Food for thought

chapter 1- the compromise (part 1)

“Academic probation?!?! You mean I’m off the team!?” Jill’s voice cracked from the shear shock of her track coach’s announcement.

“I’m sorry Jill. On paper you’re my best half miler. If there was any other option I would have done it, but the university has a policy. You failed two classes last semester and barely passed your others. If you are not able to bring up your grades this semester you won’t have to worry about running for this university, because you’ll lose your scholarship. Do you think your parents are willing to pay full tuition just so you can run in this program?” Coach Jackson chastised Jill, as she looked ready to cry.

“No.. I guess not.. but I’m.. really not good at school.” Jill muttered, as tears rolled down her cheeks. Jill’s long brown hair was pulled up into a high ponytail. It was not going to obscure any of her tears from her young coach.

“Get your priorities straight this semester. You did fine in high school, I’m sure you can do fine in college if you put your mind to it.” Coach Jackson assured her. This wasn’t the first time he’d had to console a struggling athlete. Running at their level was time consuming and combined with the rigors of class, it was no wonder freshman like Jill Gibbins struggled.

Little did Coach Jackson know that Jill’s struggles were not born out of an overwhelming schedule, it was quite the contrary. During cross country season Jill had a very open schedule. She just was not filling her time with homework and studying. Her days were spent grinding away on the road, training her athletic body to new limits.

Jill had a nearly perfect middle distance runner’s body. Her stomach was flat and toned, her legs were long and lean with muscular thighs, her butt was built like a rock with all the lean muscle she had acquired from her daily runs, however, Jill noticed its slight growth with each passing year. Since her junior year of high school her shape had slowly grown more ‘womanly.’ Her friends used to tease her that she was a ‘beanpole’ but now with her tight curved hips, shapely butt, and respectable bust, she looked like less of a ‘beanpole’ and more like a ‘rockstar.’

So, while her days were spent keeping her 5’4 110lbs body in running shape, her nights were spent exploring the university's numerous frat houses and indulging in alcoholic beverages. She liked going out. She was always the life of the party. She preferred to be out doing something than be stuck in her dorm room with her fat and nerdy roommate Alexa.

Alexa was a big girl. Well.. Big as in fat. She was a little taller than Jill, but probably weighted more than double her own weight. They had been randomly paired as roommates by the university and Jill hated her. She was lazy, antisocial, and not to mention a totally introverted bookworm. Any time spent away from the room was time well spent as far as Jill was concerned.

Jill knew she partied too much her previous semester. It was probably the reason why she’d done so poorly in her classes. Well, another reason was that she just could not bring herself to care about them. But that was then and this was now. It was time for her to buckle down and really bust her ass getting good grades.
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Tommmy 1 year
Great please continue !
Polarisdreamer 1 year
I might continue this one day, thank you
Polarisdreamer 4 years
@SirDuckington A great suggestion! It would be fun ground to cover. I've already received some great ideas in private messages, I'll add this to the list! Thanks!
Polarisdreamer 4 years
@SeanBean043 Sorry! Story's over for the moment! Where are you hoping to see the story go if it continues? (Or gets a sequel)
Polarisdreamer 4 years
@Growingsofter Thank you!

@Jazzman I'll check'em out, thanks for the heads up!

@Jojo123abc You're right, but I need good ideas haha
Jojo123abc 4 years
Definitely needs a follow up as others have mentioned. One of the best
Jazzman 4 years
Hey Polaris I forgot about Arch.A fantastic new writer .His Collette and Eric and his new true story Simone are Fantastic.
Right now there are several stories I am following.
Growingsofter 4 years
So good
Polarisdreamer 4 years
If people want to get a view of Trevor's side of the story, check out my other short story, 'The Fence,' it is set in the same universe and summer as the final chapters of Food For Thought
Polarisdreamer 4 years
If anyone has ideas for a follow-up or sequel to this story, please share them with me! I can't promise I'll use them all, but I certainly could use the help in brainstorming where to take these characters in the future.

If people want to get a view of
Polarisdreamer 4 years
@Growingsofter That's high praise, I'm not sure about that haha, but thank you! I've just posted the final parts of chapter 4, which will be the final chapter of this story. I'm kind of out of ideas for where to take this one
Polarisdreamer 4 years
@Jazzman Thanks for sharing, there are a few authors you've mentioned that I have not read anything of. I'll have to do some reading!
Growingsofter 4 years
This might be the best story ever written on ff. If not the best, its definitely one of them, bravo. Please continue
Jazzman 4 years
Feeder 862 Big Beautiful Dreamer JM Ross
My all time favorite is Swordfish who still has a ton on the Dimensions archive.Recently he posted a new story after a long hiatus. Its on Curvage
Polarisdreamer 4 years
@Seanbean043 Thank you! No problem! It is easier to do that with shorter stories.

@Theswordsman I wouldn't be surprised either. That is certainly something that maybe could be explored in a sequel.
Polarisdreamer 4 years
@SitDuckington That was always the idea, I'll post the ending chapter soon, check it out!

@Jazzman That's true. And thank you! Out of curiosity who are the other writers you rank highly in the community?
Polarisdreamer 4 years
@Growingsofter since you asked so nicely! I'll post the last chapter in a few minutes! I'm certainly not against collabs, send me a pm if you've got a good story idea you wanna try. We can talk logistics and other details
Theswordsman 4 years
I wouldn't be surprised if alexa ends up becoming gay or bi after that kiss
Jazzman 4 years
Polaris now it all becomes clear.i should have known you wouldn't put it in Lasagna. But lesser writers use that trope and "shrunk in the wash" all the time.You and a couple others are in a league of your own.Fantastic story!
Growingsofter 4 years
So good. More please. You're a wonderful writer. I'd love to write a collaborative story with you. Like you write a chapter, then I write one, keeping ourselves fresh and on our toes.
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