4 days
If you don't like ddlg don't read
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3 months
Emily had everything she could ever want, but she angered the wrong people, her perfect figure that she loved will ruined. She will get bigger than she could even imagine!(contains- female weight gain, stuffing, force feeding, and kidnapping)
125402 views, 46 likes, 33 comments
A greedy little princess is about to get more than she desired after meeting a man willing to indulge her appetites.
29845 views, 51 likes, 12 comments
Reporter dons a fat suit to write a story. Little did she know.....
3293 views, 15 likes, 4 comments
2 months
A shy girl begins an unlikely friendship that leads to more.
7306 views, 21 likes, 8 comments
Weight gain, revenge, role reversal and feminisation
11363 views, 20 likes, 8 comments
Kaitlin lets go getting fatter than she's ever been able to be--with some help
17811 views, 29 likes, 4 comments
Alice discovers water inflation and decides to try
298 views, 0 likes, 0 comments
Adam is humiliated by his colleagues for being too fat, but can't help getting even fatter
6715 views, 5 likes, 3 comments
A very fat girl grows to be a very fat young lady with help from family... Starts out as a straight story with lesbian tendencies.
3241 views, 3 likes, 4 comments
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