the comfort zone

Chapter 1 - cops and robbers

“NO! I can’t do this! I look ridiculous!” Jenn self-consciously pouted. She was wincing at the sad look of her own disappointed reflection staring back into her watery blue eyes. Her scantily clad body, fully captured by the tall and narrow mirror, did not instill her with the artificial confidence she was hoping for. It was difficult for Jenn to contain her frustration at the unfairness of it all.

“Jennifer, come on! You don’t have to make a scene! We’re going to be late!” Caroline pleaded with her roommate, while she tried in vain to open the door to their dorm room that Jenn had hastily locked moments prior.

“Caroline, I can’t do this. My tummy has butterflies!” Jenn whined, wishing she could somehow go back in time and stop herself from asking Caroline for her help in selecting an outfit for their first official college party.

“Jenn, stop being so dramatic! It’s just a party! *Sigh* It’s gonna be fine. Trust me.” Caroline assured her, as her tone began to transition from eager partygoer to caring friend.

“You promise?” Jenn muttered feeling slightly comforted by her friend’s voice. Maybe Caroline was right, the outfit she had on would certainly draw attention to her. Jenn just hoped it was the attention she was hoping for, preferably from a hunky guy.

“College is the time to go outside your comfort zone! You told me you wanted to turn over a new leaf! This isn’t high school anymore! This is your opportunity! I swear you won’t regret it!” Caroline promised, as she paused to let her words sink in. She heard movement from inside the dorm room. She hoped it was Jennifer finally getting her act together and leaving the room, but she knew Jenn had some self-esteem issues. It was only the second weekend of their freshman year and already Jenn’s high school baggage was rearing its ugly head. Caroline knew she’d have to say more to convince Jenn to come out of the room. So, she said the only thing that was on her mind, “Come on!! Start living!”

“Okay-okay...” Jenn reluctantly sighed, while she opened the door a tiny crack and nervously sidestepped into the hallway and into Caroline’s view. “I just didn’t think I’d have to wear something like this...”

“The party theme is cops and robbers. All the girls are gonna be wearing sexy police outfits but trust me you look HAWT!!” Caroline exclaimed, as she gave her shy friend a once over. Jenn’s most noticeable feature was her height, or perhaps her build. She was very tall and very slim. Standing slightly above 6’0 (1.85 meters), Jenn towered over most other girls, but only weighed about 123lbs. This meant she had some serious positives and negatives about her figure that Caroline could never fail to notice.

Starting with the positives, Jenn had wonderfully long slim legs, a lean trim stomach, luscious medium-length blonde hair that tended to fall just behind her shoulders and a pretty face that most guys in their high school failed to appreciate. Unfortunately for Jenn, she was not well endowed in the breast or butt department. Caroline could plainly see that these shortcomings really detracted from Jenn’s appearance. Jenn wore a small black button front romper with pockets that clung tight to her figure, but couldn’t really highlight her chest because of Jenn’s lack of cleavage or her bottom because of her flat butt. It made her legs look nice, but that was about it. The belt helped show off her trim waist, the fake police badge maybe helped distract from her absent bust, and the hat aided her outfit’s police theme but covered up some of her pretty hair. Overall, Jenn’s look was a mixed bag, but Caroline was sure that some guy would find her attractive, she hoped so anyway. She had her own desires to chase tonight, after all. She couldn’t babysit Jenn all night.

“Yeah, no. I look like a stick.. You look hot.” Jenn rebuffed the complement, as Caroline’s appearance clearly put hers to shame. Caroline was without a shadow of a doubt looking primed and sexy tonight. She was a lot shorter than Jenn, standing only about 5’5 (1.68 meters), but actually weighed a few pounds more than her underweight friend. Weighing about 125lbs, Caroline certainly qualified as thin, just not as slim as Jenn. Her visually stimulating costume consisted of a long sleeve crop top with a zip up front that left a huge gap between its fabric and her black booty shorts. The zip up top really drew attention to Caroline’s irresistible bust. While she normally sported respectable perky b cup breasts, with her push up bra on and possibly some padding mixed in, the cleavage in her top clearly gave off the illusion of Caroline’s boobs actually being full on c-cups.

