my neighbour

chapter 1

Lily had always lived in the same house, in the same town, and with the same neighbours, but for the first time, something new was about to come around. The old lady that lived right next to her was moving out with her family since she was too old to take care of herself alone. It had been a couple of months since she had moved out when she heard some unusual noise coming from the street. She went right to the window of her room just to see a bunch of furniture placed out in the street and a big truck. A family of four were taking the things out of the truck, the mum, a blond skinny women, the dad; a fit man with muscular arms. An about 12 years old boy and a girl. Lily's eyes went straight to the girl. She was blonde, really pretty, beautiful smile, blue eyes, nice make up, toned body. She was wearing a pair of really short shorts and a crop top that showed her flat stomach and nice breast. Lily could not feel anything but jealousy for her. Lily was a skinny small girl. Nothing special, brown eyes, black hair, average face, but no boobs or butt at all. All flat. Seeing that girl made her feel more insecure about her body than ever before.
After a couple of days she had discovered that her neighbor was her same age, what meant that she was going to spend her senior year having classes with perhaps the hottest girl in town.
When the school year was about to start Lily decided that was about time for her to introduce herself to her neighbor in order to at least know her name, and maybe become friends even.. that would probably make lily popular, and that was the greatest part about. So she went for it.
After nocking on the door She opened the door. Her flawless hair, her beautiful face and her perfect body made it hard to focus on one thing at a time.
'Oh hi... you are..?" She said
"Yeah sorry, I am Lily... your neighbor, I live right next to you."
"Nice... I am Mia" She said not sounding happy about the conversation
"Anyway I thought it would be nice for you to know someone in town before the school year strats"
"Sure thanks...well I gotta go... Bye!" Mia said as she closed the door
The school year came around and after only a week of class Mia had already been asked to at least 4 dates, 5 parties and was friends with all the popular girls in the school. She had also joined the cheerleading team, making everybody notice her even more, now walking around on her uniform and showing her body around.
Lily knew that she was not going to handle good the fact that she had to see her in class, in the bus home and right next door, so she decided that she had to do something to fix the situation. Many ideas came to her mind, but only one convinced her to the point that she was going to actually make it work.
One evening her family decided to invite Mia's family over for dinner and as soon Lily knew about it she also knew that it was the perfect moment for her to take the plan into action. She spent all evening learning online how to hypnotize people in order to try to make it work with Mia.
The bell rang, Lily ran to open the door, The perfect family was right outside and of course, the perfect daughter, wearing a white tight dress and high heels like it was some kind of fancy party. "Lily why don't you show Mia your room and chat while I prepare the table" Lily's mum said.
Lily took Mia to her room and they chatted for a while before Lily started playing the hypnotizing music.
"What is that terrible sound?" Mia complained
"It's so you can relax, as a cheerleader you must be stressed form having so much pressure... so I decided to help you relax"
"Really? that is really nice from you.. so what do I have to do?" Mia asked
" Here ... close your eyes and listen to the music and then my voice as I talk"
And so she did, Mia listened to the music for 3 minutes and then lily started talking.
"Now, focus on my voice and repeat with me... I am Mia Halford, a 18 year old girl..."
"I am Mia Halford, a 18 year old girl.." Mia repeated
"I am an athletic girl who has been enjoying healthy food and working out..." Lily continued
""I am an athletic girl who has been enjoying healthy food and working out..."
"But in reality I don't like neither of those things, I do like wearing my cheerleader outfit and being seen by the people around me... But I don't like salads, and neither healthy food... I like pizza, hamburgers and sakes... fast food... cookies... cakes.. greasy food. So from now on, I will eat all those food any time I can and as much as possible. I will not notice the changes in my body no matter what and last but not least, my mum can not know what I am eating so I will have to hide my eating habits to her.'
Mia repeated and then opened her eyes...
"Oh that was really relaxing, I dont know what you said... but I feel better than ever... and actually pretty hungry" She said with a happy look on her face
Lily could not believe it had worked...I mean, she was going to try, but from the beginning she had no hope on actually archiving it. During dinner Mia seemed to act as always, she ate a salad, and some chicken.
That night Lily went to sleep dreaming about what the following months were going to be like and she could not wait for it.
The following day she started noticing the changes in her neighbor, not in her looks, but in the way she ate. While sitting in the cafeteria she noticed Mia buying a cheese burger and a shake instead of the usual salad. She also notice that Mia ate really quick, almost devouring it. She then went back to the food court to get something else, a slice of pizza and a couple cookies.
"Nice job for your first meal" Lily thought to herself. She also saw Mia eating peanut butter cookies in class about an hour later.
A week had gone by and Lily had been checking Mia's eating plan. It had been pretty much tacos, burgers and pizza, usually with fries and shakes and then cookies, cake or pie after. Also, many snacks while in class. She still looked toned and nice since it had been just a week but lily could not stop thinking about what a month od this new regime would look on her hot neighbor.
An other week went by, and then an other, and she had stated seeing some changes on Mia. Her abs were now under a small layer of fat and her butt looked wider.
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FrecherTyp 5 years
Oh such a nice and.interesting start ...smiley
I think this is such a sexy kinky idea to use hypnosis for weight gain

interesting ^^smiley
Passionfat 5 years
Please continue 😍😍😍😍😍