The fence

chapter 1- 10 years ago..

“I can hear you Trevor! Better stay quiet or else I’ll find you!” Alana warned, as she continued to enjoy the late-summer’s sunset lounging poolside at her next-door neighbor’s house. Babysitting was normally a profession Alana loathed, although to be fair, Alana loathed most things that required more than a token effort. School was a bore. Sports were bleh. Her boyfriend, Scott, was an exception, but still.. She’d been determined to laze around and relax to her heart’s content since high school graduation. This was the last summer she had to enjoy herself before she went off for her freshman year of college. Real life was just around the corner and she wanted to soak in as much carefree time as possible! Babysitting normally got in the way of that but looking after Trevor was the exception.

Trevor was her boyfriend’s little brother. Alana couldn’t be bothered to remember the details, but the short and pudgy youngster was only nine or ten years old or something like that. Way younger than Scott, and frankly, nothing like him. Unlike his stud of an older brother, Trevor was content to do anything she asked for the slightest portion of her attention. As a perfect example, tonight Scott had blown her off to travel with his parents to an ‘accepted students’ event at the local college that had recruited him to play football.

She’d tried to convince him to skip the event in order to attend a party with her, but no. He never put her needs first. Instead of having fun at a party Alana was stuck babysitting his little brother. Luckily, Trevor was easy. Rather than faithfully fulfilling her duties as a responsible babysitter, Alana had enticed Trevor into a little game of hide and seek. He’d be hiding, she’d be seeking. The only thing was.. once Trevor excitedly went off to hide, Alana didn’t go looking for him. Rather, she stripped down to her bikini, parked her perfectly formed ass on a lounge chair by the pool, and resolved to absorb every ounce of sunlight she could before the big burning ball of gas went down.

Her plan had worked like a charm for about an hour, till just a moment ago. She’d heard a crashing sound from her parents’ yard, it sounded like one of their metal trash cans falling over. What the heck was that boy doing? From her reclined position, Alana had no visual clue as to what had happened, she was too short to see over the fence anyway, so she didn’t even bother standing up just yet. As the echo of her sharp voice reverberated across the side of the house, she could hear a groaning response.

“Alana! *sniff* Help I’m stuck!” Trevor’s voice whimpered, as Alana let out a short sigh of frustration.

“Give me a minute I gotta go around the fence.” Alana groaned, as she slowly got up from her lounge chair.

“Hurry! It hurts!” Trevor’s voice pleaded with some urgency.

Normally Alana wouldn’t have bothered rushing, but Trevor sounded distraught. She didn’t want to get in any trouble if he’d somehow hurt himself. Rather than make the long walk to the front of the house to the fence’s gate, Alana went to a certain plank that was quite loose. Loose enough in fact to easily nudge out of place and tilt to the side. This little secret had allowed Alana to sneak, unnoticed, into her boyfriend’s bed many times behind both their parents backs.

Trevor watched as a plank swung out of the way and Alana’s head poked through the gap. She had long brown hair, almost reaching to her butt. First, she looked left, then she looked right and spotted him. He’d been spying on her from the top of a narrow metal trash can. He’d hardly had time to react when his unsteady position caused the lid to slide out from under him. His youthful belly had plugged his descent into the tall trash can, but it had also wedged him into a compromising position. He’d tried to silently wiggle himself free, but he’d only succeeded in tittering over and smacking into the ground.

He was no closer to freeing himself when Alana slinked through the gap in the fence and walked over to him with a disapproving look on her face. Her hourglass frame carried all 125lbs she carried masterfully. She may have had a soft looking tummy, but Alana’s perky c-cup breasts, curvy hips, brown eyes, and seductively attractive face had cemented her status as the second most popular girl at Madison Heights High School. Despite what her peer’s may have thought, in Trevor’s eyes, she was the most beautiful woman in the world. And, the most intimidating..

When she stopped her judgmental strut, her feet were only mere inches from his face. He looked up and saw his 18-year-old babysitter towering over him. She always looked like a giant to him since she was 5’6 and he was only 4’5 but gazing at her from the ground made her presence all the more uncomfortable for him.

“Found you.” Alana teased in a joking fashion to try and take Trevor’s mind off the fall. Seeing the poor kid’s lower lip quivering motivated her next sensitive sounding question, “You okay?”

“I’m stuck..” Trevor embarrassingly admitted, as Alana eyed the way the kid’s overweight midsection plugged the top of the trash can.

