Commission for a friend. What happens when a young woman discovers a buffet run by a pack of sensual ladies. Originally uploaded to deviantart, my account is called tasteofvore.
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An adorably cocky feedee and his girlfriend head to the buffet. Male weight gain and stuffing, tight clothes. I took in some real life inspiration for this one but I knew it would fit better with Edward as the focus.
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2 years
John finds a job at a large burger joint his boss tim wants him as fat as possible and things take a turn for the best when they find out the possibility of love!
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I had always suspected that Allison was a closet feedee.
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3 months
Short story
17301 views, 30 likes, 4 comments
Read as these two skinny sisters turn into a fat duo to their greedy desires. Read as they get embarrassed due their added weight! Lauren and Lisa gain weight! Spin off from Marie!
142773 views, 47 likes, 16 comments
A girl has had enough of school and turns to food.
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a small woman's admiration of a fat man; sensual and explicit (last chapter added)
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8 months
Melody has plumped up after a recent breakup and she's reconnected with a boyfriend who wants her fatter.
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1 month
Even as a little girl Jade dreamed of being fattened and devoured. Once she met Desmond SHE was determined to make her dreams come true. Dark but no gore! Sequel to Best Piggy Ever. Collab: wolfofrage. Cover pic: misstasticakesbbw
17641 views, 11 likes, 9 comments
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