In this story I will write in more detail about my best friends moms weight gain in first person from her perspective.
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an idea comes to a girl that she wants to follow through with
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2 weeks
Dedicated to my own Santa Baby
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This story is loosely based on true events
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****** CH 9 posted 11/15/2017 ******* Just made a few edits to fix dumb typos ** A brood of children --- and a loving husband --- conspire to give one woman the ultimate mom bod.
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Young Plump Mia is carefully ‘shaped’ into Leah’s and Alice’s Perfect Piggy.
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An American woman born in Bosnia is recruited by a secret agency to fill out evil dictator Kim Jong Un.
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A girl who starts her job slim and end ups piling on the weight
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At the insistence of his wife, a newlywed husband consults a psychiatrist after revealing his secret fetish, but it soon becomes apparent that Dr. Thrace has an ulterior motive.
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Maria meets a young wealthy man online with a weird fetish
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