new she was in love with an overfeeding, sassy, playful sugar mommy who's her same age
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2 years
John finds a job at a large burger joint his boss tim wants him as fat as possible and things take a turn for the best when they find out the possibility of love!
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1 week
A little monologue for feeder's to enjoy~
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Megan and Declan had been friends for years, but only ever just friends. One night changes that and opens up a whole new side to their relationship one which made them both very happy. Romance, consensual gaining.
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When an older sister makes the youngest her servant for a secret, when will it go too far?
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Ruby wanted to gain a huge belly but didn�t have any food and couldn�t be bothered to go shopping so she bloated her belly full of water.
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In the midst of confusion and lust, two best friends let their love blossom while fate makes them its bitch
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