“Ooh Trevor, you gotta learn how to put the twinkies down.” Alana casually commented much to Trevor’s inner horror. It was one thing for his mother to tease him about his baby fat, it was another thing to have his first crush point it out. She wasn’t even done yet, after a breath, Alana tilted her head, eyed his stomach, and continued, “This is what happens when you always eat too damn much.”

“I..” Trevor nervously muttered, as his young mind searched for a way to spare himself this humiliation. He wished he looked like his big brother, big and muscly, then Alana would like him.

“Haven’t I told you? You gotta stop eating so much? The weight isn’t gunna magically disappear when you hit puberty. Do you want to be fat for the rest of your life?” Alana asked, as she crouched next to him and prodded his pudgy tummy with her lavishly pedicured fingernails. Trevor’s tongue went numb the moment Alana touched him. He wasn’t just embarrassed anymore; this was pure humiliation. He prayed for her to stop teasing him, but she pressed him again, “Well? Do you wanna be fat for the rest of your life??”

“No..” Trevor muttered, as he solemnly wished he could turn invisible. Alana was the most beautiful girl he had ever seen, but in the moment, he wished she could feel the humiliation she was forcing him to endure. If she knew how embarrassing it felt to be stuck in front of a crush, she’d never tease him like this again.

“Well, you will be if you can't say no to sweets.” Alana concluded with a pinch to his love handles. Her touch sent a shiver down his spine. He couldn’t be more intimidated. Just when it seemed like the torment would continue, Alana’s face revealed a warm smile. To Trevor’s relief, the following words out of her mouth were, “Now come on, give me your hands, let’s get you out of there. No more hide and seek. How about we jump in the pool? Then I can order dinner.”
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Captzae 1 year
Still gains unintentionally so when it goes to marriage he’s got more than enough reasons under his belt to why she loves him so much they get married, I’m not author I just really like that idea 😅
Captzae 1 year
The idea of her being different from most characters and not become accepting of the weight so easily so that way it gives room for Trevor to really make her feel loved even while she still gains,
Captzae 1 year
I’ve read all of your stories and I don’t know why but this one really is my favorite and I can’t wait for the sequel to the fence. I fee that Alana should continue to gain weight but I like the idea,
Polarisdreamer 3 years
@shesgonnnabehuge It might get a sequel one day!

@Yuri33 I am still thinking about it, one day I will probably write the sequel
Ellegirl 3 years
Why did it endddd smiley
Yuri33 4 years
It passed 3 months from this story, have you thought about a continious?
Polarisdreamer 4 years
@Yuri33 no worries in that regard, Trevor is not a feeder and Alana is not a feedee
Yuri33 4 years
You got right! But if you continious with this masterpiece please dont fall in the usual story in which he is a feeder and she is a feede
Polarisdreamer 4 years
@Yuri33 I think that would be the perfect ending to their relationship, but they aren't quite there yet. Their relationship is still a secret, so first that bridge will have to be crossed.

Thanks for the feedback!
Yuri33 4 years
Se he love her and continious to spoil her!
What you say?
Its long time i dont read an amazing story like this on ff so thankyou!
Yuri33 4 years
You can go on with a marriage! After wedding alana can get more lazy and spoiled, trevor do little trying to motivate alana going into gym or going out for a run or a walk but alana is too lazy for this and continious grow fatter. Trevor accept this becou
Polarisdreamer 4 years
@saidence42 I won't rule out a longform rewrite eventually, it does sound like a fun challenge.

Thanks for the support! And thanks for the feedback! it means a lot to me!
Polarisdreamer 4 years
@saidence42 I think the story would work very well in the longform, the only issue for me is the large time investment it would take to do it justice. I have other unfinished stories I want to finish before I do any more rewrites. I won't rule out a lon
Saidence42 4 years
I really loved 'Paul's Dilemma' so having this story with similar length arc would be amazing.

You're an amazing author with a true mastery over romance, pacing, and tension. I'll definitely be closely following your work.
Saidence42 4 years
I'd love to see a re-do of this story as an extended version that starts the same except instead of confessing/ falling in love straight away they slowly gravitate towards each other while Alana gets bigger.
FattyBoyy 4 years
Hey, I'm trying to write another chapter to my story. How do I do that I don't see an option for it.
Polarisdreamer 4 years
Rstlne, Thank you! Those are great ideas!
Rstlne 4 years
*Maybe Trevor tries to change that?
Rstlne 4 years
Yeah, I think you should continue.

- Telling the other side of the story with Noah and Stephanie
- Continuing the current story.
- Maybe Alana starts to lose weight for a while because she is no longer stressed. And maybe Trevor tries to ch
Rstlne 4 years
Still reading but enjoying it so far (:
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