Gazing lower, Caroline totally had the body of a college athlete. She had a hint of abs on display around her bare midsection, incredibly toned thighs, a heart shaped butt that looked totally full and firm in her black booty shorts, and yet she still managed to have an alluringly curvy figure because of her slightly wider hips than one might expect from someone so flawlessly proportioned. It was no wonder Caroline received so much attention from the boys at their high school, she was perfect. Her ‘sexy police girl look’ was rounded out by Caroline’s self-proclaimed ‘porn star high heels’ matched with high socks, a tight belt with toy handcuffs clipped on, a sizzling police badge plopped upon her full chest, and a hat covering most of her brunette colored hair, although her pony tail was still on display.

“For the last time, you’re beautiful! And tonight you’re gonna find a guy that thinks so too. I know it.” Caroline convinced Jenn, while she playfully nudged her.

“Haha, you think so?” Jenn asked for more reassurance. Caroline knew Jenn could be a bit shy and insecure about her body, but this was just torture.

“No. I know so. Now let’s meet up with April and Vanessa downstairs and head on over! Unless, you’re not done having a meltdown?” Caroline playfully joked, as Jenn face brightened up.

“Nope, I’m ready.” Jenn smiled, as she adjusted her boots, closed their dorm room door and walked to the elevator with Caroline.
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Polarisdreamer 2 years
@Vidar Yes, Trent is the same character in all of my stories
Angelhoney 2 years
Always love your stories
Polarisdreamer 2 years
@Bomb_Destroyer What do you mean? Similar in what ways?
Bomb_Destroyer 2 years
Will you ever consider writing a new story but kinda similar to this story?
Fatowl 2 years
And looks to Jamie or Jenn, who loses weight and becomes a dominate feeder for the group. Bring in another guy to replace Mason, maybe a FA to help Jenn feed?
Fatowl 2 years
Lovely story and interesting ending. Good Job!! Nice job bringing back Jamie. You could use a few more chapters to tie up a few ends. April gets back with Feedee Caroline. Jamie and Mason or with Jenn who loses weight. Coach Reese really bi and look
Polarisdreamer 2 years
@fatowl I hope you enjoy the final twists!

@FeedYou Thank you so much! That is very kind to say! This is certainly my most popular story on DA
Fatowl 2 years
Interesting how you weave the characters together. A few twists would be nice as the drama continues among the group. Jamie could be a wild card in the story. Or maybe Coach Reese? A secret FA?
Polarisdreamer 2 years
@berserker1 There are already dozens of links! Not sure I wanna mess with such a great story!

@fatowl Thank you! No worries, things will be shaken!

@Bomb_Des I am just fixing grammar and descriptions, not adding new chapters
Berserker1 2 years
Glad to see this story around here! One of the fans favourite for sure. You should consider expand it with fresh new chapters, linking it other stories of the polarisverse!! smiley
Fatowl 2 years
Great story! Good character development. A few more twists would be cool. Maybe bring Jamie back to shake things up and have Jenn or Caroline go into modeling or slim back down.
Bomb_Destroyer 2 years
When will you edit this story. Like will you add anything else after Jenn is now in control of Caroline the whale?
Polarisdreamer 2 years
@EncouragingSoft your comment got cut off by the word limit. Thank you for the praise though! It really means a lot!
Polarisdreamer 2 years
@Just another, thank you! I will!
Polarisdreamer 2 years
@conJohn my intention is to edit it and update it, but not rewrite it
ConJohn 2 years
One of my favorite stories. Glad to see it here. By chance are you just bringing it here as it is in DA? Or will you be doing something similar to the updates you made for tiaras to tootsie rolls? Thanks!