A wicked feeder stuffs and taunts her dough boy
17316 views, 42 likes, 23 comments
Esther takes her morbidly obese boyfriend for a spot of exercise in the park.
922 views, 9 likes, 3 comments
Relationships and weight gain
6 chapters, straight male
21282 views, 19 likes, 5 comments
A model wants to move into television and see's a Big Brother style programme as her way in
8792 views, 23 likes, 7 comments
Psychology has shown that you can link any two stimuli... (Story Complete!) Edits as of 9/13/2017
34766 views, 122 likes, 18 comments
A newlywed couple indulges in wifey's fantasies of having a hungry hog husband. (Art by me)
4 chapters, straight male
9716 views, 21 likes, 7 comments
an idea comes to a girl that she wants to follow through with
2871 views, 11 likes, 3 comments
2 weeks
Lila finds herself victim to bdsm, force feeding, weight gain, and humiliation.
9454 views, 25 likes, 2 comments
Manual of getting your body obese - for men and women
1548 views, 4 likes, 2 comments
one sisters goal is to lose weight, the other is secretly gaining weight
60661 views, 41 likes, 13 comments
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