chapter 1

"I can't tell if you're being serious or not... Please tell me this is a joke."

Kat could barely believe what had just been said by her fiancé Paul, what he was suggesting seemed completely unreasonable to her and he had to be joking... right?

"I know it's ludicrous hun, believe me I do. But I honestly think it's the easiest thing to do in the situation."

"Paul, she's your fucking ex! In what universe is this the easiest thing to do?!"

Yes, Paul had just broken the news to Kat that he thought that his ex-girlfriend Joanne should move in with them.

"I know, I know. It's just that her Mom and mine were best friends while she was still alive and my Mom still has a lot of contact with Joanne, she won't stop going on about how "a decent man would help someone he once had feelings for if he were in a position to do so" it's easier to just help her out than constantly have her go on about it."

"Your damn Mother is crazy! That's not the correct relationship for ex partners to have! How on earth could she think that having her move in here would be beneficial to our relationship?! Maybe that's it! She wants her here so that we split up!"

Kat had reason to be wary of Paul's Mother. They hadn't hit it off well at all and their relationship hadn't improved over the years. Plus, it seemed that ever since Kat and Paul had announced their engagement she hadn't shut up about Joanne and her continued hardship.

"My Mom doesn't want us to split up. You're being paranoid."

"How am I being paranoid Paul? We're trying to plan a wedding here and we'll be getting input from your ex-girlfriend!"

"She'll just be staying in the spare room, she's not coming to the wedding."

"Oh, I don't think you should wear white Katherine and make sure you cover your soft arms." mocked Kat in her best Joanne impression

"Kat. She'll have nothing to do with the wedding. She'd be staying here a couple of weeks tops."

"Yeah right, until your Mom brings her as her plus one." replied Kat as she rested her head on Paul's shoulder.

"Listen, you can say no if you want and I'll back you one hundred percent, you know that. I just think it will help things with you and Mom if you're the one to offer help to her friend when no-one else can." said Paul as he hugged her tightly.

"It won't make a difference, I'll still be the evil with that stole her baby."

"She doesn't think you're a witch, I just want her to see how awesome you are just like I do."

"You promise me it'll be no more than a few weeks and I can have my sewing room back" pouted Kat.

"I promise"

Three days later and Joanne was moving her few possessions into Kat and Paul's spare room - formerly known as Kat's sewing room. A lengthy bout of unemployment following the breakup of her last relationship had left Joanne with the need to sell most of her belongings in order to make rent. After reaching out to Paul's Mom Marcie she had suggested the situation that they now found themselves in.

"Oh Joanne dear, I hope this will be okay for you. You know that I'd have you stay with me if I had the space darling."

"Oh Marcie I'm very appreciative believe me" replied Joanne as she gave Paul's Mom a hug "I'll be out of your hair before you know it Paul, and Kat, I know me being here must be weird for you I'll try to keep out of your way."

"Oh nonsense!" smiled Kat falsely "A friend of Marcie's is a friend of mine, you make yourself at home"

Kat looked at Marcie for any sign of approval but was just met with the slight rolling of her eyes.

"Now Joanne, I'll meet up with you on Monday once you're settled and we can search for jobs together over coffee if you like?"

"She's never invited herself round for coffee with me" thought Kat as she observed the interaction

"That'll be great yeah, thanks Marcie"

"And I'll be out the way working upstairs so you won't be interrupted" added Kat but was just met with blank looks from Marcie and Joanne.

"Great" was their joint response.

As they got ready for bed that evening Kat bemoaned the situation to Paul.

"Do you think you Mom will ever be like that with me?"

"Like what?" asked Paul through a mouthful of toothpaste

"Like warm, nurturing, you know, like a proper human being?"

"Don't forget Mom and Jo have known each other as long as Jo has been alive, she's like a second Mother to her"

"Yeah don't remind me" frowned Kat "I just wish I could be in Jo's position you know?"

"I'm sure you two will become firm friends if you work at it hun and you'll be the new Jo in no time" smiled Paul.

But he wasn't the only one smiling. She didn't need her ear pressed against the wall to hear everything that was being said in the next room.

"Oh don't worry Kat, you'll be in my position soon enough."
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Rimtech 5 years
This is fantastic! Really enjoyed how the story was structured & unfolded.

Now I'll have to read your other stories!